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Last updated: 09/01/2019

Zoog VPN Review

Two-thirds of the netizens of the globe undergo censorship on the part of the government.  Thus, China, Syria and Ethiopia have the least accessible Internet. The majority of websites and services are NOT available there.

The situation in other places of the world is better, but still it is far off being perfect.

What can we do?

Much has been said about the importance of Virtual Private Network. But unfortunately, not all people understand their real value.

VPN represents a set of technologies that allow users to go round censorship on the Internet and become anonymous online.

Zoog VPN will help to get rid of the troubles with censorship once and for all!

We have tested the service and prepared a detailed Zoog VPN review.

The following points will be highlighted here:

Be ready to study all the strong sides of the VPN provider at the end of this Zoog VPN review!

Tariffs and prices of Zoog VPN

Price can act a very important part while choosing a VPN provider. Zoog VPN developers have taken it into consideration and prepared not 3 (as the most of VPN services do) but 4 packages for potential consumers:

Tariffs and prices of Zoog VPN

Free Zoog VPN package

This VPN plan is perfect for those netizens who want to try the service before paying for subscription. Zoog allows using this free VPN service for as long as one wishes. But a monthly bandwidth is limited up to 2 GB per month.


A user has a chance to increase bandwidth by referring a friend rewards. With a free Zoog VPN plan a user has access to 3 VPN servers. The number of allowed devices is restricted to 1, but it is not a problem, as the registration is as easy as a pie.

Of course, many useful facilities are restricted for a free VPN service, but this package is enough to evaluate unrestricted internet with Zoog VPN.

1-month Zoog VPN package

Monthly price of Zoog VPN provider is only $8.99. It is rather cheap for a VPN which allows bypassing restrictions of any types and access streaming services. The number of simultaneous connections is 5, whereas 38 Zoog VPN servers are at user's disposal.

The price is reduces by 25%! Hurry up to subscribe for Zoog VPN!

6-Months Zoog VPN package

The tariff will cost you $4.99 per month if billed $29.99 for 6 months. The plan has the same features as the 1-month package.

That's not all!

1-year Zoog VPN package

But wait!

Here is a more advantageous offer – 12 months of protection with Zoog VPN. The offer with a 75% discount presupposes only $2.99 per month. Besides, with Zoog VPN premium content will be unblocked from every corner of the world.


Have you picked a side?

Have you picked a side?If you have, it is time to think about the way to pay for Zoog VPN subscription. The payment methods are quite diverse: credit cards, PayPal, American Express, Paymentwall, UnionPay, JCB and even Bitcoin.

What about Zoog VPN refund?

As Zoog VPN does NOT offer a free trial version (free VPN plan is offered instead), a Zoog consumer can take use of a refund in case he or she does not like the provider. The refund period for Zoog VPN is 7 days.

But be sure, you will not have to ask for a refund, as the service is really worthy to use in 2019!

Info on servers of Zoog VPN

Server network determines the facilities of future VPN subscribersServer network determines the facilities of future VPN subscribers. Zoog VPN provides netizens with super fast servers placed in Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, Greece, the UK, Hong Kong, Italy, Singapore, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, France, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the USA.

Zoog VPN provider guarantees that Netflix content will be unlocked by all the premium servers.

What about torrenting with Zoog VPN?

Due to 15 P2P-friendly Zoog VPN servers a netizen will not only manage to access top torrent sites but will become anonymous while using them as well.

Search for such sign Search for such sign while connecting to Zoog VPN servers and use torrents securely.


Zoog VPN client can be installed on any device one likes: smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop and even router.

The list of supported platforms is presented below:The list of supported platforms

  • Android;
  • Windows;
  • Mac;
  • iOS;
  • Linux;
  • Blackberry;
  • Routers.

Functions of Zoog VPN

Apart from Zoog VPN servers, the provider is used to:

  • go round restrictions on the basis of censorship and geoghraphy;
  • be protected while connecting to the Internet through public WiFi via VPN;
  • unblock the best streaming services;
  • browse the web privately.

Apart from Zoog VPN servers, the provider is used to

Client account procedures for Zoog VPN

Are Zoog VPN prices affordable?

Do you want to make use of its functions?

Have you found your device in the list of compatible ones?

If all the answers were 'yes', this part of Zoog VPN review will be definitely useful for you.

We will make Zoog VPN download and  VPN setup procedure easy even for a non-tech user.

Here're what to do:

Step #1

Register on Zoog VPN official website and login.

Register on Zoog VPN official website and login.

Step #2

Download the client for the operating system you need.

Download the client

Step #3

Run the downloaded file and install the client. The installation is automatic and takes about 2-3 minutes.

Run the downloaded file and install the client

Step #4

Change the password you've received through email in a user area and login the client.

Change the password

Step #5

Click on 'Ready' to become protected and change IP.

protected and change IP

Although Zoog VPN chooses the VPN server automatically, it is possible to change the settings to connect to the server manually. Besides, the provider allows netizens to choose the protocol type.

Although Zoog VPN chooses the VPN server automatically

Support service of Zoog VPN

Although Zoog VPN lacks live chat assistanceAlthough Zoog VPN lacks live chat assistance, the provider offers not bad alternatives:

  • Email support (one can sent a request and describe a problem or ask for help);
  • Resources (it is possible to make use of brief instructions);
  • VPN setup wizard (detailed tutorials on how to install Zoog VPN client);
  • Frequently Asked Question (the list of top issues discussed by other users).

Security and privacy of Zoog VPN

If you search for security and privacy on the cyber space, you are definitely on the right way.

Zoog VPN premium packages provide subscribers with 256-bit key ciphering. It means that adversaries would need ages to decode your data.

Besides, the VPN provider does NOT keep log

Besides, the VPN provider does NOT keep logs on user activity, which guarantees total privacy.

The only data stored by Zoog is email. However, such information about Zoog VPN subscribers will never be shared with third parties.

Summary for Zoog VPN review

On the basis of this Zoog VPN review one may conclude that this VPN provider is worth using in case a person aims at:

  • restrictions bypassing;
  • anonymous internet surfing;
  • private web browsing.

With a large server network, this UK-based VPN under investigation serves to unblock the best streaming websites and torrent trackers.

It doesn't matter wherever one goes, Zoog VPN works worldwide.

Having subscribed for Zoog VPN provider, you will get all the benefits of this provider.

Zoog VPN pros

  • US Netflix works on all premium VPN servers.
  • No logs VPN
  • 5 logins per 1 Zoog VPN account
  • User-friendly and easy-to-use proprietary apps.
  • Own DNS servers
  • Safe torrents downloads on dedicated servers
  • Access from China, UAE and other heavily censored countries
  • OpenVPN, L2TP/Ipsec, IKEv2 and PPTP VPN protocols
  • Blackberry devices supported via IKEv2 protocol
  • Maximum privacy with 256-bit encryption, DNS and IPV6 leak protection
  • Blazing Fast VPN connections on iOS and macOS via ZoogVPN apps using IKEv2 VPN protocol

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November 08, 2018

Works with BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and US Netflix and at very affordable prices!

(average 4.6 of 5)

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