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Betternet Overview

Betternet is providing internet privacy for more than 25 Million people from all over the worldBetternet is one of the few VPN companies who strive to keep their services absolutely free for internet users. Instead of receiving money from their customers, they earn money for each app that gets installed and for each video that gets watched on the app. They do plan on maintaining their free services in the future and do their best to keep the software updated and the services in good shape to ensure that their VPN clients stay as well protected as possible when they use the internet.

Some of the top benefits that you can enjoy when you use this good VPN service are, protection and security for all your online activities, the ability to stream all channels from any location and the freedom to unlock websites that have been restricted in the client’s location but what is by far the best benefit, is that you can enjoy all these benefits absolutely free of charge.

More information on Betternet’s tariffs

Free option – The free service provider allows you to download the app and software completely free. Most free VPNs in the USA would compromise on security, but not Betternet who thrive by getting more and more customers. This is the most reliable VPN service that is available completely free which a great investment is for cyber junkies who already have their hands full with the prospect of paying off their expensive electronic gear. 

Premium package – Betternet is planning on launching a premium package that will not be completely free. The premium membership will cost about thirty dollars annually and will provide users with a more stable connection and 24 hour customer support. Premium members can also select the location and IP addresses that they want to connect with as well as other benefits that will be announced once they launch the premium membership. The free membership will, however still be available and will continue providing clients with all the current benefits that they have come to rely on and so Bettenet can continue upholding their name as one of the best VPN services.

Statistics of Betternet

This reliable VPN service has claimed the place of the number one VPN app on the Google Play Store and App Store. Betternet has more than 24 million users across the globe and the users consume over 1 petabyte of daily traffic. The VPN’s name is mentioned over 100 000 times on a daily basis on blogs, websites and social media sites. Betternet owes much of its success to the fact that this secure VPN software is not just free in major countries, but also internationally which really sets Betternet apart from other free VPNs. 

How Betternet can improve your online life?

The internet makes out a huge part of our lives. Today, the internet and online companies have modernized enough to supply consumers with everything they need such as information, education, products, services, advice and entertainment. The internet is still a bit rough though and can be terribly insecure. Some companies, for instance, completely banned social media sites and YouTube in an attempt to prevent the outside world and terrorists from gaining access to sensitive information. This can be quite terrible for those living in these countries and those who travel there. Betternet VPN software unlocks all restricted sites and provides internet users with an undetectable method to access sites like Facebook and Twitter that is currently restricted. The encryption software also provides users with confidentiality so they can do anything they like online without the risk of getting hacked or censored.

Security and Privacy of Betternet

The exact security protocols and software that Betternet use to keep your online activities anonymous is not expressed on their website, but there must be a good reason for 25 million people to keep using this software, despite the fact that it is just free. The VPN Betternet reviews and comments from clients are mostly positive which suggests that just about all of Betternet’s clients are in fact happy with the security that they enjoy after doing a Betternet VPN download. 

Betternet’s customer care and support services

You can’t exactly expect a full time technical team to be on standby 24/7 when you use a free service like Betternet but the website does have a simple FAQ section that will guide you through the most common difficulties and enquiries and if that is not good enough, you can also submit a request online and even add a screenshot or attachment of the problem you are dealing with. Betternet’s premium membership that is going to be launched in the near future will, however cover a live chat program that provides clients with instant assistance on a 24 hour basis.

Betternet’s account processes

Betternet does not have any fee which means no payment is needed to get started. You can simply download the app to your device and enjoy instant protection from the user friendly software. The downloading process is incredibly simple and you don’t need to supply any confidential information to use this service. Betternet’s premium membership might, however, require a registration when it launches in the future.

Betternet works on multiple platforms

You can enjoy great functionality from this fantastic app because you can download the VPN for Mac, computers, smartphones and other devices. Special software is crated for Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android, Google Chrome, Firefox and NeverAds to provide users the best functionality possible.


With Betternet you get so much more than you would expect from a free VPN service. The VPN does not compromise on security measures, has great global coverage and is definitely one of the most popular VPNs since it claimed the number 1 place on VPNs downloaded for the Android play store. You get all the convenience from this free VPN that you would enjoy from highly expensive VPNs such as great security, fast network speeds, availability and software that is easy to set up on multiple devices. You can test the software any time you like without having to sign any long term contracts. 

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reply September 06, 2016
In spite of the fact that this is a free vpn, it has no limitations. It maintains many os, unlocks banned websites and lets me use streaming channels wherever I am now.))That’s cool!
reply September 02, 2016
Betternet is the greatest vpn and it’s absolutely free without any limits and registration. Also, I use its product ad blocker neverads for my iphone. The service is cool and it’s said to be free forever)))
Colin James
reply August 28, 2016
I think, it’s not bad at all. The app has free content, but your virtual location will be chosen automatically, usually these are American servers. If you want to choose another country, you’ll have to pay money. It’s very secure due to the encryption, even a highly interested in your business outside device will be able to see that you’re using proxy and nothing more.
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