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Last updated: 09/01/2019

VPNKI Review

It is an open secret that our privacy and security are put at risk nowadays. The cases of data leakage are more and more frequent. For this reason, VPN technology is highly useful, especially in countries where there is an advanced censorship system. A trustworthy VPN can provide with anonymity that is so fragile today.

Of course, the market offers a great number of providers. But today we want to cover VPNKI. Stay with us and you will learn:

What is VPNKI?

First, let us inform you that VPNKI is not an ordinary provider. You can use your own IP over the Internet with this VPN. You can also access home/office device or network without public IPv4 or IPv6 addresses. Moreover, a user can choose among VPN, HTTP/SOCK5 proxy, URL publishing and TCP port forwarding features to access his own network.

The service has been launched in 2016. VPNKI gives a possibility to join all devices into a single network without any address or protocol restrictions.

Tariffs and prices of VPNKI

Actually, you can use VPNKI for free if 2 VPN tunnels and 1 URL publish service is enough for you.

Free tariff is perfect for testing purpose and small tasks. It has the following features:

  • 2 hours session timeout;
  • Support on forum;
  • PPTP, L2TP/IPsec and Open VPN protocols;
  • VPN server in Amsterdam;
  • Unlimited traffic.

If you need more advanced features, you have to pay €1 per month for another tariff. There are three of them.

Tariffs and prices of VPNKI

PROXY ACCESS is ready for Web, ssh and VNC connections. With this tariff you’ll get:

  • HTTP and SOCKS5 proxy access;
  • Unlimited traffic;
  • VPN server in Amsterdam;
  • Email support;
  • All proxies with authorization.

MORE VPN tariff is a nice choice for you if you want a VPN for home networks. It is also suitable for small enterprises. The tariff offers:

  • PPTP, L2TP/IPsec and Open VPN protocols;
  • VPN server in Amsterdam;
  • Unlimited traffic;
  • 24 hours session timeout;
  • Web and API statistic.

And finally, MORE URL will give you extended home resources. You will also get:

  • VPN server in Amsterdam;
  • Unlimited traffic;
  • No session timeout;
  • HTTP and HTTPS support;
  • Email support.

To pay for this or that tariff you can using MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover Card or pay for the VPN via PayPal. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t support a money-back guarantee.

Info on servers in different countries

Info on servers in different countriesVPNKI provides with two servers: in Moscow (Russia) and in Amsterdam (the Netherlands). You may choose any server you wish.

To do this, you just have to fill in the basic information such as e-mail address, logging and password while signing up.

Functions of VPNKI

Let’s see the main functions of VPNKI in detail. So, the main features of VPNKI remote access VPN service are:

  1. Various types of tunnels. VPNKI supports PPTP, L2TP and IPSec which don’t require any third-party software. You can also mix and match tunnel types. Open VPN is also available with VPNKI.
  2. Access via proxy. Your home network can be connected through a proxy server. Set up just one VPN tunnel and use any Internet browser configured to use HTTP of SOCKS5 proxy.
  3. With VPNKI you can access your home device wherever you are. After setting up tunnels to our VPNKI service on your router, tablet or smartphone, you’ll get access to your home network-enabled devices.
  4. You don’t need to install any additional apps on your device. The deal is that VPNKI supports built-in VPN client on numerous platforms.
  5. Encryption. Undoubtedly, one of the main VPNKI advantages is 256-bit encryption. It is considered as the most reliable nowadays.
  6. Security control. This feature is quite unusual. VPNKI has special controls to let you permit quest access for your friends. The service has a white list of IP addresses either.
  7. A gaming server. If you are a gamer, you will enjoy the VPN for sure. VPNKI can let your friends connect to your gaming server, you just need to set up a quest account for your friend and let him know about your private IP. VPNKI will allow you to exchange unicast and broadcast traffic as well. Find other providers in the rating of gaming VPN services.

Security and privacy

As we have already mentioned above the company uses 256-bit encryption. However, there is a possibility not to choose any encryption as you wish.

The service also lets you control the level of security. You can’t but agree that not all providers can boast of a white list of IP addresses. It gives you a possibility to restrict IP addresses allowed to set up tunnels to your VPN.

What is more, VPNKI core leverages VRF technology provides every user with a personal router, routing table and packet filters.

Support service

If you need any information or have a question, click on Q&A and choose forum. Here you can get the answer to your issues if there are any. However, with a paid tariff you can get e-mail support too.

However, with a paid tariff you can get e-mail support too.

Client Account procedures

Let’s have a look how to get VPNKI on your device. There are three steps to get it for free:

  1. To register;
  2. To set up tunnels;
  3. To configure your hardware.

The procedure is not very difficult. However, you need to be very attentive while configuring your hardware.

Step 1. Registration

To create an account, go to VPNKI official website and fill in the necessary information.

To create an account

Then you will have to confirm your registration through your e-mail. Go back to the website and enter to your account. It is a cakewalk, really.

Then you will have to confirm your registration through your e-mail

Step 2. Creating a tunnel

First, find “My settings” on the main page of vpnki.com and choose “Tunnel settings”.

Creating a tunnel

Create “Tunnel name”, for example “My home”, and “Password” for your tunneling. “Login” and “IP address” will set up automatically.

Create “Tunnel name”

Choose your tunnel from “Tunnel list”. That’s it.

Step-by-step hardware configuration

Step 3. Hardware configuration

Be attentive, this step requires accuracy! We’ve tested VPNKI on Windows 10. For this platform PPTP or L2TP protocols are available. Let’s have a look at how we have managed to set PPTP on our laptop.

  1. Find Message Center on your screen. It is right down:

Message Center on your screen

  1. Click and select “VPN”:

select “VPN”

  1. Now you have to fill in all fields with nesessary information.

Connection name: VPNki

Server name or address: ams.vpnki.com

Choose PPTP or L2TP/IPSec protocol

User name and password should coincide with those that have been created for tunneling (Step 2). Save the writen info.

Save the writen info

  1. Select Change adapter options:

Change adapter options

  1. Right click and select Properties:

select “Properties”

  1. Select IP version 4 (TCP/IPv4):

Select IP version 4

  1. Leave all fields as default and click Advanced:

click “Advanced”

  1. Now you need to unselect Use default gateway on remote network:

unselect “Use default gateway on remote network”

  1.  Go to Security page and select ONLY CHAP. (If you want L2TP protocol, press button “Advanced settings” and fill in vpnki key for authentication).

select ONLY CHAP

  1. Click Connect. That’s it.

Click “Connect”


We’ve installed VPNKI on Windows 10. However, it is a cross-platform service and runs on a huge range of operating systems such as Windows, iOS, Linux or Android. However, you need to have at least Android 6.0 and/or iOS 10.0.2 to be able to run this software. There is no any VPN apps for Android.

Summary for VPNKI review

VPNKI is a young service. However, it is quite reliable and secure. It is available almost on all platforms. Moreover, there is a possibility to get it for free. VPNKI is a perfect choice for gamers and for those who want to bypass restrictions. Now let’s have a look at the main pros and cons of VPNKI.

Advantages of the VPN:

  • Cross-platform service;
  • Customer support;
  • Affordable price;
  • 256-bit encryption;
  • Unlimited traffic.

Disadvantages of the VPN:

  • Keeps logs;
  • No Kill Switch;
  • Limited number of servers.

Don’t hesitate to leave comments below if you have any further questions. We are always here to help you. Good luck!

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