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Last updated: 09/01/2019

WindscribeVPN Review

While thinking outside the box, Windscribe VPN compares the Internet exploring with ocean exploring, where hackers, adversaries, ISPs and government are presented as sharks that dream of depriving you from freedom.

It’s not impossible to disagree with the allegory, as being an advanced user, you know that the amount of online threats is growing while customers right for online freedom is being continually infringed.

Taking into account the situation at hand, you need to see about your network protection.

WindscribeVPN is one of the outstanding products able to deprive residents and travelers from any restrictions, from being tagged and followed by advertisers and marketers who share the data being illegally stored on you. To make sure the service is worthy, look through the overview.

Tariffs and prices of WindscribeVPN


Three main packages are provided by the VPN for any taste and budget:

  • Free plan costs your desire to use it. The suit of services is pretty pressed. Thus, only 11 countries can be chosen for shifting your virtual location. The download capacity is not limited for a Windscribe VPN free plan: the number of devices per one account is not  limited.

  • Unlimited (billed monthly) costs $9 per month. 50+ locations can be chosen by a subscriber, the download is limitless, and multiple devices can be connected for one subscription simultaneously.

  • Unlimited (billed yearly) costs $4,08/mth. Servers in 50+ places of the world can be used, unlimited download and amount of devices connected simultaneously are offered. Choosing this plan, one benefits form 55% discount.

As you see, the packages suit different tastes and possibilities. So, if you are not ready to stump up for a pro version, you need to know that the free one gives access to US East, US Central, US West, UK, Canada East/West, Hong Kong, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the download limitation is 10GB. It can be added Chrome or installed for Windows. The most anonymous payment methods are accepted and be clarified further.

Free plan costs

Note! 3 day money-back guarantee is offered to Windscribe VPN clients.

Info on Servers in different countries


The provider proclaims with the service no digital footprints will be left behind your online activities. Your exposure to ads, tracing and surveillance is to be reduced with the help of Windscribe VPN’s app or extension for browser. While selecting and connecting to the Internet through one of the provided servers, you mask your true address. The service park includes 100+ locations in more than 50 countries all over the globe, however each location has at least 2 servers, and popular locations like the US, Canada, the UK have more than 10 each.

Functions of WindscribeVPN


The staunchest VPN should provide three main functions, such as security, privacy and anonymity. If speaking about WindscribeVPN, the functions are fully maintained by the service.

Access any content on the Internet

The service gives you an access to any content from any spot on the world’s map. That means that while changing one address for another one, you are able to unblock some geo-restricted resources and apps.

Even Netflix is unblocked in case one has subscribed for Windscribe VPN.

 Hide your IP

As soon as your true address is hidden your privacy and anonymity becomes operational, because it also helps to avoid the everlasting tracing from marketing and governmental agencies and your ISPs. The service follows privacy policy and has a special section of the official website dedicated to the issue showing that the right is put before all else.

 Be the only owner of your data

As far as the VPN service supplies its clients with the firewall function, users will not become the victims of data leaks. This facility is vital nowadays, as people tend to exchange the data via networks. Besides, it frequently happens that such important information as credentials, medical data and what not are stored and shared online. Windscribe VPN creates a reliable protection for the data.

 Take advantage of diverse tunneling protocols

It is not a secret any more that tunneling protocols serve to act with different purposes. For example, OpenVPN is better to use if you deal with streaming and torrenting. IKEv2 makes you almost 100% protected against DDoS attacks, while SOCKS is the best variant for those longing for hide IP reliably.

 Don’t let the ads interfere in your life

Currently, ads are everywhere. It makes many people sad. The reasons are the following: ads make them buy unnecessary things, they slow down data transferring rate and make the Internet use sometimes terrible. Ad blocking Windscribe VPN function will help you to get rid of irritating pop-up windows.

Therefore, the provider is centered on giving people a chance to circumvent censorship while using the service.

Security and Privacy


Privacy and security are the main aims of the service provider. AES 256-bit cipher with SHA 512 authentication and a 4096-bit RSA key is used for your data locking from adversaries and other interested parties. All activities like surfing the Internet, using VoIP apps (like VPN for Skype) are protected by P2P encryption, which is supported by all the servers. The firewall is to protect you from loss of the connection. Ads, beacons and trackers are to be blocked.

Support service


One might think the clients support doesn’t serve out, but still it’s quick and professional. Three ways of help are provided:

Setup guides are focused on giving a professional assistance through the videos dedicated to various platforms setting ups.

FAQ section is focused on giving some answers to already existing questions.The answer shows the provider is honest and reliable (90/10, see for yourself why).

⇒ Submit ticket: if neither of the provided opportunities has helped you may fill the form of the ticket (email, username, subject, message) and get the answer as soon as possible. An account is not required to submit a ticket.

⇒ Knowledge base is a fount of useful information about possible problems that some Windscribe VPN subscribers deal with while using the service for protection.  

⇒ Also you may use a direct email (PGP key) to get in touch.

Windscribe VPN service does not offer live chat support, which distracts many users from the provider.

WindscribeVPN’s Privacy Policy


Being a privacy-concerned customer you might have already read all the statements enumerated in the document, whereas some careless customers having subscribed for the service can become dissatisfied. Therefore, we have decided to warn our clients about the necessity to read all the rules attentively before registering as the company’s client. Here are just some of the most critical items of the section (site link).

Be attentive while reading websites’ documents!

When visiting any website the owners of the web-based resources can collect some data on its visitors. So, while accessing the company’s official website you don’t leave any identifiable traces, as long as the service is known to use no third-party tracking or analytics services.

But reading further you see that the company runs Piwik web analytics platform to measure usage of the website. The data is hosted on company’s servers and stated to be protected from unauthorized access. The program helps to gather such data as your browser version, language, screen resolution, referring website, and 3 octets of your IP. If referring to the website through any of the affiliate programs you will be set with cookies by the company.

However, the affiliate doesn’t see the information. The method is implemented for promoting the partners for bringing a client.

What information you are to provide the service with?

Having signed up for the service, some more information will be required from you. You need to provide the company with your username and a password. Besides, you are able to share your authentic email just in case you are afraid of losing your password or name. When paying for the premium package the company saves the transaction ID for 30 days. The method is applied for preventing fraudulence. However, when paying with Bitcoins the details are discarded soon after the confirmation.

What is the fate of your browsing history?

When using the service you will share even more information, such as a consumed bandwidth. The data is applied for making free trial versions limited. The company doesn’t save your browsing history. In case you have decided to unsubscribe for the service, you can send a request letter to the customer support for deleting your username/password and email (if shared) from the servers. What is more, the company can implement changes into the privacy policy and terms of usage.

What is more, the company can implement changes into the privacy policy and terms of usage.

That’s exactly why you need to stay tuned and check the news as frequently as possible while running the service.

Client Account procedures 


The procedure is pretty simple to manage with. All you need is to choose and fill in your username, password and email. Emails are optional during registration, but you will only get 2GB/month of data in this case. If you have a voucher code, you are welcome to enter it. For creating a free account the same data is needed.

The payment for a paid plan can be made in several methods as the service accepts Bitcoin (a highly anonymous), PayPal, and Credit Cards.


WindscribeVPN platformsPlatforms


WindscribeVPN supports different platforms for various devices. So, if talking about Windscribe VPN compatibility, it is necessary to mention that the provider supports any possible platform. Let’s have a look at the most popular:

  • computers: Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10), Mac (10,8), Linux (only for pro plans/OpenVPN configs);
  • browsers: Google Chrome (39), Opera (27), Firefox (57);
  • phone: iOS (8), Android (only for pro plans/4.2.2);
  • TV: Kodi, Amazon Fire TV, Nvidia Shield;
  • router: DD-WRT, Tomato.

Windscribe developments


It has become known that the company has just finished the latest portion of change logs. Although any successful service is being constantly improved by the provider, we should state the company does everything possible to meet all the customer’s requirements and keep up with the times.

Thus, a new 1.8 version of the service has just been released. So, any customer can update the app up to the latest available version for coming across such enhancements as:

  • New geo-locations selections;
  • Automatic connection mode, which is to make you protected in case there is a break o the line with a VPN server;
  • The support is available now in 22 languages, which is great for customers from foreign countries;
  • A custom TAP adaptor has been added;
  • SSL errors ignore mode has been created and implemented;
  • Now the service notifies its clients if there is a switched on firewall, which disconnect the application;
  • Several advanced parameters are added to the screen;
  • The installer is now supplied with EULA;
  • With the view of prevention WebRTC leaks, the company has added IPv6 connection disabling button;
  • Today the customers are provided with Touch support;
  • Beta channel has been implemented;
  • Auto-start bug has been fixed for some systems;
  • Internet connectivity check has been made firm too;
  • Persistent session storage has been fixed by the company;
  • Restrictive networks’ API connectivity has been reviewed too;
  • Unquated service path has been improved by the company;
  • BestLocation disappearing won’t disturb the clients any more too;
  • WSD port has been fixed for switched on firewalls too;
  • PlayStation UPNP connectivity through a switched on firewall has been improved;
  • The reconnection bug on some computer systems’ wake-up moment has been fixed too;
  • The preferences screens have been changed too;
  • The connecting spinner animation has been enhanced too.

So, as you can see, the service forges ahead and the VPN service is being gradually enhanced by the developers. It should be also noticed that the period from the previous upgrade release on May 4 is comparatively small, as long as the latest version has become available on November 7.

Besides, the provider keeps the blog and posts the newest data on its service recent enhancements there. Therefore, being the company’s client you are welcome to keep up with the latest news for achieving all the benefits in time. The company’s main aim is to develop and implement a user-friendly but powerful protective app, which is to give its clients a possibility to circumvent censorship and other web obstacles.

However, it is expected the company is to add new applications for other OSes, as long as today it offers VPN for quite a limited number of platforms. It should be mentioned that the company treats its clients with respect, as long as it doesn’t assure them of 100% anonymity, but claims the latest 10% depend on a user’s online experience and behavior.



While summing up it should be stated that the service worth attention, although it also has some disadvantages.

The packages provided by the service are for any taste and budget. The service offers a 3-day money back, but you can use Windscribe for free for as long as you like. The free plan is limited in downloading capacity up to 10 GB and server choice. If paying attention to the other two plans, they are deprived from any limitations and offer multiple devices for one connection.

The amount of the server locations is not big but worthy. There are 300+ servers in more than 50 countries and the number is being continually enhanced. Avoiding restrictions and adversaries’ tracing are guaranteed by the provider.

The level of encryption used for protecting your online data exchange is pretty firm. 256-bit key and OpenVPN along with p2p protection for online communications are effective enough. Different payment methods are accepted by the service, which means that while paying for a plan with bitcoins, for instance, you enhance the level of your anonymity. Learn more why it is an anononymous way to pay for the VPN.

The only challenge is that the service is lack of online chat, which is very inconvenient and, which is more, for sending a submit ticket you need to be the VPN customer.

So, it’s up to you to decide whether to use the VPN or not, but it is definitely worth consideration.

Windscribe VPN pros and cons


Likewise any tool that provides customers with the service, Windscribe VPN attracts its constant subscribers by dint of its peculiar features, which are called advantages.

At the same time, the VPN is not without weaknesses. Let us compare them in the table and identify which side of this provider prevails: strong or weak.

Windscribe pros

  • Strong ciphering (AES-256, SHA-512, RSA-4096).
  • Diverse server locations (over 300 in 50 countries).
  • User-friendly interface for non-technical users.
  • Access to the best streaming and VoIP services in the world.
  • Free plan is available.
  • TCP, UDP and Stealth network protocols.
  • 3-day money-back guarantee.
  • Ad-locking feature.
  • Offers limitless bandwidth and speed for Pro version.
  • No logging while surfing the Internet.
  • Kill switch function.
  • Simultaneous connection of several devices.

Windscribe cons

  • Limits for free version.
  • Absence of live chat support.

Thank you for reading Windscribe VPN review and see you in the comments.

Want to compare the VPN with another one?

reply November 30, 2017

Hi all. I used PureVPN till that very moment the news told about the criminal who “attacked” a young lady via this service. Now I’m a Windscribe client and want to share my thought regarding this service. I’ve chosen a free plan to test it. As for access to sites, I have no grievance against it. It opens anything I like, even Netflix. But the speed is sometimes too slow. I’m fed up with pauses. It happens so not always, but still. I’m thinking about a paid plan. Would it be better in terms of speed? Many thanks;)
reply November 30, 2017

Good afternoon, Monica. The troubles with the data transferring rate me be connected with the ISP or the service you use. If you take a decision to choose a server manually, you could make a mistake and connect to the “wrong” server (which is located too far away from you). Having subscribed for a paid version you will have more opportunities and more servers available.

reply October 28, 2017

I found info that Windscribe protects our data thanks to AES-256, SHA-512, RSA-4096 encryption. But as far as I am concerned AES-256 bit key is enough for data protection. So what’s for the rest ones? Or maybe the provider is not sure about security it offers?
reply October 28, 2017

Windscribe VPN is a reliable service that supplies its users with strong security. And the service does its best to meet the demands of even the most captious users. That was the ground to offer SHA-512 and RSA-4096 key for data ciphering. But if you prefer using AES-256 bit key, you may be convinced your data is under the strong protection of the service.

reply September 20, 2017

I’m confused… Windscribe free plan requires my email. lol
What for? Will my mail be overloaded with advertisements? I hate such things!!!
reply September 20, 2017

Karl, having decided to subscribe for a free Windscribe VPN plan, you will not be annoyed with ads notwithstanding you will provide the service with your email. Such measures are to be undertaken in order our rivals not to damage the work of the service. You are not to be afraid of such things with Windscribe VPN. Moreover, the service will make your browser and apps installed on your gadgets ad-free.

reply August 30, 2017

Hi. I’m in search of a good free anonymous VPN. As far as I’ve understood, Windscribe is not totally free VPN. They say, there’s a free version of this app. But I can’t understand is it really so free or it’s just a free trial. I’m looking for a free VPN for a period of time that would last longer than 1-2 months.
reply August 31, 2017

Hello, Derek.
If you are looking for a 100% free VPN service, you are on the right way. Windscribe VPN is really free. In spite of the fact that Windscribe offers paid packages, it suggests free plan as well. Free Windscribe version is not a free trial. None the less, free and paid plans differ a bit. The difference consists in the following: first of all, the subscribers of Windscribe free version are restricted in the number of servers and their locations. Second, only 10GB of user traffic will be protected in case of free plan subscription. By the way, it is up to you to decide what plan to choose.

reply June 17, 2017

I've recently purchased the lifetime edition and I’m very happy with it!! The only issue I’m trying to resolve with Windscribe support (that I also have experienced with other VPN services), is the inability to connect to any server before disabling then reenabling my router. I think this may relate to an OpenDNS/Windows issue with my Windows 8. Anyway, the problem takes a few seconds to be resolved. Many thanks! Then I am able to connect to any of the listed servers. After VPN connection, I find that speeds are above average results and I experienced no dropped connections so far. This is very pleasing though. I also find that Windscribe support is excellent in terms of their response time to support requests. I find them to be very helpful and responsive. My queries were addressed directly, politely and professionally.I was very pleased that I didn’t just get some automated reply.
reply June 17, 2017

Mr. Long, many thanks for your unbiased opinion. It is a great pleasure to know that the VPN services, we test, bring joy our readers. Stay with us and do not forget to read the cyber security news.