ExpressVPN is not one of the top rated VPNs, it is the top rated VPN and with all the benefits and fantastic customer support that they provide, it is easy to see why.
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ExpressVPN Overview

If you are one of those free people who like to comment on photos, share personal info and have deep conversations then you should definitely consider getting ExpressVPN. The internet is extremely fun, but also terribly dangerous. Everything from your account information to identity can be stolen online. You can even become vulnerable to internet hackers who can hack into your laptop’s webcam to spy on you in order to gain access to your address and your apartment. ExpressVPN is secure VPN software that gives you back safety and provides you with unlimited internet freedom so you can play and be safe at all times. Express VPN is suitable for Netflix unblocking, Express VPN is used for torrenting.

Express VPN


ExpressVPN is also one of the best VPN because they offer a lot of other benefits such as complete anonymity when you are using the internet and the ability to access geographically restricted websites. Basically you can do whatever you like online and never get caught for streaming content or for blogs and posts that you might be writing. As well as it has been stated by the companies administrators, the VPN has been developed for everyone’s sake, which means that the creators believe that any technically inexperienced customer needs additional support in the question and all the customers of the internet should be enabled to use it freely and securely.

Tariffs and prices of ExpressVPN


Express VPN

ExpressVPN’s packages all include all the great benefits that you can expect from a reliable VPN service. The major services that are included in all membership packages are, a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service, great security from the SSL tunnel and 256 bit encryption, high upload and download speeds, 24 hour customer support and unlimited bandwidth, three easy steps of making the service operate.

1 Month Package – For one month you can enjoy all ExpressVPN’s benefits at twelve dollars and ninety five cents per month.

6 Month Package – If you enroll for the six month option, you will be billed fifty nine dollars and ninety five cents every six months which quite affordable since you will only be paying nine dollars and ninety nine cents per month.

12 Month Package – This is the most popular package since it allows you to save 35% on annual costs. You pay ninety nine dollars and ninety five cents every twelve months and enjoy all the benefits for a whole year. You are saving a lot of money since this package adds up to only eight dollars and thirty two cents per month.


All the plans include ultrafast servers in 94 countries, compatibility with all possible systems from the most popular Windows to the less usable Linux, outstanding security and encryption, limitless server switching, kill switch and etc.

145+ VPN locations… and counting!

The packages differ in many showings, so you can choose the most appropriate one. Therefore, you shouldn’t download ExpressVPN crack. Any preferred payment method can be chosen by you from the accepted. ExpressVPN accepts credit card payments, PayPal payments as well as others that include Bitcoin which allows you to pay completely anonymously. Moreover, the process of being in for the service usage is very simple. All you need is to name your email address. So, if you have some questions about how many devices are connectible to ExpressVPN or ExpressVPN not connecting.

Any preferred payment method can be chosen by you from the accepted. ExpressVPN accepts credit card payments, PayPal payments as well as others that include Bitcoin which allows you to pay completely anonymously. Moreover, the process of being in for the service usage is very simple. All you need is to name your email address.

ExpressVPN for Router

A VPN service for router is suitable for several tasks at once. First of all, with the implementation of a vast variety of smart internet-enabled devices (IoT) your internet connection needs even more protection.

The thing is that the internet is filled with users and companies’ posts about breaches found in the IoT software, which has resulted into different vulnerabilities, caused penetrations into systems and further consequences. 

As you see, the best way for your network improvement is usage of top-notch VPN service, such as ExpressVPN for routers, which is to make all of your connected devices and gadgets defended against malicious internet environment.   

Express VPN’s VPN for router is to provide you with better security, time-management, more devices defense, VPN connection distribution between family (company) members.

expressvpn for router


In order to get the VPN for router you need to follow the simple three-step instruction:

#1 you can order a pre-installed VPN for router;

#2 in this case you need to get the router from FlashRouters;

#3 having ordered the router, it will be delivered to you in preinstalled view;

#4 follow special instructions for the usage posted on the official website:

expressvpn for router

You can also install the app on your router independently. In this case you need to an advanced customer to manage with the task.  However, the service has designed step-by-step instructions for the option too.

expressvpn for router

Besides, you have a chance to install the application for your home already-existing router in case it possesses all the essential technical characteristics.

expressvpn for router

Info on Servers in different countries


This VPN in British Virgin Islands is a top rated VPN because it provides good VPN services across the globe. ExpressVPN has more than 145+ server locations and allows you to access 94+ countries across the globe. You can change your location at any time you like for as many times you like and ExpressVPN also provides you with useful server information so you can have the best possible connection and the fastest speeds. If you stumble at what server to choose, now you have a possibility to refer to a handy guide, which is to help you make a right decision.

The instructions given by the provider are good for technically inexperienced users as they demonstrate when you need a closest server connection to the internet and what server to chose when you need to avoid censorship imposed in your country. Servers are located in some of the top countries like the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Mexico, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Germany and also the Netherlands which is basically the torrenting capital of the world.

Functions of ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN includesIf you are looking for an SSL VPN service that provides you with the most benefits, then the ExpressVPN software should definitely be your number one choice. Some of the top benefits that you can expect from ExpressVPN include:

  • Security – Hackers and thieves won’t be able to access your private information because your IP address is hidden and all your online activities are hidden from the world. In addition, the service guarantees SSL secured network with 256-bit key and optimization of the service is known to be constantly phased. Limitless bandwidth and speed are stated to make your TV-watching hitless and therefore pleasant.
  • No user logs – None of your private details or online activities are monitored or shared with anyone since ExpressVPN has a very strict privacy policy. The company needs only your email for subscription procedure.
  • Freedom – With this unique VPN you can access geographically restricted sites. Videos from anywhere in the world can be watched by you while using the VPN. Any websites can be accessed and apps downloaded by you with the use of this service. The sites are not necessarily illegal; sites like Netflix are simply not available in all countries, but can be available to you if you buy this VPN in the USA.
  • User friendly – The software installation and client accounts are incredibly easy to setup and all software types for all devices is completely user friendly. The company has proved by personal example that subscription for the service can be as easy as enumerated in three stages. Being a citizen of another country, you may have some linguistic problems, as soon as English is not your native language. Today the official website of the service is translated into sixteen languages, such languages as German, Dutch, Norwegian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese have been recently added.
  • No maintenance required – All your protection and security is done for you with no maintenance requirements from your side.

 Speed Test Result

Speed Test Result

  • Compatibility – ExpressVPN is compatible with all your internet devices and is available for multiple protocols.
  • Router App: Protect your home – Express VPN offers a possibility to protect all your home devices under one subscription. Having applied a router app, an unlimited number of devices can be connected under one subscription package and protected from online threats.
  • The Unlimited Stream Sports Pages – Express VPN suggests securing your connection while watching sport online; watching sport programs from a country where the internet is highly restricted, for streaming different sport games on several devices. The full range of sport pages can be viewed on the official website.

ExpressVPN is a service that is being constantly updated and enhanced by its creators. Together with all the innovations, the official website is supplied with a great blog section with new posts and answers to different questions.

ExpressVPN’s Sports Guide  

Being a keen lover of sport events you know that many sport channels are geo-blocked or restricted for accessing from other countries. Therefore, having decided to watch the latest Formula1 you may be deprived of a possibility while living in China for instance.

The service offers a fresh guide, which is being updated each month and includes streaming sports calendar (the calendar is especially important in case you are overbusy or have little ‘me time’:

expressvpn sports guide

So, here you can find all the best world cups like:

expressvpn sports-guide



Besides, the website offers not only seasonal championships, but also year-round events, such as premier League, etc.

So, as far as one can see, the service is being constantly improved by the company and specified by multiple additional features. Although the website doesn’t contain any information on IP Check or proxy lists, this is the only service that provides its customers with Sport Guides and other bonuses.

Security and Privacy


Security and Privacy Express VPNAs a rule, technologically advanced customers look for a VPN in order to make their network protected and secured, therefore these two characteristics are the most important for such clients. ExpressVPN creates a secure network tunnel in which you can do what you like and nobody will be able to interfere into your private sphere. The tunnels are created with SSL software and a 256-bit encryption encrypts all your online information and activities so you can do what you like completely anonymously. Your IP address is also hidden from the world so no one can hack into your personal files or accounts to steal your valuable data or information. All your traffic passing through a secure tunneling created by the VPN turns encrypted, thus protected from outer influence and uncontrolled interceptions.

ExpressVPN reviews

5-star customer supportSupport service


For the best support, you can simply log onto the ExpressVPN website and access the support page. You can either fill out a contact form with your problems or you can create a live chat session with a professional technician who will give you the needed advice instantly. Alternatively you can also send the support team an email or perhaps even scan through the troubleshooting guides for self-help instructions. In addition, you are able to fill in contact form the answer to which can be expected within two hours limit. The company has also made up troubleshooting guides where such topics as cancelling a subscription, frequently asked questions, proxy disabling and DNS configures can be found by any client and visitor of the website.

Terms of service


Your use of the service is governed by the terms of usage presented on the official website of the VPN for your getting to know. Besides, the terms perform a legal agreement between you as a client and the company.

So, before subscribing for any service including this you need to make sure the terms meet all your demands and make you satisfied with the conditions.

ExpressVPN, as well as many other services, allows the apps usage starting from 18 years only. However, the official terms are stated to be updated from time to time without your noticing of it. Therefore, having decided to subscribe for the service for a long period, you should never miss a trick. However, if there are some changes in pricing you will be sent a written warning via the email.

30-day money-back guaranteeIf talking about subscription terms, it should be said that the service offers a money-back guarantee. All the plans are renewed automatically by default. Therefore, if you want to stop using the VPN, you need to send a warning letter to the customer support team in advance. All the refunds are processed by the service in 7 days period, providing that you have appealed for the first time during the 30 days. However, the amount of original payment can differ from what is returned by the company, as long as the refunds are sent in USD. What is more, when purchasing 5 or more accounts under the volume licensing program, such a purchase is not refunded by the company. Nevertheless, one and the same account can be used for three devices simultaneously.

If speaking about privacy policy, there are several statements you should pay extra attention to. The service is stated to be committed to users’ privacy and is known to collect or save no logging data or browsing activity of a client. Certain personal information you provide while subscribing for the service (billing, email address, payment information) is to be stored, but not shared with any third parties. However, the company leaves the opportunity to keep the data on third party servers, or use a third party analytics tool for further service enhancement. Besides, your contact details will be used by the company to send notifications and reply to the support appeals. If there are changes in your contact details, you will be able to refresh them by log in the website account. Moreover, the service collects such data as dates, choice on server locations, a total amount of data sent per a day.

The service claims to have no responsibility for any data losses or destructions coming from failure of the service, your interactions with the site or service, your inability to comply with the rules appointed by the company in the terms of usage. On your part you are agreed to stay responsible for making all the fee payments well-timed via the service. Also you need to pay attention to the fact that any website you run while using the VPN run its own rules and regulations on privacy and security.

Client Account procedures 


To get ExpressVPN, you will have to select a package that you are interested in online and use your email address to apply. After the email is confirmed, you can make a payment and then download the correct software to your device. The entire process only takes a few minutes and the setup is incredibly easy and simple to do. The 3 step system developed by the provider works great.

How to download and set up ExpressVPN in 3 easy steps

ExpressVPN's iPhone appPlatforms


ExpressVPN functions on various different platforms which makes it compatible with just about any device. The apps are for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux and ExpressVPN works with any internet connection which includes cellphone networks, Wi-Fi and wired connections.

Besides, while running several connectable devices simultaneously, you should know that the packages of the service offer up to 3 devices connected through one and the same account.

The software is easy-to-use and install for any of your gadgets.

ExpressVPN works on all your devices


SummaryExpressVPN is not one of the top rated VPNs, it is the top rated VPN and with all the benefits and fantastic customer support that they provide, it is easy to see why. If you want the best protection at an affordable rate, then this is definitely the best VPN for you. Be as safe as you can when you say what you like and do what you like online so you can continue being the unique and expressive person that you are. Having read the overview, you see for yourself that the company offers fine service for little money, if compare it with other outputs of the market. So, if you are looking for the first-rated VPN to protect your right for democracy and privacy on the internet, ExpressVPN is a right answer for your demand.  .

The most pleasing bonus is that the service is suitable not only for an individual advanced customer, but for an average family or small business team as well. It offers up-to-date solutions and some specific features that make a VPN usage irreplaceable.

Thus, in case you live in Chine, for istance, you have no chance to watch Formular 1. But don’t jump to conclusions, as long as with the use of Express VPN you are to get access to any spot channel for watching your favorite sport and other streaming services. So, Express VPN is definitely one of the most sought-after and outstanding services on the market today. 

1 ExpressVPN account supports 3 devices

1 ExpressVPN account supports 3 devices

Express VPN crack
Express VPN crack


ExpressVPN for Netflix

ExpressVPN for Netflix

Express VPN for torrenting

Express VPN for torrenting

Express VPN won’t connect

Express VPN won’t connect


ExpressVPN Overviews

reply June 13, 2017
I have tried many VPNs and I could not find a good one. I had troubles with low speeds, limited number of servers, weak encrypting methods….. But at last I found Express VPN. That is the coolest VPN I have never met! I could not imagine that any provider was able to offer so many servers (94 countries!!!). It makes you almost completely anonymous with the 256-bit encrypting. That is what I have looked for!! I am satisfied with all the features offered by Express VPN, it is difficult to say what is bad about. Once you try to connect through Express VPN, you will never want to change it. My internet connection is so fast that I do not notice that I surf via the VPN. Of course, the price is high enough, but it is worth subscribing for it. I do not regret that I apple Express VPN. Thank you very much! It is my favourite!
reply February 08, 2017
Love it! Expressvpn has exceeded my expectations. It's simple, fast, and extremely easy to use. I keep it on in the background and sometimes forget it's even on (that statement alone says a lot). In my experience vpn speeds are usually pretty hit or miss, but Expressvpn is relatively consistent.
kimberli kristin
reply December 23, 2016
I have used express its good but a little heavy on the pocket , recently i got Ivacy VPN it was the most cost effecttive VPN i could find online, so i thought id give it a try, and its working just as fine as express was !
reply November 08, 2016
This vpn is not the cheapest one, but it wins by a mile among other services I’ve tried. Express vpn is the most reliable for me. The support is amazing, they are super quick and friendly. I think this vpn is a good value for such professional service.
reply July 28, 2016
The vpn is perfect. I’ve used expressvpn for a week now and I can say its connection speed is fast compared with other vpns and it’s foolproof. But still there’s a little problem, maybe because it’s very popular, the most of the servers’ locations are overloaded so they are quite slow. Everything else is fine the product works smoothly.
reply June 11, 2016
I’m not an advanced user and when the process of installation of a vpn was technical I couldn’t do anything, so with this vpn it was extra easy. I thought they were kidding me! So, if you want to feel secure at home and abroad connecting to wifi and you’ve never tried to install anything, just try it.
reply June 09, 2016
You see, I’ve tried many services but only this one could impress me. One day when I was on a business trip to China, regardless all their censored sites this vpn helped me to bypass the system. I think this is due to the server location.
reply June 07, 2016
As for me the service is quite pricy but I really don’t regret about it. I’ve tried many vpn services even free vpn and I can say that this vpn meets all my requirements. I’ve got qualitative safe net operation with sophisticated encryption and momentary help from the team. That’s awesome!
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