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IvacyVPN Overview

Logging onto a different server in a different country is fantastic because you can access content from that country as if you were there. Websites that would normally be restricted to you are suddenly open and accessible.

The only downside is that these VPN connections often compensate privacy and security for speed. If you are looking for a good VPN service that is going to give you everything, from security to internet freedom and include speed then you should definitely consider Ivacy.

Ivacy is a unique and private VPN service that provides great benefits such as anonymous torrents, so you can download anything you like, unlimited streaming, security against hackers and ISP and the fastest possible network speeds so you can enjoy unlimited content without any hiccups or hassles. VPN clients can access any site, even restricted ones and go completely undetected by governments and ISP.

When you get this VPN service, the way you use the internet will be transformed forever.

Logging onto a different server in a different country is fantastic because you can access content from that country as if you were there.

Tariffs and prices of Ivacy VPN

This secure VPN software is available in three different membership packages that all offers a seven day money back guarantee. All plans also include benefits like anonymous browsing, the best online encryption, great security, five multi logins, unlimited bandwidth and server switching, access to restricted sites, 100+ VPN locations, split tunneling, great protocols, no logs kept, P2P and torrents allowed, kill switch, 24/7 support, and availability on multiple platforms.

1 Month plan – The one month package is a bit expensive at $11.95 per month, but you can cancel it at any given moment so no commitment is enforced onto you.
1 year plan – This is a much better option because you will be paying only $39.95 every  twelve months, which brings your monthly costs down to only $3.33 and saves you 72% every twelve months.

2 year + 1 year free plan – This is the ultimate plan because you are spending only $45 every 3 years. That brings your monthly security costs down to as little as $1.87 per month, which saves you a whopping 84.3%!

Besides, Ivacy VPN offers a five-year plan that costs $60. Thus, a monthly protection by Ivacy VPN is $1. This plan is truly beneficial for those who are very thrifty.

When you take out one of these memberships you can pay via PayPal, Credit card, Bitpay, Paymentwall, Perfect Money, CoinPayments or WebMoney from anywhere in the world at any moment convenient to you.

Info on Servers of Ivacy

Ivacy is available across the globe so you can use this service when you are at home or on holiday in some foreign country. Ivacy is one of the best VPN services because they have more than 275 servers in more than 100 locations which expand across the globe! The geography of Ivacy VPN is really impressive: over 70 servers in North America, 80 in European countries, more than 50 in Asia, 12 in Australia and over 10 servers in Africa and South America. This means that any and all possible content is available at your fingertips because you can use the internet and act as if you were in just about any country.

Ivacy VPN developers do their best to extend the number of servers as it aspires to work out the best VPN to protect users against various kinds of frauds on the Internet.

Functions of Ivacy

  • Ivacy has great coverage because they are available in more than 275 locations which means you can get your hands on any content from anywhere in the world. First of all, thanks to numerous locations a user can access almost any service in the Internet environment.  
  • P2P and torrents are allowed which is great for gamers and movie enthusiasts. Peer-to-peer file sharing makes the process of downloading really fast and reliable. Now, it is hardly possible to stop downloading a file half-way, as it was previously. 
  • You get an unlimited server switching so you can scan through countries as often as you like. This function serves to improve user’s access to the Internet services around the world. There are websites, which provide computer users with the service for free, but a user can avail himself of it only a limited number of times. With Ivacy VPN one can use any services around the world at no allowance.
  • Smart features help you configure your VPN according to your own unique needs.
  • P2P open servers offer the best speed for file sharing so you can download or share at a much faster rate.
  • You can connect up to five devices at the same time and enjoy great protection no matter what you do or where you go.
  • You can transfer unlimited data since there are no monthly restrictions.
  • Your IP address gets hidden so you can be completely safe from hackers, ISP, government censorship and be completely anonymous no matter what you do.
  • No logs are kept and all of your online activities are encrypted so no one can pinpoint anything done online back to you.
  • An internet kill switch shuts down all online activities the moment something suspicious happens on your connection.
  • Split tunneling allows IvacyVPN subscribers to have access to public networks (like the Internet) through one physical session.
  • Thanks to worked out Kodi optimized servers, the access to Kodi with its useful addons is guaranteed. But not only Kodi is at your disposal with IvacyVPN. Such streaming services as Hulu, Netflix and many more are available wherever you are.
  • IvacyVPN differs from other VPN providers thanks to its Advanced Security Feature, which prevents users from downloading malicious software.

Security and Privacy

The security of the Ivacy VPN software is fantastic because they keep no logs and thus allow P2P and torrents which is something very few VPN allow. Internet kill switch terminates all online activities if someone is monitoring you and all your online activities are protected by 256-bit encryption software.

On top of that, Ivacy also uses three different protocols, namely, OpenVPN, IKEv, L2TP, IPsec, TCP and UDP for the ultimate secure network and firewall bypassing capabilities. The majority of Virtual Private Networks use 128-bit key encryption. Beyond doubt, it copes with the task on a good level. But the way of encryption provided by Ivacy VPN allows its users to be protected against various kinds of frauds. Apart from reliable encryption, Ivacy VPN proposes different protocols to encode the data, which means that a user can accomplish different tasks. The thing is that different protocols are created not with aim to compete with each other, but to serve their users in different ways. Thus, it is better to use OpenVPN to stream and download on the Internet. Both UDP and TCP are used for communication accomplished via VoIP apps. IPsec is used to check the authentication and IP ciphering, while L2TP is really secure and easy in use. IKEv protocol is an updated version of Internet Key Exchange.

Why log absence is so important?

It is so vital for modern internet users to show preference to the VPNs, which don’t keep logs as log files contain information that allows determining user’s identity even in case he or she uses a VPN.

Such files usually include the data about user’s requests, IP, date and time of access to web sites, downloaded and uploaded data and what not. All these data create a picture of a real user. And it is a child’s play for the government to reveal the person on that side of a monitor. In this connection, it is extremely important to use those VPNs, which are log free. And Ivacy VPN is among them as according to its policy keeping logs is forbidden whatever could happen.

User’s safety with Ivacy VPN

Taking into account Ivacy VPN characteristics and facilities one will experience a really secure use of the Internet.

  •  All transferring data will be under the strong protection of this VPN, as the provider offers an effective method of data encryption (256-bit key). It means that even in case of your e-mail hacking, all the data will be indecipherable. Adversaries will manage to see letters and numbers, which will not provide them with any information about the hacked e-mail holder. 
  • Simultaneous use of several devices is very convenient for active Internet users. It is possible to torrent anonymously on a computer, watch streaming video on a smart TV and be in correspondence with friends and colleagues securely by means of a smartphone or a tablet, for example.
  • Ivacy VPN makes your Internet activity utterly secure because of the function called ‘kill switch’. From time to time a user can face the situation, when a VPN is switched off. In case a user is not very attentive, he or she continues using the Internet without being protected (because a VPN is disconnected). Thus, the person can undergo various types of cyber threats. Using Ivacy VPN it is impossible to be in such situation as the system disables the Internet and a user knows that the system of protection doesn’t work. In this case it is necessary to restart a VPN and Ivacy will continue protecting its subscribers against adversaries.
  • The speed of Ivacy is really double-quick, what makes it attractive for torrenting lovers. What is more Ivacy speed is an advantage for those who appreciate streaming content, as in this case a person will not experience pauses while watching a TV show or a movie.
  • Having chosen Ivacy VPN its subscriber can use public wi-fi without a thought of being hacked. Everyone knows that public hotspots are not trustworthy, as it is dead easy to undergo data leak while using them. Thus, having decided to pay for service by card in a public place, a person can lose all his or her money in a split second. Ivacy prevents such troublesome situations as it encodes all the data securely.
  • A user will not be restricted in the content with Ivacy. This trustworthy VPN is created to pass by geographical restrictions of various kinds: whether it is censorship or banned for some regions content. Now an Ivacy client can enjoy blockbusters and read latest news. In this case a user will not only get access to desired content but also find out about news around the globe to see a real worldview.

On the whole, user’s facilities are unlimited with Ivacy VPN. After trying Ivacy it will be impossible to stop using it because of its numerous advantages for an acceptable price.

Support service provided by Ivacy

VPN clients enjoy the best possible online support because Ivacy offers 24/7 live chat services; a great FAQ section for self-help and you can contact them on email or by dialing them directly. Heck, they even have their personal address on so you can pay them a visit if you like.

Client Account process

To start using the secure VPN software, you have to register online and make a payment. Once that is done, you can download the software to your device and be protected instantly since the installation and setup process is incredibly fast. 


Ivacy supports all platforms. You can download Ivacy VPN for WindowsMaciOS, Linux and Android, but unfortunately not for other internet devices like Xbox or more. 

The software is incredibly easy to use on all platforms and the installation and setup processes are incredibly simple.

The software itself is also completely user friendly. Ivacy protects devices using such apps as Roku, Kodi and others.


All in all, there isn’t really a single bad thing about Ivacy. Their monthly plan is a bit pricy, but the annual plan makes up for that completely since you will be spending only $3.33 for the best online security thanks to multiple protocols and encryption software and you can access a great variety of excellent high speed servers from all over the world.

For more a more thrifty man it is possible to pay only $1 a month having given preference to a five-year plan.

The customer support is absolutely fantastic since they have 24/7 live chat services and the account setup is also easy thanks to the multiple payment options and the few details that are needed for registrations. Ivacy is definitely one of the best VPN services on the market.


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IvacyVPN Overviews

reply October 18, 2016

Ivacyvpn is a great solution to hide your internet activity from another entity. It supports all necessaries protocols and secures my connection at a high level. Nevertheless, speed can be fragile and extremely slow. I think this is the only major disadvantage.

reply October 17, 2016

I’ve bought an appropriate package and used it with pleasure. Their website and application are well-designed and understandable that is very comfortable for green users, they propose flexible tariffs. Connection speed with Russian servers does not amaze, but it’s sufficient for video streaming. In brief, Ivacy is a good variant for such sum of money.

reply October 14, 2016

In general, this is a good quality service. But be careful and do not forget to check your email after subscribing. They can ask for verification and block your account if your answer skips the deadline. It happened with me. Unfortunately, their customer support works extremely slow and I spent many times diving into this problem. I think it’s the only downside.

reply September 22, 2016

Love this guys! They are all professionals and explain all I need in small details. No problems connecting to servers, the process takes few seconds and surprises with awesome performance. I’m sure this vpn deserves 5 stars!!!

Amia Walker
reply August 24, 2016

Hi, I’ve read many reviews on this vpn and decided to try it. You know what, I have no regrets. Ivacy is easy to install and use, also it offers separate servers for file sharing and torrents downloading, which increases the speed greatly. Besides all the protocols it provides, ivacy has nat firewall and ddos protection.

reply August 13, 2016

The vpns’ quality is good. It has 250 servers in different countries, which is very convenient for travelers))) But you’d better choose them manually otherwise your server can be chosen automatically. Also the tech group works quite slowly but ivacy vpn is extremely easy to set up so maybe you won’t need any help.

reply August 04, 2016

This is the cheapest vpn from top-rated services. 265-bit data encryption is pretty good and it has additional possibilities such as nat firewall and ddos-protection. I’ve taken android ivacy for my phone and for windows. Also, I use it for shttps://www.bestvpnrating.com/node/636/edit#mart tv. That’s about right!

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