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Last updated: 09/01/2019

ZorroVPN Review

Internet freedom and security are most talked-about topics today. Sharing documents and photos or just communicating have become dangerous. The number of online identity thefts and cyber-attacks is going up while Internet users are turning to be more deprived form Internet freedom. A VPN helps us out if speaking about online protection. It’s not a limited issue for business only. Today a VPN service is widely used by individual Internet users and one of the outstanding tools is ZorroVPN.

ZorroVPN is a reflection of professional experience, which has been achieved for many years of work in the sphere of online anonymity and security.

Tariffs and prices of ZorroVPN

ZorroVPN has one package that includes all the benefits of a good service and varies only in its subscription period. The impressive benefits of the service include DoubleVPN, TripleVPN, and QuadroVPN, VPN+Tor, a qualitative support assistance, 4096-bit RSA key, AES 256, P2P, VoIP and Torrent, no speed or bandwidth limitations.

  • 1 month — $15;
  • 2 months — $25 (save 17%);
  • 3 months — $36 (save 20%);
  • 6 months — $68 (save 24%);
  • 12 months — $120 (save 33%).

Info on servers in different countries

Info on servers in different countriesZorroVPN holds servers in more than 48 countries all over the world. Some new servers have been opened in the US (Virginia, Herndon) this summer. So, ZerroVPN is constantly extending its server locations, which signalizes that the service doesn’t go round in a circle and pushes forward developing in the sphere of online security.

Functions of ZorroVPN

If speaking about ZorroVPN’s functions, it can be stated that except three basic ones, such as anonymity, privacy and security, there are some additional bonuses.

Its potential customers will be satisfied with: on-the-fly IP change without breaking the connection you can choose any virtual location you wish; VPN+Tor feature enhances your anonymity. Having connected to the VPN, Tor-browser is switched on and configures an appropriate routing through the VPN tunneling. Thus, a VPN server turns to be a constant entry node, which allows concealing Tor’s usage from ISPs.

VPN chains that increase the level of security and anonymity by using more transmission network nodes where your encrypted traffic passes through a chain of selected servers. (DoubleVPN, TripleVPN, and QuadroVPN).

Moreover, ZorroVPN has no bandwidth or speed limitations. Thus, you can use Torrent and other P2P networks absolutely free from disturbances.

Security and Privacy

Security and privacy are the most necessary functions a VPN should present. ZorroVPN uses OpenVPN, AES-256 encryption, and 4096-bit authentication key technologies to encrypt all the traffic so that no third party could get access to it. Beside, the provider doesn't keep logs as it is said in their TOS.

Support service

ZorroVPN provides customer support for their users. They are always ready to assist you by e-mail, IMs or remote support, for instance, through TeamViewer application. One of the most frequently used ZorroVPN’s support services is an e-mail request. As you can see from the screenshot, you need to provide them with your e-mail address and the message where you should describe the issue in details. The description is recommended to be as detailed as possible in order to help you as best one can.

ZorroVPN platforms

Client Account procedures

To order ZorroVPN’s subscription you will have to note your email, choose the period and payment method. It should be mentioned that there is a vast variety of payment methods including the most anonymous ones,such as Bitcoin. Moreover, you can use a discount coupon if you have one.


ZorroVPN is compatible with multi platforms, such as Windows, iPhone, iOS, Android, Linux, and Mac.


ZorroVPN is a decent service, which is operated by outstanding experts in the sphere of online security. ZorroVPN has developed many excellent bonuses for its clients. The service is rightfully considered to be private, secure and anonymous. The settings are pretty easy but the only small difficulty one can face is website’s languages (ENG, RUS), but the problem is solvable, because you can get a professional assistance by any means of communication you like. So, while using ZorroVPN you can avoid any restrictions while staying protected online.

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reply October 17, 2016

I wanted to test the service and wrote to the support service today. I was pleasantly surprised with their politeness and adequateness. A moment later I tested this VPN. My impressions are positive only, will exactly extend it. I wish success and prosperity to ZorroVPN!

reply October 16, 2016

The best service I’ve ever seen! Unfortunately, when I subscribed to this VPN, my computer broke. And I spent too much time to repair it. So, my monthly subscription has gathered dust. But the company showed understanding for my situation and returned these spent days. I love it! The connection quality is on the top with no breaks and defects.

reply October 13, 2016

ZorroVPN is a seriously good service. What surprised me most is its chains number and low pricing. I admit, I did not like it at first and searched for any ulterior motive. But it seems there are no pitfalls. What about speed, I have nothing to say, because didn’t note differences. Overall I give it 4 stars. I will use it by myself and recommend to my friends. Thank you!

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