Safe torrenting with Kickass Torrents

November 01, 2017

Kickass Torrents is former trendy website for downloading files for torrenting. Founded in 2008 Kickass Torrents (or simply KAT) exists and today. In spite of numerous troubles KAT stood the test of time and is among most haunted torrent sites.


Nowadays, Kickass Torrents supplies KAT users with files for torrenting movies, music, TV shows and games. To access Kickass Torrents it is necessary to register. The system doesn’t require real name, surname, phone number or alike information about a user, only a password and username are required. Being a responsible torrent search engine, Kickass Torrents familiarizes its users with ‘Terms of Service’. It is necessary to read it attentively, as such document usually contain information about logs, user’s right while using the website, warranty, etc.

After successful registration a user will be allowed to download torrent files, which are accompanied by the information on name, size, seed, leach and age. These data allow timing the process of file downloading. 


Legal torrenting with Kickass Torrents

The majority of websites with torrent search engines contain the copyright protected files and as a result their activity is illegal. As for Kickass Torrents, the situation differs a lot as it keeps Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Thus, the activity of KAT is legal. However, the website undergoes blocking at regular intervals. Therefore, the domain of KAT was changed several times. Initially it was, but three years later it was changed into Its last and still existing address is

In spite of the fact that Kickass Torrents’ activity is legitimate, still there are some troubles with torrenting. It is connected with some weak or unclear points in legislation. For example, the government of Germany conducts extremely strict policy in respect of copyright. In this connection, watching free movies online or torrenting can lead to law problems.

Anonymity will help torrent lovers

In this regard a user is to undertake all reasonable precautions to avoid such troubles. Anonymity plays an important role in this question, as it is impossible to bring an accusation against an unknown person. The only way to stay unknown on the Internet is to hide an IP. But how to do it, as it is well-known that user’s ISP is always aware of this data. An Internet user will solve this problem by means of a Tor or a VPN, for example. Tor, or the onion router, is a service which, is used to hide user’s IP. It functions in the following way: a user puts an inquiry to Tor server, in its turn this server connects to the next one and then to the required website. All the data routing through the servers are encrypted and the server is able to identify the IP of the previous one.

VPN functions even more efficient and simpler. It both encodes the data and make its user absolutely anonymous on the Internet. That is why Kickass Torrents users will be under the strong protection while torrenting their favourite series or featured movies and games.

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Last updated: 29/12/2017