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Last updated: 09/01/2019

WASELPro Review

Surfing the net safely and anonymously is made possible by using easy to use Waselpro.com VPN software. There is no need to reveal your location or identity when you are trying to access the internet through this private VPN service. You will find the time saving features extremely useful and with a good network of servers, you can expect good speed for your connection. Searching the web and making VoIP calls can be done without any restrictions and with perfect security when you become a VPN client of Waselpro.com 

WASEL Pro VPN is a VPN service provider that breaks down barriers by giving you absolute freedom to surf the internet anonymouslyThe software supports not only OpenVPN but also the L2TP protocols. The service also provides dedicated apps for operating systems like Windows, iOS, Mac, OS and Android. You can sign up for the service to receive login details and you can easily use the secure VPN software to connect to the web. You will be able to protect your privacy online and achieve great speed for your searches using the Waselpro.com VPN software download. Is it the best VPN service? You will find it out below.

Tariffs and prices

The price of this service is similar to many USA VPN services. The tariff for one month subscription is $9.99 where as the packages for 3 months comes with a tariff of only $9.00 for month and $8.33 for one month for 6 month package and only $ 7.5/ month package for one year. You will find all the normal features needed in a private VPN service from this company as well. You will find convenient multiple payment options for services offered by this reliable VPN service. You can make use of the free trial offer to know more about the software. You can try the VPN program from the service for 10 minutes during the trial period. There is no need for you to register for the service to use the trial. You will be provided with instant access feature when you opt for any package. All windows and Mac users will be able to use the trial time. 

Info on servers

Like any good VPN service, this company also has servers installed in different locations in 8 main countries such as UK, USA, Germany, and Turkey, France, Ukraine, India, Singapore and The Netherlands. Most of the basic VPN needs will be satisfied with the use of these servers in 8 countries. The company has 10 OpenVPN servers and 10 L2TP servers.


You will be provided with different functions or features when you opt to buy VPN USA service. This includes: 

  • OpenVPN protocol connection as well as L2TP protocol connection.
  • Unrestricted entry to any blocked content on the web.
  • Turbo connection to the internet.
  • Unlimited offer of bandwidth.
  • Lack of restrictions on over use.
  • Two connections are allowed at the same time, but to a different server or protocol.
  • Providing support for VoIP applications.
  • Permission for p2p/file sharing without any restriction.

Security and privacy

This SSL VPN service uses 256-bit DataStream encryption to ensure anonymity of your IP address and to provide a web environment which is immune to hackers. You don’t have to worry about being intercepted or traced by any person even when you are using public Wi-Fi networks to connect to the internet. Waselpro.com VPN uses no-logging policy so that your activities as the user will not get recorded. By combining OpenVPN with SSH tunnel technology, it offers total security to the users. The connection metadata is also not recorded by this service unlike certain USA VPN free service. You can stream any programs of your choice on Netflix or HULU with any problem from any place or time without the fear of access denial and phishing chances. 

Support service

When it comes to providing good quality customer support Waselpro.com can get full credits. The live chat feature is available in English as well as in Arabic. An inquisitive user can use the FAQ to find the useful information or help is available through email as well. Your queries regarding the service will be answered promptly by the friendly and knowledgeable support staff. For any other inconvenience you can get remote assistance through team viewer feature. You can find all information about any updates of the software through the news section on the website. Reading VPN Waselpro.com review will help you in understanding the quality of support provided by the service to their customers.

Client account

To create an account for your subscription, you need to register using your first name, last name, country, address, phone number, e-mail address, password, etc. Once you fill in the information and click on the “Register Now” button, an activation link will be received at the email address provided during registration. The user can use this activation link to log in to the account portal and to make the payment according to the package selected by you. Use the payment method convenient to you. You can perform auto renewal by clicking the box provided for auto renewal. You can download the suitable app according to the operating system you have. If you have a Windows operating system, download Waselpro.com VPN for Windows. Follow the instruction provided in the installation guide to install the software. After installing the software, click on the “sign in” button and provide your email address and password. When you click on login, the expiry date for your subscription will be shown. Select the server you want to connect to by using the drop down box in the main window. Click “connect” to enjoy the service.


The software offered by the service is fully compatible with different types of devices and also provides better VPN apps for Windows, iOS, Mac and Android operating systems. You can download Waselpro.com VPN for Mac if you are using MAC systems or can find software for other operating systems. All the platforms and apps use the OpenVPN as the standard. (site link to downloads)


Though Waselpro.com offers all the basic VPN features needed by the user, many find the pricing a bit higher than the similar services. However, the service offers software and apps for all the major platforms. This is relatively a new service and you can expect more servers in the future. If you are looking for easy streaming as well as privacy you can opt for this reliable service.

Want to compare the VPN with another one?

reply October 14, 2016

I’m a regular traveler and I consider VPN as a must-have for every internet surfer. Usually I use VPN in order to communicate in Facebook or Viber, or be able to access any blocked content I need. From there, I evaluate VPN for its connection bandwidth and strong possibility to bypass firewalls. WaselPro responds to these inquiries perfectly. But the company does not offer its services everywhere in the world, so I need to check first if I go abroad.

reply October 11, 2016

This service is ideally suited for accessing blocked services, such as Spotify, Pandora or Hulu. Whatever part of the world I’m, it’s available 24 hours per day and meets all challenges. Therefore, I can easily communicate in Facebook or Skype, or watch different TV shows keeping anonymity and security against hacking and spying.

reply October 08, 2016

WASELPro provides an unbounded access to streaming websites quickly and simply. They do not monitor customers’ data and do not keep logs to be sure. What is more, they propose high enciphering level by using 256-bit encryption. However, connection is not as fast as other VPNs afford, but this is a price for high security level.

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