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hide.me Overview

This good VPN service is based in Malaysia and is one of the best steps that you can take to ensure your online safety when you surf the internet, access websites and download information and torrents. The main reason why it is so important to stay secure while you are online is so online hackers won’t target your IP address and hack your personal accounts such as email or computer. A computer hacking can also be terribly devastating if these hackers get access to some of your account usernames and passwords and steal your money. 

Hide.me - vpn service, that encrypts all internet activity and buries it below several layers of securityhide.me is the perfect solutions because they provide the ultimate protection to their VPN clients against hackers. They also help hide your online activities so you can do whatever you like in complete confidentiality. If you want a reliable VPN service, then hide.me should be at the top of your list of VPNs to try for the ultimate internet freedom. 

What it costs to enjoy hide.me’s services?

⇒ Free package – hide.me is a free USA VPN that provides you with great security for one connection. You can transfer a whopping 2GB data through the secure tunnel across the globe from servers in 3 most popular locations in the world. hide.me free service supports even SSTP and IPSec (IKEv2) protocols which are considered among the most secure VPN protocols.

⇒ Premium package – This is the most popular data package that allows you to connect across the globe and access servers from 29 locations. The bandwidth is completely unrestricted and you can transfer as many data as you like. You also enjoy the best protection from due to the full protocol support that will protect you on 5 simultaneous network connections. All these benefits are yours at only eleven dollars and sixty seven cents per month.


  • 1 month: $ 9.99 per month – billed monthly;
  • 6 months: $ 6.65 per month – billed biannually;
  • 12 months: $ 4.99 per month – billed annually.

⇒ Plus package – This package is incredibly affordable at only five dollars and forty two cents per month. The only major differences between the plus and premium package is that your data transfers are limited to 75 GB per month and you can only connect from one device at a time. Aside from these restrictions, you have all the benefits as the premium package including unlimited bandwidth and full protocol support to ensure you stay safe when you are online. 


  • 1 month: $ 4.95 per month – billed monthly;
  • 6 months: $ 3.32 per month – billed biannually;
  • 12 months: $ 2.49 per month – billed annually.


hide.me extensions and add-ons

Check IP:

Firstly, the service offers to check your IP address:


With the use of the app you have a chance to check your IP address and see whether it is protected or not: 


As you see you will get detailed information on your IP, virtual location, IPv6 capability, and IPv6 address. 

Free anonymous proxy browser:

With the use of the free web proxy you can easily access any geo-blocked or restricted websites and surf the net absolutely anonymously. Besides, your internet connection will be encrypted.

The tool has an easy-to-use interface, so that even an average customer will be able to run it:


All you need is to choose one of the three locations:


and enter the name of the website you run. The application is stated to be logless and proved by millions of customers worldwide. The tool is also very easy for setting up and the company offers specially designed guides for its further installation and usage. 

SOCKS Proxy + VPN:

If you want to get a fast-speed protected connection to the internet, you should subscribe for a VPN which combines its service with SOCKS proxy. Being a fast-developing company the VPN has integrated SOCKS proxy with its VPN service, which helped to boost the average speed rates and higher level of protection. Being an internet protocol used for transferring data packages, SOCKS is applied by the company to make the system operate better. 



With the use of the option your security level will be essentially optimized, as long as you achieve a top-notch protection from IP leaks and other confidential data losses.

Besides, working together with SOCKS the technology provides you with a possibility to improve an average speed rate, as long as it helps to reduce the RTT while making your TCP enhanced. Therefore, you will be able to watch streaming services in a high quality and stream heavy traffic without sufficient speed losses. 

In order to make all clients protected from the confidential data exposure, the company has implemented special settings, which make a network available only after connection to the VPN. 

So, as you see, the service is not the top-rated among all the rest VPNs offering multiple add-ons. However, the company improves the network a lot making it operate better.

According to the clients’ comments, all the customers have detached such significant features as the speed of operation and a possibility to get access to any geo-blocked website without any difficulties.    

The VPN service suits for both average and advanced customers, as long as it offers a range of pre-set guides for all the OSes and extensions it provides. Therefore, you don’t have to be a tech-savvy to download, install and operate the service without any difficulties. 

Besides, the website is supplied with a live chat, which is to make the process of apps installation even easier.

So, the service is usable for individual customers, business groups, families and all the rest who look for a strong online protection.

hideAvailability of hide.me

hide.me is based in Malaysia and largely in Germany, which is why their German website supplies so much more information than their English one. hide.me has 94 servers in 23 countries across the globe. The services allow P2P and torrents download at high speeds. If you are looking for a widespread and reliable VPN service, then hide.me is a great VPN to consider.

The functions and opportunities of hide.me

hide.me uses top notch security protocols to create a secure tunnel in the network in which you can do just about anything you like without anyone being able to monitor your online activities. That means you can download, view and access any website without having to worry about being censored. Aside from that, this secure VPN software allows you to view content from other locations even if the sites are restricted in your location. hide.me’s VPN software also provides you with the fastest download speeds despite the fact that security protocols usually slow networks down.

hide.me is one of the few VPNs that provide a free proxy that you can use from different locations so you can change settings such as scripts and cookies. Beside free proxy hide.me also offers its own DNS servers, and access to UPnP and SOCK proxy to the premium users.

Security and Privacy

hide.me is certified as a log-free company which means that even if you are under investigations, your online activities won’t be accessible to be held against you. You can also travel to multiple destinations and use free Wi-Fi connections without having to worry about being hacked. The security of hide.me is due to the amount of protocols that include the PPTP, L2TP, SoftEther, OpenVPN, IKEv1 and IKEv2 protocols that each lend a different type of security and functionality to the virtual tunnel in which you will be operating. hide.me uses AES 256bit encryption, one of the leading encryptions, to hide your online activities from others on the internet. Due to all the security benefits the VPN hide.me is reviewed as one of the top VPNs that you can get for the best internet security.


Hide.me’s Support Service

The support team functions via a contact form that is easy to use. The response team is quite quick and you can enjoy great support even during weekends. There is also a great online community page that helps you solve general questions all on your own.

Hide.me connection problems

One of the commonest problems among hide.me clients is inability to establish a VPN connection. Luckily, there is an accomplished explanation why it occurs:

#1 firewall

One of the widely spread problems is the software firewall. You can disable the software and see whether there are some changes. Sometimes a firewall can block your tunneled traffic flow.

If you want to overcome the issue, you ought to make up a new filter rule for your firewall:

  • If the computer you run is behind a router, you should allow the GRE protocol (47) and 1723 port for TCP and UDP connections when using PPTP;
  • If the computer you run is behind a router, you should allow the ESP protocol (50) and 1701 port for TCP and UDP connections when using L2TP/IPSec;
  • If the computer you run is behind a router, you should allow the ESP protocol (50) and 500/4500 port for UDP connections when using IPSec IKEv1/IKEv2;
  • For OpenVPN (128-bit) connections:

Windows – 8081 port for TCP and UDP;

Linux/ Macintosh – 3478 port for TCP and UDP.

  • For OpenVPN (256-bit) connections:

Windows – 8080 port for TCP and UDP;

Linux/ Macintosh – 53 port for TCP and UDP.

#2 servers’ availability

Having decided to connect to one of the company’s servers, you need to check its accessibility via ping first.

hide#3 your router operation

Unfortunately, there are some routers that are designed for blocking VPN connections by default. The good news is that you can open the web interface for your router and check manually whether such connections are supported by your router. If you see some common lines like ‘OpenVPN Passthrough’, everything can be corrected.

#4 VPN settings

Having ignored the guide steps on setting up a new app posted on the official website, you may have some errors on device. All you need is to follow all the instructions step by step and check whether you have fulfilled all the requirements.

#5 check your previous VPN connection

Once there is allowed a single account connection to a VPN server, there can be problems with some previous connections, which haven’t been switched off properly.

#6 ISP blocking

Some ISP can block several protocols, therefore you aren’t able to establish a VPN connection. In this case you should check whether there is any blocking fulfilled by your provider and contact it if needed.

#7 geo blocking

If you live in a country that filters the internet traffic, you may face some problems with a VPN connectivity either. Fortunately, you have a possibility to overcome the obstacles by choosing some specific protocols that are not banned by the measures.

#8 username

Strange though it might sound, there are clients that choose or enter a wrong username and therefore can’t establish a VPN connection.

Having checked all the cases, you can draw a conclusion whether to contact the support group or solve the issue independently. 

How to set up a hide.me account?

All you need to enjoy this fantastic service is an email address. Once your account is active you can try out the free service and if you are satisfied, you can easily upgrade to one of the higher, yet affordable, packages and activate your new package through payment. hide.me’s security protocols, even protects your online payments by deleting the entire process so the payment won’t be tracked back to you, thus erasing all proof that you ever used their services.hide

hide.me and compatibility

hide.me’s software is greatly advanced which means you can download it on multiple devices. For android devices you can simply download the App on the play store and enjoy great coverage when you are on the move. There is also a newly released iOS app for Apple phones and devices. You can also download hide.me VPN for Windows for long term usage from the comfort of your home. 

The website

A website is a visiting card of a company. Hide me’s official website is a spectacular example of a good balance of taste and sense. Hide me VPN is oriented on business and individual customers, therefore the content of the website is both informative and demonstrative. If you need some more qualitative information about the service, you are able to follow the links posted on the home page of the site to read Hide me VPN reviews. All the data related to Hide me proxy and apps for different OSes such as Hide me for Windows can be found on the main page too. Hide me org has presented a great deal of information concerning its server park. As it is stated on the official websites, from the moment of downloading Hide me is safe for browsing the internet. Hide me is one of the top-rated services on the market today and the number of customers is a visible evidence for that. Hide me VPN provides its clients with a first-rate support, which makes the service of the company one of the best for average and business clients. 

hideTerms of service

Sure enough we will not enumerate all the points of the section as it’s your direct responsibility as a potential client to read all the terms closely, but we are to highlight the defining moments of the conditions.

If you have come to a conclusion that you want to become a Hide me VPN client, you need to delve into all the details related to the service rules. The service is obliged to be accessible at any time despite periods of repair or maintenance. Hide me runs Google Analytics to store all the data about the website visitors. But the system makes it possible to collect a lot of personal data about the visitors, so in order to enhance its visitors and clients anonymity level Hide me allowed Google to save only a portion of real IPs from which visitors enter their website. When signing up for Hide me there is also some information asked from you, which is stored by the company.  Thus the provider asks minimum information from its clients such as email addresses.

All the payments are processed through Paymentwall Inc. and Cleverbridge AG, so Hide me doesn’t store any details about your billing or credit card. The company doesn’t log any data about the amount of traffic passed or your real IP, but Hide me VPN stores non-persistent log of connection data for troubleshooting purposes. All clients’ connection data is saved anonymous without linking it to real public IPs. So, if you have really interested in Hide me VPN, it should be said that the service is great, as there are few services following a strict privacy policy.  

So, all the conditions of the output usage should be thoroughly examined by you independently, in case if you want to form a subscription or to compare the service with the other one, as this makes you protected from undesirable effects.


For an affordable and reliable VPN service, you can definitely rely on hide.me. Only the best security protocols and software was used to develop this fantastic VPN to provide you with the ultimate security while you can still enjoy high speed network functionality. hide.me is available for the most popular platforms and is one of the few VPNs that allow you to connect on up to different devices at a greatly affordable rate which is a superb solution for companies or online gamers. 

hide.me Overviews

reply December 02, 2017

Hi! Almost a year of using Hide.me let me suggest that it has the most user-friendly interface in the VPN client. Even non0technical person is able to operate it. Speeds are rather different from server to server. I like German ones, for me they are fast enough. It helps me to hide my IP address from my local ISP and avoid IP and DNS leaks. Another goodie I like is kill switch, it is ok. No problem with it. I think Hideme is not bad!

reply November 22, 2017

I am looking for a VPN service to use it regularly on Windows. After scanning the network for VPNs offered, I decided to consider Hide.me. I read many reviews, including this one. Many of them are quite positive, but I see that some user like it, while the others are satisfied the VPN. Is it worth using or just wasting money?

reply November 23, 2017

Why not? They have a free trial, start with it. Though, it is limited in simultaneous connections, servers and data transfer, it is quite enough for free, I believe.

reply November 01, 2017

As for me, privacy is number one reason for choosing a VPN. I will never pick the VPN provider located in Five eyes. They will be obliged to keep users’ logs. Never! Fortunately, I found Hide.me which is based in Malaysia. They don’t keep logs, and Malaysia there no data retention laws.

reply October 26, 2017

I have been a user of Hide.me for almost 2 years, but now I cancelled my subscription. Want to know why? Simply because it started logging me off from time to time. I didn’t like it and it was suspicious somehow. I don’t know what is the reason for it, but I decided not to use Hide.me. any suggestions what is a decent alternative to this VPN provider?

reply October 27, 2017

Hi, Henry! It’s a pity that you have to change the VPN. You might ask Hide.me service support about it. As far as alternatives are concerned, you may select the one from our 7 top VPNs. There are respectable providers of VPN services. I hope you’ll find the best for you among them.

reply October 21, 2017

Hi, I see you have reviewed it positively. I want to know one thing before subscribing for it. Where is it located? I am afraid it is in Five eyes? Is it?

reply October 22, 2017

Tracy, it is an offshore VPN based in Malaysia (it is not in Five eyes). As they don’t have to keep logs according to this country’s laws, the provider claims about no-logging policy. Still, any service can’t provide you 100% guarantee. They know who you are when you get connected to the VPN, you are still not completely anonymous. Though, it is not bad that it is out of Five eye countries.

reply June 16, 2017

Not all VPN providers offer free trial packages. It is great when you may try what you are going to buy. Pretty useful! It has some restrictions, nevertheless, I may recommend it. I can say the VPN is not an excellent one, but rather good. I always know that my internet connection will be encrypted and anonymous. I can easily unblock access to geo-blocked or restricted websites and surf the net without troubles. I can add that it has an easy-to-use interface, so that even an average customer will be able to run it. Oh, I have almost forgotten, it reduces internet connection, It is a drawback … All in all, Hide.me is a decent VPN service for a such price. It is worth trying it! I have already tried.

reply December 01, 2017

Tim, I use this VPN, and my internet is not slower that without it. If it reduces your Internet speed, why not changing from one server to another? They have quite enough of them to choose from. Try to find the one that is halfway from you and the destination website.

Cody Barnes
reply October 28, 2016

In my opinion, better try a service for free at first than pay for it and demand a refund in case of improper supporting. Hide.me provides such possibility and offers attractive packages for every internet user. This is the best vpn I’ve ever used. So, you may have a try and see it for yourself.

reply September 30, 2016

I use hide.me and I can say that I’m a happy consumer. I’ve tried it in China and had no problems accessing Facebook, YouTube and other blocked sources. The speed was slow but the VPN got things done. Besides that, they offer free plan that does not require personal information or credit card for using the service.

reply September 28, 2016

It’s a good service for everyone who is concerned for privacy and wants to download files and movies from restricted websites without worrying about being caught. What is more, they do not save logs and accept Bitcoin payments that guarantees higher security level. Overall I’m quite satisfied with hide.me.

reply September 02, 2016

I’ve used many VPNs services. I recommend to choose a service that provides both paid and free trial versions. It’s a good possibility to know what you’ll pay for. Free version has some limitations, but it’s fairly decent for usual requests. Hide.me is the best VPN I’ve used. You may have a try.

reply October 01, 2017

Daniel, absolutely agree with you. Free trials are necessary! We have the chance to test the service without wasting money for the service that cost mush, but provide poor opportunities. When I found Hide.me, I took use of their free package, I liked it. Now I am a regular user of it! Reasonable price attracted me.

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