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Last updated: 14/02/2019

VPN.ht Review

Vpn.ht is widely used VPN client for accessing streaming content like Netflix. It will provide the protection you seek while using Netflix with a VPN service or other streaming services with geographical restrictions in place. Being a low price option, it is very popular VPN service in the business today. The integrated SmartDNS is what allows the users to watch the content that is blocked in your country. USA and UK have exclusive content which is not available in the rest of the region. VPN users from other countries can rely on this low price option. 

Tariffs and prices

Tariff plans of VPN.htAs we have already mentioned, it is not that expensive in comparison. Vpn.ht can be considered as one of the cheapest VPN services out there. All that you are going to pay is just $4.99 every month as subscription fee. This is the maximum cost when you opt for the monthly payment. But if you go for a year-long subscription, then you are supposed to pay only $3.33 a month. As far as payment options are considered, you have options like PayPal, Credit Card and BitCoin. They don’t give free trials to their users if that’s what you are looking for. However, as a new customer, you can enjoy the first month for just $1. There is a money-back guarantee option for the first 30 days. 


VPN.ht domain is registered in the Central American country Belize. They are also based in Belize. As for servers, they have servers in Canada, Germany, France and The Netherlands. They have recently established servers in countries like Mexico, Australia, Singapore and the US. As we have already seen, the SmartDNS service is what makes it the perfect VPN service for streaming sites like Netflix. 


It has some cool functions to begin with. You can access your VPN.ht subscription from a number of devices. However, simultaneous connection is allowed only in the case of one mobile device and one computer at the same time. But none of these are the best part – the VPN integrates with the Popcorn Time client and that is the most sought after feature (more information is on the site). This is applicable to Linux, OSX and Windows.

Security and privacy

As we all know, the basic purpose of having a VPN service is to protect the privacy of the users. VPN services do everything to protect the privacy of the users and many media companies wouldn’t like this at all. No logs are kept at all (link). If at all, logging is there, it is meant for billing dashboard and connection. Now, speaking of registration, you don’t have to give any personal information that might hurt your privacy. The same can be said about payment as well – they won’t ask you for personal information at all.

There are 2 types of OpenVPN connection profiles available with them. The 128/256 bit AES is for those who are worried about the security. If you are more concerned about speed, then you can go for 64-bit Blowfish. They recommend an OpenVPN protocol for their users. However, you can make connections via PPTP and L2TP/IPsec as well for those who have a problem with OpenVPN.

Support service

Since it is a new VPN provider in the business, they are still evolving in many areas including customer support. However, they have been very sincere in their approach when it comes to helping their customers. They have provided enough number of setup guides that are very useful. Setup guides are there for each platform and you will find it highly useful. The support ticket system is another highlight, which is available 24x7. Also, it is powered by ZenDesk. The staff is really helpful and you can expect a timely response from the staff.

One big drawback is that they don’t have a live chat facility on their website. But they have given a toll-free number (US) on their website. You can Skype them whenever you want for free support. Someone is always there to attend your call.
When you land on the home page, you may find it difficult to get into the support page as they have given a “contact” link with a mailto: recipient over there. This is not at all helpful. A ‘support’ button would have been a better option. But, this button is visible on every other page except the home page. If you are a registered user, you will find it easy to spot them after login into the system. The bottom line is that ticket support is available for everybody who visits this website. Finding the support is the only issue that would bother the users.

Client account 

VPN.ht is easy to use all thanks to the simple web design and navigation. While you registration, you will be asked to give an email id and password. What I like about the registration page is that it is well-designed. It is fast too. You don’t need to wait forever. For those who are looking for a reliable VPN service, VPN.ht is a good option. VPN.ht VPN software is easy to install. Without any doubt, it is secure VPN software.

Making a payment is also very fast. They won’t ask your personal information at all. What about the name of the credit card customer? Well, they store it as “Anonymous Customer”. They won’t ask you for billing address either. As stated before, they have the regular options on their website. On top of that, you can make a payment with Bitcoin as well. A private VPN service can safeguard your privacy. VPN.ht is definitely a good VPN service.


As of now, they have not dedicated Windows VPN client owned by them. But we hear they are trying to come up with one soon. The Popcorn Time Client is in beta stage as of now. But it works just fine with streaming apps and sites. It is available on platforms like Android, Linux, Mac and iOS. Speaking of USA IP VPN, they don’t keep server logs. If you are looking for the best VPN service, then you should buy the best reviewed ones. People also search for an SSL VPN service. If you are a MAC user, then download VPN.ht VPN for MAC. During our inspection, VPN.ht VPN for Mac is pretty good.


There are pros as well as cons. The good things include user anonymity, low price, impressive speed, protocol choices, no logs policy, integration with Popcorn Time client etc. As for negatives, we don’t have any complaints. For the price it offers, it gives the best possible service. It is one of the best VPN for using in the USA. If you are looking for USA VPN for free, then go to Google. You can buy a VPN for a cheap price, but if you want a good service, then you have to stop looking for cheap ones.

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reply October 27, 2016

I've been using this VPN for some days now and I haven't had any issues. The speed is the same I usually have. Great choice for $1 per month.

Jamie Lee
reply October 16, 2016

VPN.ht is without doubts one of my favourite VPNs due to the service they provide. In the half-year period they have improved and added new server locations. They are reliable and generally faster than some other providers offer. The service is easy to access with Windows software which I usually use. It’s definitely one I’ll recommend. Good job overall.

reply October 13, 2016

I’ve expected from Canadian VPN impressive results in data encryption and no usage restrictions. And I’m not disappointed. I’ve used VPN.ht for about three months and enjoyed provided possibilities with no problems. In addition, the service is absolutely anonymous, torrents friendly and that all goes at a low price.

reply October 09, 2016

VPN.ht is integrated with Popcorn Time client that’s exactly why this VPN is a must have for its amateurs. This is the way to simplify our lives and save precious time instead of login over and over accessing to account. What is more, VPN secures internet connection and provides anonymity for better internet browsing. With this service I feel free and safe and the same I wish to you!