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Last updated: 14/02/2019

WorldVPN Review

It’s an open fact that the Internet has given many possibilities to us, but at the same time it has taken privacy from its users. And as you know, online privacy and security are the most effective points of today’s Internet. The more we sit over the problem the more hacker attacks are committed. So, it may seem to be unsolvable but there is one reliable service for your online privacy and security. The service is known as WorldVPN. It is on record that WordVPN is the fastest service in private environment, which guarantees all the up-to-date facilities a good service can give.

Tariffs and prices of WorldVPN

WorldVPN has several plans to offer:

  • One user package annual subscription: $1.99/mo ($1.58 paid yearly);
  • Budget package annual subscription: $3.45/mo ($1.70 paid yearly);
  • Unlimited package annual subscription: $6,95/mo ($3.50 paid yearly);
  • Dedicated package annual subscription: $10.00/mo ($7.00 paid yearly).

worldvpn service prices

Additional feature is an hour trial

It should be mentioned that WorldVPN’s plans differ from each other. Thus, Budget plan has limited data transfer (30GB) and three multi logins. If speaking about Unlimited plan, it has unlimited bandwidth and 5 multi logins. Dedicated package has data transfer limitation (30GB), one dedicated IP and one server location, it’s clear why the plan named ‘dedicated’. And, eventually, Business plan provides the most favorable terms including 10 multi logins. So, as the variety of packages is pretty wide, make sure you have looked through all the information thoroughly to make a right choice. What is more, the provider offers a 3-day free trial. More information is on the site.

Info on Servers for WorldVPN

WorldVPN holds 150+ fast servers in more than 44 countries all over the world. The servers are good for streaming materials usage and downloading. All the WorldVPN’s servers support PPTP, OpenVPN TCP and OpenVPN UDP, about one hundred of the servers support L2TP. It should be mentioned here that server locations is one of the most important features of a VPN one should pay attention to while looking for a VPN service.

Functions of WorldVPN

While choosing a VPN, you should focus on its functions and possibilities it offers. The main WorldVPN’s functions are unblocking sites that you want and securing your Internet connection by hiding your true IP address. WorldVPN is easy to set up, by using the service you can enjoy unrestricted speed and unlimited bandwidth (depends on a package), download torrents and watch whatever you want. Moreover, the service offers a wide variety of server locations, that fact gives you more possibilities in virtual location choice.

worldvpn service features

Security and Privacy

It’s important to keep in mind that security, as well as privacy, is a must for your VPN. Using the strongest protocols for your online activities protection, WorldVPN makes your network secure and private. The service creates a VPN tunneling passing through which all your sensitive data turns to be encrypted. In addition, having chosen one of the virtual locations, WorldVPN suggests you hiding your real address and getting access to some restricted services.

Support service of WorldVPN

In order to have no further problems with a service you have chosen you should look at its languages, installation, and support service. WorldVPN is easy to install and work with. But still if you have some questions or you need a professional assistance you can contact with its support team on the website.

One of the options you can choose is Knowledge Base, which contains helpful articles, guides and details on the service.

Also, you can send an email to get in touch with the support team and receive the answer in a short time, the technical support works from 7 am till 9pm (GMT) 7 days a week.

Client Account process

To create an account you need to register on the website and create a cart. Having created a cart, you can order any package you like.


It’s highly important for users to have one service for multiple devices that’s why a good service should work well on different platforms. WorldVPN is a VPN service compatible with Mac OS, Android, Windows, iOS, and Linux. (Check their How-to guides.)


Taking all the aforesaid into consideration, it can be stated that any user should take some measures for not being hacked or eavesdropped. WorldVPN is a satisfactory service, the main features of which are privacy and security. From another point of view, there is no information on anonymity, which can challenge an average user’s mind, but the service seems to be quite reliable as it counts more than two hundred thousand users and provides a trial version. So, WorldVPN is a reasonably good service for your online protection.

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reply November 08, 2016

Wonderful VPN service! I use PPTP connection on my Win7 and everything works fine. The speed is perfect even when I connect to distant servers. Great choice for daily needs.

reply October 16, 2016

I find this VPN very suspicious. They ask for too much personal information when signing up that is inappropriately and violates all anonymity rules. When I tried to resolve this issue and wrote to the customer support, I’ve been quite distressed, because they were the laziest and rudest agents I’ve ever seen. Nothing to see here.

reply October 13, 2016

This is the easiest and simplest service I’ve ever tried. It offers 136 servers worldwide, supports major encrypted protocols and does not keep usage logs. They care indeed for our privacy accepting cryptocurrency, such as btc. I’ve impressed with their extremely high level of experience and reliability.

Henri Rich
reply October 10, 2016

Worldvpn has some really nice features, but they are available with additional payments only. Nevertheless, I’ve satisfied with it and decided to try these extra functions. That way I’ve opened more connections and developed the number of IP addresses. Now I can easily surf the net and enjoy its boundlessness.