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Astrill Overview

Astrill-VPN currently offers more than 113 VPN servers in 49 countries with diversity of available VPN technologiesChina has one of the best censoring software to monitor all online activities that happens in this country. China is also the country with the strictest rules and regulations regarding websites and social media sites. The government has restricted a lot of websites, including Gmail and YouTube and also has restrictions on lots of social media sites such as Facebook in an attempt to make their country safe from terrorists. If a VPN service is truly good, it can give you protection from china’s great wall censoring software and provide you with undetected access to restricted websites. And this is exactly why Astrill VPN software is one of the best VPN services on the market.

Astrill gives users from China and across the globe the secure network tunnel that they need to enjoy the internet to the fullest and do whatever they like completely anonymously. Some of Astrill’s leading services are the high speed connectivity, the vast VPN technologies and the easy plug and play systems. 

Tariffs and prices of Astrill

This reliable VPN service offers a discounted rate for the duration of your commitment. The VPN service offers three different packages that include all the benefits that the VPN service provides as well as a business VPN solution and Astrill VPN routers.

Three Month Membership – At $29.95 you can enjoy all the benefits of Astrill such as unlimited speeds, unlimited internet and unlimited bandwidth for three months. The rates are equal to a $9.98 monthly fee.

Six Month Membership – The six month membership allows you to save $19.95 or 33% by simply taking out the bigger package that has a total cost of $39.95. The six month option has the same benefits as the three month membership.

One Year Membership – This membership costs $69.95 per month, but allows you to save 42% or $49.85 of the amount that you would have spent by taking out the three month membership plan.

Business VPN solution – This membership gives you discounts for multiple licenses, so you can create a tailor fit option to optimize your business’s online activities.

VPN router – These routers are available from as little as $50 and can help you connect multiple devices to a single VPN connection. The routers are shipped internationally.

General information on Astrill’s reach

Astrill has 279 servers in 51 countries. You can access the internet and enjoy the best protection from anywhere in the world. A single account can give you access to all 279 servers and you can switch between servers to your heart’s content and enjoy the internet from each server as if you were there in that very location which makes it a good VPN service to invest in.

What to expect from this VPN?

- This private VPN service enables you to feel safe whenever you use the internet in public areas such as cafes, libraries, schools, hotels and airports because no one can log in to see what you are doing.
- You can connect your entire office to the VPN.
- Connect all your household devices to the VPN with the help of a router.
- No one can trace your internet activities so you can browse and stream what you like anonymously.
- You can access this secure VPN service from multiple devices or on the go.
- Access VoIP and P2P applications without restrictions.
- Enjoy the internet as if you were home from even the strictest countries.

Security and Privacy

Astrill VPN for Mac, Windows or whichever other device you prefer supplies you with the most secure online presence. Astrill has taken the right security procedures and methods to protect your connection from hackers and third-party snoops who can get access to all your personal accounts such as emails. With this service you can use Wi-Fi hotspots, cellular networks and private wired networks securely. Once your Astrill VPN software download has been completed, you will be able to create a secure connection at any location from any device, secure your personal online accounts and block out all censoring programs that might be tracking your URLs for inadequate behaviors. 

Astrill’s customer services

You can enjoy fully dedicated support 365 days a year from this USA VPN for free. The support email generates tickets that will be answered as briefly as possible. You can also enjoy 24 hour phone support and the website offers a function that allows you to meet the trained specialists, so you can refer back to the right assistant. 

Astrill’s client account setup

To setup your very own VPN, you can simply download the app from the Astrill webpage. Your subscription will be activated as soon as your payment has been received and your account has been set up. The setup process is quick and easy to understand. 

Platforms that use Astrill

You can connect any device you like, including your home computer, laptop, Smartphone, tab or iPhone to the VPN and enjoy protection no matter where you go or what you do online. Even P2P applications are allowed with Astrill, which is restricted with most VPN. With the help of a router, you can even get all your home communicative and internet systems connected to a single VPN membership and enjoy great flexibility for all your devices or for all your families’ different devices.


All in all, Astrill is a great USA VPN to buy because they offer all the services that you will ever need from a secure VPN service. The exact security protocols of Astrill is unclear, but have to be good if the service provider keeps no user logs and allow P2P which is restricted by most VPN services who want to avoid the plagiarism issues related to P2P completely. The prices are steep, but good considering the fact that you can contact them at any hour and get the technical support that you need, exactly when you need it. Astrill is a fantastic solution for businesses and is also one of the few VPN that actually allow discounted rates for companies.

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reply September 06, 2016
It keeps my isp from inspecting my private data and protects my online activity from any interference. But I like it even more for its nice going. Many thanks!
Connor White
reply September 01, 2016
I can say that it’s quite pricy for me. But astrill makes its best, I suppose. With its reliable protocols I’m not afraid of being traced any more. I can watch BBC even being away from home. So, if you can afford $6 per month, be sure the vpn is great.
reply August 28, 2016
It gives strong encryption methods if you pay more. Its support can be messy and some features are locked if they are unpaid. But the speed is great. And also astrill provides some extra services, such as nat firewall, home plan, and etc.
Update: 31/01/2017