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VPNFacile Review

The internet was originally created to bring people together from all over the world and make it easier to access any type of information that they need. Students can study anything they want online, music lovers can find all their favorite tunes and movie freaks can have their fill at unlimited online shows and content. You can even access websites from all over the world, thanks to Google’s translation services. The only downside of the internet is that other people like hackers can also see what you are doing online and even get into your personal files on your phone or desktop if they get a hold of your IP address (So read how to hide your true IP address). When you use the internet it is important to get a good VPN service like VPNFacile so you can be completely secure when you use the internet.

Private VPN services like VPNFacile keeps hackers from accessing personal information (read how they can violate it) and content and gives you complete internet freedom because it unblocks all restricted sites so you can have full access to any content from any country. They also offer added services such as anonymous browsing, fast connection speeds and much more.

Tariffs and prices of VPNFacile

VPNFacile is one of the few VPN who actually offer discounted promotions on a regular basis. Their current prices range from one month package to twelve month packages and includes all the benefits that they have to offer such as great online security, encryption, fast network speeds, access to multiple servers across the globe, 24 hour support and software for various platforms. VPN clients can choose from the following packages:

  • 1 Month – For only €7 per month you can enjoy all the benefits that this SSL VPN service has to offer.
  • 6 Months – Enjoy full term protection for all your online activities at only €33 for half a year.
  • 12 Months – This membership package is now on promotion and is thus even cheaper. You can get full protection all year at only €45 per year.

VPNFacile is one of the few VPN who actually offer discounted promotions on a regular basis.

VPNFacile accepts payments from different payment options for your convenience.

Info on Servers of VPNFacile

You can access this secure VPN software from anywhere in the world and log in on servers in 26 popular countries like the United States, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Romania, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Russia and the United Kingdom. Once you have connected to the server your IP address will be changed so no one will know that you are using the internet from a foreign server and you can access any content from any of these sites.

VPNFacile - vpn service

Functions of VPNFacile

Like most VPN services, this reliable VPN service one also offers a lot of benefits such as:

  • P2P and torrents are allowed which is a big plus since most VPN providers do not allow them.
  • You can browse the net and be completely anonymous since your IP address will change and your online activities will be encrypted. No one can see or monitor what you are doing.
  • No site will ever be blocked from you again because the VPNFacile software removes all restrictions so you can watch movies, series, shows and play online games even if the websites are restricted in your area.
  • Your IP address gets hidden so hackers cannot get into your private accounts or access confidential information.
  • Connect to servers from different countries and use the internet as if you were in these very locations.
  • Enjoy fast network speeds for all your uploads, downloads or streaming even if you use foreign servers.
  • Connect up to three devices at the same time at affordable rates (check out if any VPN provider offers more multiple connections per one account) .

Security and Privacy

P2P and torrents are allowed because VPNFacile has the best security. It's worth noting that it's a good VPN for torrenting as it is based in Estonia as it is according to the PP of the provider. They use 256-bit encryption software to keep all your online activities and information encoded so no one can see what you are viewing or downloading. Unfortunately, it is unclear which security protocols they use, but they must be good if this VPN service allows torrents and P2P.

Support service of VPNFacile

You can enjoy only the best support from one of the best VPN services thanks to the 24 hour email support that works through emails. You are sure to get the answer you need within 24 hours so you can once again continue using your internet without having to worry about any hackers or censoring. Online you will also find some tutorials that can help guide you through the setup and installation processes of various different platforms.

Client Account process of VPNFacile

You need to register online before you can purchase the memberships. Once the payments are done, you can simply download the software to the device that you will be using and enjoy the best protection for any and all of your online activities.


VPNFacile software downloads are available for multiple devices so you can enjoy protection for up to three different devices. The VPN software is available for Mac, Linux, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android devices and more and all of the software are created similarly so you won’t need a crash course every time you use a different device. Be protected no matter what device you use.


It is a bit unclear which protocols VPNFacile uses for their connections, but they do have great encryption software and probably wouldn’t allow P2P if they didn’t have a good network provider. VPNFacile is available in 26 countries and have servers in all the best locations so you can enjoy the best content and access any site you like from anywhere in the world. The network speeds are fast and the packages are affordable. It is definitely a great VPN service to trust when you want good online protection and freedom.

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Arthur Jeffries
reply September 03, 2016

I use VPNFacile on my iPad only. Interface is simple and easy to understand. Connection is fast and stable. Sometimes I need to tap on connection bottom many times to start working. But for me it's a small disadvantage. VPNFacile is a simple service for daily use.

reply August 30, 2016

If you are looking for efficient privacy solution, this vpn is not for you. It’s also not the fastest one. VPNFacile may be the best service in France, but the rest of the world can’t see its value.

Kurt Bunker
reply July 02, 2016

VPNFacile is a standard service. It offers basic functions and fulfills them correctly. This VPN isn’t designed for advanced users. The system is very simple and primitive.

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