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ibVPN Overview

Nowadays VPNs are considered to be an essential tool, which is aimed at protecting sensitive data against government surveillance, hackers and advertisers. And ibVPN is among the best VPN services being supplied with a robust collection of features, hundreds of available servers all over the world and the strongest VPN protocols. What is more, ibVPN is one of the cheapest providers in the business if that is what you are looking for.

You may face the problem of the internet speed reducing while using an ibVPN client.

But as practice shows, when you activate a VPN connection, your web traffic is going through many more steps than normal. Depending on the encrypting method you prefer and the VPN server you choose, your internet connection can be more sluggish than normal.

Considering all benefits provided by ibVPN and the service’s affordable prices, the VPN may be the best option for you.

Tariffs and prices

The company offers a recently-updated set of packages including:

tariffs ibvpn


Ultimate VPN

$4,84/mo or $58,06/year

The plan is stated to be suitable for providing you with top-notch security and privacy while unblocking any geo-restricted websites or enjoying p2p activities. It allows 150+ servers in 47 countries, 5 simultaneous connections, proxies in all locations, Socks 5 proxies, Tor over VPN, double VPN, Chrome, Firefox and Opera extensions, as well as all the standard features like limitless bandwidth and round-the-clock support.

Standard VPN

$3,08/mo or $36,95/year

The package is highly recommended for average customers who are not interested in Tor over VPN or double encryption. It offers all the protocols in use and limitless bandwidth. However, only one connection is allowed for the plan. The package includes 100+ servers in 44 countries.

Torrent VPN

$3,08/mo or $36,95/year

Living in a country where torrenting is banned you can use the package to hide your identity and unblock torrenting websites. The plan offers 21 servers in 9 countries, one connection and Socks5 proxies.


$3,08/mo or $36,95/year

The plan is designed with a view to unblocking geo-restricted websites and heavy streaming. It allows usage of more than 300 channels and provides extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Opera.


Besides, the company offers a 24-hour free trial test full service, 15-day money-back guarantee, and 24/7 customer support. Providing that you need 5 and more simultaneous connections, you will be satisfied to learn the small Business plans allow for 5, 10, 20 or more connections at once.  

ibVPN + NAT Firewall


The excellent VPN service is being constantly enhanced and improved by the provider to be even better for all the clients it has. 

Today it has become clear that the service has a new offer combining the features of ibVPN and NAT Firewall.

With the purpose to keep its clients safe and protected from all the malware and any threats you may come across while surfing the internet.

But before the rose-colored anticipation of the new feature you need to learn what a firewall is and what functions it can perform:

Put it simply, a firewall is an imaginary rock-solid wall being put between a secure LAN (home network) and the WWW or the Internet. The wall monitors and controls all the outgoing and incoming traffic to be free from threats and malware. 

The firewall resembles a wall, which is placed between your secured by VPN network and unsecure global web. It can be either a software app or a hardware-based firewall. 

NAT is a super-power technology or Network Address Translation, which does everything possible to double your security level while surfing the internet. 

So, what are the main features of ibVPN’s NAT Firewall?

ibVPN NAT Firewall is designed and implemented for:

  • Block all the incoming traffic requests to your internet-embedded device.

This kind of unauthorized requests is usually developed by hackers or bots, which primary goal is to find an IP address open port for further accessing.  

Having connected to the internet through ibVPN you are supplied with a public address. The address is usually shared with other customers, as long as there are many ibVPN customers running the same server. However, you can subscribe for a dedicated IP address or server too.

It is known that the NAT Firewall has been installed on 95% of all the servers. But the firewall is not provided for servers with dynamic IPs, like that provides more than 57 dynamic addresses.  Therefore, you are highly recommended to use the plan in case your router or device is not supplied with a static built-in firewall.

Besides, you don’t have to make any additional manipulations, as long as all the needed settings are to be fulfilled by the support team of the provider. The customers are provided with the NAT Firewall through the main three packages:


Therefore, having decided to arm your network with ibVPN protection you need to be attentive and choose the package, which stands to the feature. 

So, as you see even the most reliable service can be vulnerable for the multiple online threats. Thus, having connected to the internet through one of the ibVPN servers you assure your network with top-notch protection.

However, being a fast-developing company ibVPN makes your network even more defended by adding such irreplaceable protection as the NAT Firewall. With the characteristic you may stay calm about all the network malicious codes and malware spread practically everywhere on the web.

ibVPN + NAT Firewall is a great solution for those who cherish online freedom, privacy and security. 

Info on servers 

We have already mentioned about the servers in the tariff section. They have servers in most part of the world. The company provides 130+ servers placed in 47+ countries and the network is being constantly widened. The servers are located in the US, Europe etc. They also have torrent download servers as well. As for the accessibility of the servers, it depends on the package you choose.



Let’s take a look at the major features below. 

  • You will enjoy free 24-hour hour trial.
  • Do they provide a money back guarantee? Yes, they provide a money back guarantee.
  • They allow torrent/P2P downloading.
  • Pricing is cheap in general. 
  • You can make payments with BitCoin if that is what you prefer.
  • You will be able to enjoy good OpenVPN encryption as well. The security provided is good. 
  • You don’t have to worry about usage logs at all. But yes, they keep some connection logs, which you don’t need to bother about.
  • Their service is based in Romania.
  • They have a functioning Android app in place for their customers.
  • They provide amazing setup guides, which you can refer to connect in an easy manner.


Security and privacy

ibVPN.com will allow you to go for protocols like OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP and SSTP. All these protocols are common to all the packages. If you want to change the protocol, it is really easy – just refer the setup guides. But in most cases, you don’t need to change as the basic connection is really strong. 

Speaking of privacy, they have a no logs policy in place. Since it is based in Romania, where EU Data Retention law is not enforced, you can stop worrying about the privacy at all. 


Support service

As far as ibVPN.com website is concerned, they have gone for a complete redesign recently. Even though it looks little cluttered, you can find all the relevant links easily. You will be impressed with the resources provided there. You should check out the FAQ section. As far as customer support is concerned, you can go for the email support via ticket system. They also have a functional 24x7 live chat system. We got a quick response from the live chat team. You can also make an appointment with the support team if you want. Are you a Mac user? Then you should download ibVPN.com VPN for Mac. You can easily download and install the ibVPN.com VPN for Mac.

ibvpnTop 5 commonest ibVPN problems

Although the official website performs all the essential information on the software downloading and installation, average customers can face some difficulties with the issues. We have decided to highlight the most regular difficulties people come up with while trying to run the VPN:

#1 a free trial version

A free trial version is a great possibility given by the company to test the service before subscribing for it. However, many users have no idea how to use it properly, and therefore, face some troubles, such as a free trial nonserviceability. As you might have already read only one account can be created for a free trial. If more than one account is created from one and the same IP, the company won’t reactivate the service. In case the free trial period is not enough for you, you can choose one of the service’s packages and run it for 15 days more, as long as the VPN offers a 15-day money-back guarantee. And in case you are dissatisfied with the service, you will be sent your money back.

#2 no activation

Many customers try to launch the paid VPN package soon after the payment button is pushed. However, you are required to receive a confirmation letter, as well as the activation email. Therefore, while trying to rush head over heels you won’t achieve a desired result. All you need is to wait for 10-15 minutes.

#3 payment stoppages

Although the issue is not dependent on the company, many customers complain about the slow service. As you see there can be payment delays coming from your bank operators, which can take you from 5 minutes up to few hour. So, be patient and check all the credentials are typed correctly in advance. 

ibvpn#4 technological issues

Having received an error code form the VPN client, you can google for it or ask the support team how to deal with the issue. Firstly, you need to make sure you have started a new connection to a VPN server after the previous one is finished. Besides, you need to be assured the internet operates fast and well at your place. Moreover, you are recommended to switch to another protocol from the list contained in the app. Having checked everything, but still facing some troubles, you should contact the support group.

#5 DNS error page

Having not updated your IP on ibVPN website, you will be sent to the error page. The state is required for watching streaming services. Providing that you don’t want to run the service anymore, you will need to remove the DNS configurations from your adapter. 

In case if all the mistakes seem to be too difficult for your independent get-through, you should contact the team of professionals.

Client account 

Registering and purchasing packages are really simple. When it comes to registering, you don’t have to give too much personal information. Minimal information would be enough. You can specify the name, email address and the location. As far as payment options are concerned, you have so many options before you including Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the best option to make an anonymous payment online. Installing the ibVPN.com VPN software is really easy. Download the secure VPN software from the download link sent to your email id. The client software is really easy to install and manage. At the end of the day, we are all looking for a reliable VPN service.


ibvpnmobileibVPN.com provides dedicated desktop client software for OSX and Windows. They also provide apps for OSX and Android. You will find guides to configure them in an easy manner. The tutorials provided are excellent and you will find them really useful. It is not the best VPN service. It’s not as secure as an SSL VPN service. Like every other private VPN service, it has its flaws and merits. After all, finding a good VPN service is very difficult these days.

The website

Although ibVPN is not so popular as other top-rated services it earns admiration as both the website content and graphical design are great. Besides, the company offers different services from ibVPN and ibDNS to browser extensions. If you need a deeper look into the service provided by the entity, you have a chance to look through numerous ibVPN reviews the links to which are posted on the official website of the company. All the essential data related to pricing and ibVPN free trial is placed on the page ‘ibVPN service’. All the main features such as ibVPN servers, ibVPN download can be found on the home page of the official site. If you have decided to run ibVPN for torrenting or reddit, you can look through the service’s average speed performance and encryption methods in ‘features’ section. IbVPN website’s content is translated into English and German, which is good for understanding. If you are still not sure whether to subscribe for the service or not and need first-hand data on the service performance, you can read the users ratings and make sure ibVPN suits you well.

Terms of service

Sure enough we will not enumerate all the points of the section as it’s your direct responsibility as a potential client to read all the terms closely, but we are to highlight the defining moments of the conditions.

Of course, having decided to order ibVPN plan, you need to learn all the points mentioned in terms of usage and privacy policy of the company for not to get into trouble. So, provided that you have some claim for the website of the service, you are able to inform the technical support about the incident no later than in one-month period. In case if you are not satisfied with the service and able to prove ibVPN doesn’t operate well, you can bring your money back with 15 days money back guarantee.

The company states not to collect any logging and traffic of its clients, so that not any specific activity can be related with any specific customer. Either when subscribing for the service or surfing ibVPN’s website you don’t need to give any personal (identifying) data.  A valid email address is everything required for ordering ibVPN package. You, probably, won’t believe it, but the service comes into the list of companies that don’t store even billing information, which is extremely important for your anonymity. 

So, all the conditions of the output usage should be thoroughly examined by you independently, in case if you want to form a subscription or to compare the service with the other one, as this makes you protected from undesirable effects.


ibVPN is a decent solution to help you browse the net anonymously and boundlessly so you can be assured that all your online activity is completely safe and unmonitored. The service offers attractive pricing and accepts Bitcoin payments. In addition, the company provides a money-back guarantee and 24-hour free trial. In such a manner, you are able to test an ibVPN client before subscribing for it.

Allowing up-to-date encryption protocols and P2P downloading, you can stream any web content you like with no fear of being identified and monitored.

The company is based in Romania and therefore you don’t need to worry about data retention. What is more, the service is being continually enhanced by the company, which makes it kept up with the times while staying one of the top-rated of those on the market today.

ibVPN Overviews

reply November 30, 2017
I have already lost all my files because of cracks and don’t want to experience it once again. As I store all my important data on my laptop, I want to protect it with ibVPN. But will I face troubles with the installation, downloading, running or anything else as I use Windows 7? So can I download ibVPN for Windows 7? Or maybe it is better to upgrade soft up to 10?
reply December 01, 2017
Kai, you have no grounds to worry about it. ibVPN is compatible with Windows 10.
reply October 10, 2017
hi there I paid for subscription, but I don’t have access to iPlayer in spite of the fact that I’ve chosen British server.
reply October 11, 2017
Hello, Timmy. The best way to use iPlayer, if it is unavailable in the country you live, is to connect to Manchester server using one of the following tunneling protocols: L2TP or PPTP. The problem you faced may be the consequence of automatic server connection. ibVPN system chooses the fastest service taking into account your location. But in some cases (when you want to access certain service or website) you are to choose the server manually.
reply September 30, 2017
To begin with, I’d like to start with the pluses of ibVPN. First of all, ibVPN software is dead easy to install and use. No tech skills or experience are required. This variant is really affordable, taking into account its low price. And here the pluses are over: I can’t use it with google browser. That’s why I have to use it via Firefox.
reply October 01, 2017
Robert, try to clear your browser history and cache. You were to do it before ibVPN setup. In case, this will not help, contact ibVPN support service.
reply September 02, 2017
I’ve read on forums that some folk use ibVPN 3 day free trial. But here I’ve read only 24 hours are available. What to believe?
reply September 03, 2017
The point is that ibVPN free trial lasts 1 day only. 3 days are not allowed. But this time is more than enough to appreciate the VPN service.
Tom Smith
reply June 25, 2017
It is one of the most available and cheapest VPN services I have ever tried. I like it very much. It offers fast speeds for reasonable pricing. ibVPN accepts Bitcoins payments. It makes you even more secure. I know that it is safer to use cryptocurrency for payment. Besides, you may take advantage of a money-back guarantee and 24-hour free trial. In such a manner, you are able to test an ibVPN client before purchasing it. Of course, it is an advantage. It is pretty useful for keeping your online activity free from dangers as it applies up-to-date encrypting methods. IbVPN possesses a lot of servers all over the world, so you can easily access restricted websites. I have already used it for 2 years and quite pleased with the service and benefits I get with ibVPN. I hope that the team of ibVPN will continue to update the service. Thanks!
reply September 03, 2016
Ib vpn maintains 90 servers in 41 country, which is pretty much even for a person who travels constantly. It provides four secure protocols for my data encryption and I’m happy with it. And what is even more important, it gives unlimited bandwidth even using a standard package.
reply August 31, 2016
Ib vpn offers 256 bit keys, which makes all my transmitted information encrypted. I feel absolutely secure in the networks. Maybe you know some stores with quantum computers? If yes, let me know! I’ll buy a few))) Of course, fun is fun but I’m totally satisfied with the service. Its bandwidth, amount of servers (100) and support is great!
reply August 26, 2016
It’s a very nice service but their assistance is even better. As to me, it’s the cheapest vpn from the best services. I’ve chosen a torrent ib.vpn package but not a regional one, they are practically the same but this one permits p2p downloading. I’ve installed this vpn and haven’t turned it off.
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