Having chosen Vpntraffic will get access to the web sites and services around the globe. A broad geography of servers makes it possible to bypass restrictions of any type.
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Last updated: 09/01/2019

Vpntraffic Review


Virtual Private Network is a powerful tool if one wants to be secure on the Internet environment.

Malicious software, viruses, censorship, geographical restrictions, data leak, spying are the problems a modern Internet user can face. The threat on the World Wide Web becomes more significant and serious step by step.

Therefore, to minimize it IT developers create VPNs that function as a security guard making our Internet activity more private and secure. Vpntraffic is among such tools that serve its subscribers for anonymity and data protection.

Tariffs and prices of Vpntraffic


As any trustworthy VPN, Vpntraffic is a paid one. It should be mentioned that the prices are more than affordable.

There is no doubt that anyone will find the package, which suits him or her best:

1 month plan – It costs only $5 and provides its users with high speed and a great variety of countries;

3 months plan – One will pay only $10 for a 3-month subscription. Thus, having chosen this package, it is possible to pay only $3.3 a monthly and save up to 34%. The Functions Vpntraffic offers are the same, while the price is more attractive.

 1 year plan – this package is definitely the most advantageous as a user is to pay $35 per one year, which sounds really fantastic as the month subscription will cost only $2.9 per month. With a one year plan the savings amount to 42%.

Unfortunately, Vpntraffic doesn’t supply the users with a free trial. A three days trial for $1.99 is proposed instead.

Special offer: Vpntraffic can cost $2.52 per month subscribing for 3 years. This variant is the most advantageous as it allows saving up to 50%.


Info on servers in different counties


The number of servers plays an important role for VPN users as the level of their anonymity and protection depends on it. Thus, the more servers a offers the more protected a user is. What is more, it is better when the servers are located in different countries all over the world. In this respect, Vpntraffic is a great security tool as its servers are located in 73 countries all over the world.

Having chosen Vpntraffic will get access to the web sites and services around the globe. A broad geography of servers makes it possible to bypass restrictions of any type.


Functions of Vpntraffic


The advantages this fantastic VPN provider offers are great, so let us study them in details:

  • Secure public Wi-Fi use

Perhaps, it is one of the most vulnerable issues, as the majority of Internet users don’t even suspect that having connected to public Wi-Fi, he or she becomes a target for hackers. Sometimes a couple of clicks are enough to lose all personal data and money. Vpntraffic makes it impossible for fraudster to attack your device.

  • IP masking

Nobody knows users’ real IP, which makes him or her absolutely anonymous on the Internet. Thanks to this function, a user benefits from the fact that he or she can’t be monitored by the government, the NSA or the local authorities.

  • Access to any content around the world

With Vpntraffic it doesn’t matter whether a user wants to play a computer game or watch an unavailable TV show. Everything is at Vpntraffic subscribers’ disposal. Moreover, it is unimportant where the person is. Vpntraffic provider allows travelling around the world without any restrictions. For example, an American decided to be on a tour through Europe, but at the same time, he or she doesn’t want to stop watching TV shows via Amazon Prime account. Thus, the Amazon library will be different if accessing it with any German IP, for instance. In such a way, Vpntraffic enables to avoid such inconveniences and keep watching favourite series, movies and TV shows from every corner of the world.

  • Secure corresponding

Communication assumed the digital nature long ago, having made the distance unimportant. For sure, it is a great plus, that people can send and receive messages a hundred times faster, but at the same time, communication stopped being secure enough. Hackers target emails with the purpose to find out important information, but Vpntraffic prevents such attacks and as a result the communication of Vpntraffic subscribers is hidden from the prying eyes of adversaries.

Support service


Support team is very important for a VPN subscriber as the first thing a person has to do in case of any problems is to contact this service. It is very beneficial for Vpntraffic clients that it is available round-the-clock. It is possible to contact them by means of e-mail which is [email protected]. But it is not always easy to get a response quickly, in other words, a user’s question will be answered within 12 hours.

Client Account procedures


To get access to Vpntraffic one should follow several simple steps to become protected against numerous threats on the Internet. First of all, it is required to choose the most attractive package and pay for it by means of PayPal.


After a successful payment procedure a user is to type in an e-mail and create a password that will be used to sign in the account. All step-by-step setup guides can be found on their website.




Vpntraffic is compatible with Mac (Tiger, Snow Leopard, Leopard, iPhone, iPad, iPod), Windows (XP, Vista, 7, mobile), Symbian and Android gadgets.


As a result, this VPN provider gains popularity because of its multiplatform nature, which is very convenient for modern Internet users, who have several devices usually running on various platforms.



In general, Vpntraffic is a trustworthy and reliable VPN to use as a security tool for protecting one’s anonymity and privacy. Why?

Firstly, this VPN provider is easy to subscribe and use. Secondly, low prices, an impressive choice of countries, diverse platforms and 24/7 support are among the advantages of Vpntraffic as well. Such services as Hulu, FOX, CNN and others will become available regardless of user’s location. What is more, it will be more secure to use Skype, icq and Facebook. All in all, with Vpntraffic a person will not undergo problems connected with data leak or alike.

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