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Buffered VPN Overview

Buffered.com is a Hungary based VPN company, which is considered as a relatively new in the sphere of business. However, it is one of the fast developing players on the market today. The service is very particular about introducing innovative ideas and features. Overall, the output is really worthful. The ease of use of the software is commendable. The website is found really good as it is well-designed and organized. So, there are numerous reasons to recommend the company.

buffered-service-vpnAs it has been stated before, the service is eager to come up with innovative ideas and features. Overall speed is really good if compare it with many other VPN outputs in the business today. It provides excellent security as well if that’s what you are concerned about. Since it is based in such country as Hungary, you don’t need to worry about the restrictions in your country. But there are things which are not too sure about. Since they are a new player in the business, they have to go a long way. The inexperience shows at times. At the moment, they don’t provide support for Android devices. Even though they provide quality client support, the customers are not too impressed with the quality of the service. Even though Buffered.com is in its early stages, the potential they hold can be seen by you.

Tariffs and prices

As far as tariffs and prices are concerned, they are not too different from other companies in the sphere of business today. They have a fixed price for the monthly subscription. If you are looking for a discount, then you should subscribe for longer periods. For example, a 1 year subscription will help to save so much money. Overall the pricing is very average. It is neither overpriced nor cheap. If you are quality conscious, then you will find their pricing attractive as they provide good quality as well. Without any doubt, they provide great value for your money.

⇒ Monthly plan costs $12,99 per month and billed monthly.

⇒ Yearly plan costs $8,25 per month and billed monthly too. However, a client with the package pays $99 per year, which helps to save 36% of the total amount.

⇒ Bi-Annual plan costs $9,99 per month and billed monthly and $59, 94 per 6 month. Hence, a customer subscribed for the package saves 23% of the total amount.

The process of ordering is pretty easy and is to be highlighted further. All the plans include the same possibilities:

  • 24/7 technical group support.
  • Fast services in 36 countries.
  • Security and encryption of the highest level.
  • Limitless bandwidth and server switches.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee.

bufferedvpn - vpn service

Info on servers 

bufferedvpn - vpn service

The company offers servers in more than 36 countries but the network is being constantly widened while adding new locations to it. As a result, the VPN is able to provide excellent speed and connectivity to most of the customers all over the world. And today they are one of the fastest growing networks in the business today. It has high speed servers in all the important regions across the world.

In addition, limitless bandwidth and server choice offered by the provider allows five simultaneous connections from any parts of the world. Besides, any client can pass an opinion on new server locations addition, so that you can let the administrators know where you would like to see a server and your desire will be heart.


  • Being a Hungary based VPN is a big advantage. In that case, you don’t have to worry about the jurisdictions of the UK and the US. Well, if you don’t know, the EU has recently declared that data retention is not required by the internet service providers. Well, that means Hungary can provide maximum privacy for their customers all over the world. So, that your privacy will be protected from interferences.

  • As far as the company website is concerned, any customer can be totally impressed with it. It is noticeable that the provider has made its intentions very clear on the website as it tells about fighting for online privacy. It shows how much the company cares about providing privacy.

  • The VPN impresses you very quickly without any doubts. The feature called discovery, which is very useful in breaking the firewalls of WiFi connections that are password protected, can be used by you as a beneficial addition. How does it manage to do that? It simply finds open ports and utilizes them. As long as ports are open, you can break into password protected WiFi connections with the help of this feature and it is indeed a great feature.

  • The company allows 5 simultaneous connections from anywhere in the world that can be made by the VPN client.

  • The provider has servers all over the world. Buffered VPN offers servers in 36 countries and with excellent speed performance and new locations are being added regularly.

bufferedvpn - vpn service

Security and privacy

Buffered.com understands the significance of privacy and security for an internet user in the modern world. If compared with other VPNs, insecure L2TP and PPTP protocols are not supported by the VPN, as, according to the company, any traffic in transit needs thorough encryption while hiding customers’ authentic addresses. While using OpenVPN suggested by Buffered VPN, your ISP will see it as if you are browsing HTTPS websites.

Any of your online activities are stated not to be logged by the provider, which makes the service reliable. Therefore, you can browse the internet without the fear of privacy violations.

Support service

bufferedvpn - vpn service

Firstly, supporting articles are offered by the company from where any customer can learn about ‘how to setup Buffered VPN on Windows 10’ and etc. Secondly, the useful sections such as ‘getting started’ where any potential client can find answers to some common questions like ‘can’t access Netflix’; ‘setup tutorials’ where useful instructions are enumerated; ‘errors’ in case if some errors prevent you from using the VPN freely and ‘logs’ section.

Besides, the company has 24/7 live (human) support by using which you can get a professional assistance in different questions. In order to send your message you need to choose a subject of your question and fill in your name, email address and the body of your question. The ticketing mechanism on their website works fast, as responses are got in less than 2 hours’ time, which is very good. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t provide live chat facility yet, but still it has been mentioned that it is planned to be brought soon.

Client account

The singing-up process is really fast and easy. There is nothing complicated about that, as it won’t take more than 5 minutes. Having chosen a plan, you can rush to further actions without any doubts as the service has 30 days guarantee. After that you will be asked to fill in your name, email and a desired password. What is more, all the data is stated to be safe and secured from any prying eyes. What is for the name, you are free to choose any nick you like. The payment is fulfilled through a secure payment page where you can choose from different methods like credit cards, PayPal, etc. And be sure you have read and understood the terms of usage.


We have already mentioned that it supports platforms like Windows, Linux and Mac. Since it comes with an OpenVPN configuration file, you will be able to apply it for any other device. As far as the speed is concerned, we got the same speed performance on all devices. It’s a highly recommended private VPN service, which can become a fortune finding for those who need multiple devices connection.


Buffered VPN is definitely an appropriate solution if you are looking for a reliable logless service. The measures of securing your network applied by the company are in step with the times. All your passing traffic is known to be passed through a protective tunneling operating on OpenVPN.

If passing to server park, the number of countries available for your usage is great and, which is more satisfying, it is being constantly enlarged. The company is very serious about being an innovative front runner, therefore it accepts any requests from the client towards new locations. And its innovative ideas and features are highly appreciated by the dedicated customers. Overall speed is also really good.

Since it is located in Hungary, you can use the VPN app without privacy concerns. The customer support is really professional as the ready-made articles and answers are of a high assistance for average users.

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reply October 01, 2016
I think this vpn is the best one available on the market today. I’m blunt about it because I’ve tried dozens of services and all of them was unworthy of my attention. It comes at a price but you get what you pay for. Make a low bow to its designers.
reply September 28, 2016
Terrible technical support! I ended up switching to NordVPN and they are so much better
reply August 26, 2016
I think that VPN is a must-have for modern internet users. I tested many services to find an appropriate one. Buffered VPN provides good speed and great compatibility. Also I noted users-friendly software. But they have not developed app for Android devices that makes an installation process harder.
reply August 22, 2016
I tried many services and finally I found an appropriate one. This is Buffered VPN. It offers excellent speed and total anonymity. I can access to any sites I want and surf the net free.
reply July 09, 2016
I use the Buffered VPN service to pay my bills online or watch my favorite TV series. I feel safe using free public WiFi hotspots. It doesn’t support anonymous payment method. But if you use VPN for daily surfing – Buffered VPN is a great choice.
Update: 17/04/2017