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ZenMate Review

The best internet security service is offered by ZenMate. Unblock videos with ZenMate VPN. Download ZenMate VPN on your device and unblock YouTube and other services.

Falling victim to online fraud can be quite devastating, especially if someone just stole your identity and committed hideous internet crimes all over the world. There is no way that you can prove that you did not steal someone’s personal files or blog hatred articles. You also cannot prove that it was not you who committed illegal torrent download and sometimes the penalties for these illegal internet activities can be quite devastating.

 One of the best ways to ensure that your personal online identity and accounts stay yours is to get a good VPN service like ZenMate. This reliable VPN service allows you to do whatever you like, stream whatever you like and download whatever you like completely anonymously. No one can hack into your personal files or steal your identity and no one can monitor what you are doing online.

You also get the freedom to watch content or view websites that have been restricted in your area so you can enjoy the wide and free internet the way the internet was intended to be. 

Tariffs and prices of ZenMate

ZenMate has three different memberships that you can enroll at to have full access to all the benefits that this secure VPN software has to offer.

The memberships allow discount rates as per your commitment period, but all of them include all the benefits. You can also try the premium trial for free.

  • Free trial – To get the free trial, you have to sign up with your email address after which you will be able to do the ZenMate VPN software download. With the free trial you only get access to 4 locations and you only have best effort speeds on mobile devices only. 
  • Monthly Membership – For eleven dollars and ninety nine cents per month, you will be able to connect at turbo speeds from all the premium locations and connect to all types of devices. You can transfer unlimited data, adverts are blocked, no data is logged, malware is blocked and you get tracking protection and premium support. 
  • 2 Years Membership – The two years membership allows you to save 83% on costs and you get all the benefits for only two dollars and five cents per month which is billed $49.20 for the first 2 years, and then $47.88 every following 12 months. This package is the most saving.
  • 1 Year Membership – The one year membership also includes all the monthly memberships benefits, but at a 67% discount. You pay only three dollars and ninety nine cents per month once a year.
  • Business membership – A special quote can be made to you to suit your business’s unique needs so you can be completely safe when your employees use the internet and so all your confidential business and client information will stay completely confidential.

business and client information will stay completely confidential.

30 days money-back guarantee is offered for ZenMate VPN clients in case of some troubles with the VPN service (source).

The payment methods are diverse. Thus, if one wants to become a ZenMate subscriber, it is possible to choose one of four variants: PayPal system, credit cards, UnionPay and SEPA banks transfer. There is no need to use any exterior sites to pay for ZenMate subscription. A person will do everything on ZenMate website.

Info on Servers for Zenmate

ZenMate can be accessed internationally from anywhere in the world which makes it a great investment for travelers.

Their free membership allows you to connect to server locations in Germany, Romania, Hong Kong and United States while the premium membership allows you to also access servers in Canada, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States West and what not. ZenMate also has limited functionality in China, Iran and Saudi Arabia since these countries restricted them due to their objections against certain sites like Facebook, YouTube and Gmail. 


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Servers of ZenMate

ZenMate website even offers to check your IP. Thus, the program shows your real IP, that one  the ISP and others see. So it is possible to use other services. For example, if a person uses proxy to change his/her IP address, why not to identify whether he/she is really safe?

To change IP address it is necessary to become a ZenMate client. As VPN is the only reliable tool to hide user’s identity and surf the Internet anonymously.

Functions of ZenMate

ZenMate is the best VPN service that gets the better of a vast variety of threats on the internet environment. The most advantageous ZenMate facilities make this VPN service popular worldwide. It is high time to look carefully on them (site).      

  • You can enjoy protection for unlimited data for free thanks to their free trial version! The version proposed for free trial has unlimited bandwidth.
  • It is more likely that people would like to choose themselves what websites to visit and what services to use. But, censorship and local authorities often take the liberty of choosing instead of users what sites they can access. ZenMate is one of the best VPN services because you can access geologically restricted sites like Netflix from anywhere in the world and stream content as if you were in that very location.
  • With this private VPN service, all your online activities and your personal information will stay completely anonymous and safe from hackers and internet thieves.
  • Businesses can create custom made packages to protect their businesses and to provide added functionality through the secure network tunnel that can stretch between business and colleagues so they can share confidential information.
  • VPN clients can still enjoy the best and fastest internet speeds despite ZenMate’s security protocols and software.
  • Unfortunately, torrenting is associated with illegal activity. But there are a lot of torrent platforms where one can find and download music, books and other copyrighted content absolutely legally. If you are sure about your actions legality, VPN will allow downloading any necessary content without any difficulties.
  • Are you fed up with the ads of vacuum cleaners, which appeared soon after you looked for one for your granny? Many companies monitor users’ activity to sell products. To evade monitoring from the direction of Amazon, Google and forget about annoying vacuum cleaners forever, it is recommended to use a trustworthy VPN service. Every time ZenMate user connects to the network, his/her IP will be different. As a result such services will not identify them as one concrete user and it will be impossible for such organizations to sell a bill of goods.
  • The growing recognition of calls and video chats via messengers and online services leads to the growing interest of adversaries. They become very ready-witted. From time to time, the information on weak points of different services for communication appears. ZenMate VPN service makes its subscribers’ communication confident thanks to a reliable encryption.
  • Download ZenMate VPN and do not indulge in public Wi-Fi. Nowadays, any worth its salt public establishment offers free Wi-Fi. Open Wi-Fi hotspots are attractive for adversaries as well, as they are not protected in a reliable way. Such Wi-Fi hotspots are easy to hack and all people using them may suffer from data theft. With ZenMate a device will not be hacked and users’ sensitive information will be under the strong protection.
  • Cloud storage is a very convenient place to keep data: photos, movies, songs and what not. In chase of beautiful and plain interface some services neglect access control mechanisms. The use of ZenMate VPN service provides with the necessary security.
  • ZenMate subscribers will not suffer from pauses while video translations. Having chosen one of 30 locations a user will enjoy streaming without pauses.

Security and Privacy

This private VPN service uses the best and most modern protocols and encryption software to keep your online activities completely safe. ZenMate uses TLS 1.2 protocol and support chipper suites with PFS. They also use 128 bit encryption software to keep online activities inaudible from the outside world. The 256 bit encryption software is better, but a lot more expensive which is why ZenMate chose to stick to the more affordable, yet suitable 128 bit encryption.

Besides, the data collected by the service are not transferred to third parties. Thus, one may be convinced he/she uses a reliable VPN service.

Security of ZenMate

Support service of ZenMate

ZenMate only provides email support, but their team of technicians has excellent response times to get you the assistance you need in a timely fashion.

You can also have a look at their online setup guides and FAQs to get the best self-help techniques for the most common enquiries.

Support service of ZenMate

If a person has some questions regarding ZenMate download, work and what not, one is to feel free to visit the support page.

There it is possible to find the list of the most frequently asked questions. If such action does not bring a desired result, it is necessary to contact ZenMate support service.

Contact ZenMate support

Leave your email and describe the problem in the form. Besides, it is offered to attach a file. So you may add a screenshot of ZenMate VPN application to make it easier for ZenMate support service to understand your problem.

Client Account process of ZenMate

You can get the free ZenMate membership by simply registering with your email. Once you have registered, you will be able to download the right software for your device to test ZenMate’s fantastic services and benefits.

Account  process of ZenMate

The verification will be sent to the email you indicated. Then it is required to follow the instructions, the process of registration will be finished and one more happy ZenMate subscriber will appear. 7 day free trial of premium account is offered. It is a great chance to test the system.

Please confirm your ZenMate

program will allow you to choose the server

The program will allow you to choose the server to use or the application will do it instead.

ZenMate premium protection for its subscribers

If you are satisfied, you can upgrade to one of the premium options and make an online payment so your app will give you the complete freedom and all the benefits that ZenMate has to offer. The software is quick to install and incredibly easy to use.

The software is quick to install and incredibly easy to use.

Besides, it is possible to change the settings of the application. In other words, it is possible to switch on/off the functions of malware blocking, tracking protection, auto-restart and open Wi-Fi notification.


ZenMate supports all platforms and the software for each of these platforms are incredibly user friendly and easy to setup. You can get your ZenMate VPN download for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Mozilla and Chrome and be completely protected instantly.

zenmate - vpn service

The application as well as website is available in 31 languages, which makes it attractive in almost all countries of the world.


ZenMate is one of the few VPNs based in Germany which also caters for the specific needs of businesses. They are completely reliable and are definitely a great investment for anyone who wants the best protection for their personal and business connections. With ZenMate, you stay safe from hackers and you regain complete freedom by being allowed to access any website from anywhere in the world.

Make your Internet unlimited, having installed ZenMate VPN on your device. Watch sports broadcasts from every place of the world. Listen to music without any geographical restrictions. Choose the movies and series you like. Be free and safe using ZenMate VPN, the service trusted by millions.

Want to compare the VPN with another one?

reply October 11, 2017

Good afternoon! To my mind, ZenMate is a great chrome VPN. It’s an excellent thing, but a bit slow to my mind. On other forums I’ve read that the free version of the app doesn’t work. It’s not so! It works, you should only register on the site and that’s it.

reply September 02, 2017

I installed this addon, chose free trial, registered. Then the verification letter was sent to my mail. Then I started using it. Plugin is fantastic! Everything works perfectly. But after a period of free trial I had to buy a paid plan. And know what? It started working even better. The speed is flash-like. All the sites are free and available for me. Finally, I can enjoy watching my favorites. ZenMate is a perfect youtube unblocker. Now I watch youtube videos without any limits. I hope ZenMate VPN will never let me down. I got used to it already and I’m not going to stop using it. ZenMate VPN service doesn’t give rise to unfavourable criticism. You may download ZenMate on the site or in play market of your smartphone. In this case, the risk to load a malicious application on your device is minimized. Well, unblock youtube and other popular services with ZenMate.

Alex Ross
reply September 13, 2016

Comparing dozens of VPNs I couldn’t make my mind up between ZenMate and few other services. I’ve chosen ZenMate because 3 reasons: the lack of negative reviews, provided turbo speed and their professional and quick technical support.

reply August 25, 2016

I use ZenMate Premium package. It offers a great number of advanced security features. With ZenMate I can watch American Netflix without restrictions. Its apps have wonderful design and work extremely fast. This package is expensive. But if you want to use any good service, be ready to pay for it.

reply July 26, 2016

I was skeptical about ZenMate at first. But I decided to give it a try and did not regret. It works fine providing fast speed and good anonymity results. It offers small range of servers, but it’s normal for such cheap price. I would highly recommend ZenMate.

reply July 15, 2016

I tried to connect with Zenmate using my Opera browser. The main problem was that this connection dropped frequently. So, I needed to change servers and started my work again. It was very annoying. I easily declined it.