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Last updated: 14/02/2019

VPNLand Review

It is not a secret that today’s Internet space is full of threats that can seriously damage your computer, not talking about stealing of your personal information. That is why every modern user should think about his/her online security and privacy. It’s high time to realize that VPN services became as important as it hasn’t been before.

Nowadays you can find so many various VPN services developed by different companies, and it is often difficult enough for ordinary users to choose the most suitable one. That’s why we are here to help you and bring to your attention VPNLand review, one of the current VPN services.


              In our  VPNLand  review you will find everything you need to know about it:

Tariffs and prices of VPNLand


There are two main VPN plans suggested by the following VPN provider. What are they and how much do they cost?

Premium VPN:

The plan is available for 1-month and 12-month. The price depends on the period; the most profitable is their annual plan as it will cost you $4.99 monthly (cheaper than paying monthly or every half a year).

Premium plans offered by VPNLand

In addition to Premium VPN you can choose Residential VPN, ShopHacker VPN or eSauver VPN.

It’s worth mentioning that any of premium VPNLand plans can be tested during a free trial period (24 hours). Besides, multiple payment methods can be used, such as PayPal, Credit Card, WebMoney, PaymentWall, ethereum and even bitcoins. (Read our recent cryptocurrency guide to learn why to pay for the VPN with bitcoins is more confidential.).

Info on servers in different countries


VPNLand allows you anonymous connections via VPN servers in different countries. Among them are:

Europe: Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, France, Italy, Russia, the UK;

North America: Canada, USA;

Asia: Singapore, Korea and Hong-Kong.

Functions of VPNLand


VPNLand’s plans perform different functions, but all of them are aimed at secure, private and fast internet connections via VPN. What can you do after subscribing for VPNLand?

With Premium VPN you will:

 Unblock Netflix, BBCiPlayer, Skype, Telegram and WhatsApp;

 get military grade encryption;

 receive unlimited bandwidth.

 connect via 700+ GB servers

Does VPNLand allow torrenting? Yes!

Choosing VPN Router + VPN you will get:

 plug and play pre-configured Wi-Fi VPN router;

 one Wi-Fi VPN router for up to 10 devices;

 up to 300 Mbps Wi-Fi;

 premium speeds;

 400+ VPN servers to choose from;

 OpenWrt firmware;

 included shipping.

Personal Remote Desktop (RDP) will give you:

 high capacity storage;

 low latency;

 dual or quad core CPU;

 antivirus, firewall protection;

 dedicated IP;

 1 Gbit/sec connection.

Residential VPN/RDP Account has the following advantages:

➡ one RDP-one customer;

➡ IP is not shared;

➡ premium speeds;

➡ TeamViewer connection;

➡ ISP-Rogers mobile or Bell mobility;

➡ LTE, 4G network speeds;

➡ dynamic IP address;

➡ selection between Windows 7,8 or 10.

Security and privacy


VPNLand offers L2TP, PPTP and SSTP with 128, 168 and 256-bit encrypting. OpenVPN is also available. Premium VPN provides you with military grade encryption. Moreover, the traffic of premium users is protected with NAT Firewall and antivirus function that will help you to avoid malware. As far as privacy matters are concerned it is promised by the VPN provider that they do not keep logs of what you are doing online.

Support service


You can easily ask any question and get support in «Сontact us» section. There you should enter your name, email address, subject and your message.

One can also get assistance via online chat. Still, the specialists are not always online (We were waiting for the reply for about an hour, for instance).

Client Account Procedure

Client   Account Procedure


You may wonder if it’s difficult to use VPNLand. How to create a client account? Is the setup process automated or do you have to configure a VPN connection manually?

Well, this is a step-by step instruction on how you can start using VPNLand:

  1. Using the link in our VPNLand review, visit the website and click ‘’Register’’ to create your personal account. You will have to fill in the form with the information about you, including your current email address to confirm the registration.

Registration on the site of VPNLand

  1. After your client account is registered, go to the site again and click ‘’Customer Login’’ to sign in your account (type in your login and password).

Customer login process of VPNLand

  1. Having logged in your personal account, you will see the information about the plan you have subscribed for and everything you need for using VPNLand.

Having logged in your personal account

  1. The next step will be to download the file with the configurations for your operating system. We downloaded the file for Windows OS.

Ways to connect to VPNLand

  1. Then you will have to connect to VPNLand. There are two possible ways to perform this: manual OpenVPN setup or VPN client.

Connecting via OpenVPN: this way is not for beginners as after you download the configurations, you need to do more than just one click. Here is the deal:

  • Install and launch OpenVPN on your computer.
  • Pass your login and password.
  • Download the file with the locations and connect though one of them.

 Have a look at the screenshots below and be sure you do it in the right way:

OPenVPN Install

OpenVPN log out

OPenVpn User

Connecting via VPN client: this way is easier than the previous

Connecting via VPN client: this way is easier than the previous one. You just need to:

  • Install the client.
  • Choose one of the offered protocols.
  • Connect via VPNLand server available for the protocol.



Find more instructions here.

Test results: Unfortunately, we failed to connect via VPNLand for the first time, so we contacted support specialists and why this happened. They answered that this might happen as at that moment the service was updating. The next day we tried once again and managed to connect, but not all their servers were available. All in all, VPNLand client for Windows is easily to install and use, it offers 4 protocols and 26 geo-locations in 10 countries. We hope that after updating the service will work better.



VPNLand is supported on many devices/ including routers:

  • Windows;
  • Linux;
  • Android;
  • iPhone/iPad;
  • Mac;
  • Windows Mobile;
  • Routers

VPN Land can be stated as useful and reliable service



VPNLand can be stated as useful and reliable service. It has both positive and negative sides. With the information given above, you should be equipped to make an informed decision that you won’t regret.

All in all, it is not the top VPN service, but it is not the worst one neither.

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