VPNBook is definitely the best VPN service when it comes to freebees and quality service.
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Last updated: 16/03/2019

VPNBook Review

When you get something for free these days is a very rare and very treasured moment or you are loaded with suspicions because why is it free?  Is there something wrong with the product or service? The truth is that some people simply love helping others and VPNBook is one of these good guys who simply want to supply the world with a USA VPN for free, simply because they can. This good VPN service loves to please and loves to provide their VPN clients with the online protection and freedom they deserve. When you become one of VPNBook’s clients you will receive great benefits such as online safety, access to restricted websites, connections to different servers and fast network speeds and you will be getting these benefits completely free of charge. 


VPNBook’s services are just as good as other VPN service providers who charge up to ten dollars a month for the same benefits. 

|It is time to ditch your expensive VPN and give this free service a try so you can spend more on data and less on protection.

Tariffs and prices of VPNBook

As mentioned above, the services are completely free. VPNBook is one of the very few private VPN services who are actually willing to go the extra mile for their clients. They have three free options that you can consider when you want to receive protection from them.

  • Free PPTP VPN – This free option provides you with point to point tunneling that are supported by multiple platforms. The PPTP doesn’t work on all sites since some ISP or government blocks the protocol in which case you can use OpenVPN. You can access 8 servers for free and regain as much internet freedom as possible when so you can enjoy content that is restricted in your area.
  • Free OpenVPN – This Open-source VPN software is recommended since it bypasses just about any online restrictions. You can access eight servers, but the setup process is tricky since you need to buy certification bundles to get your VPN configured. Luckily the prices of these bundles are quite affordable and at only $2 per month you can enjoy faster network speeds and better protection.
  • Free Web Proxy – A proxy server is great for unblocking websites that have been restricted in your area. It hides your IP address, offers great encryption and you can choose from multiple server locations, all completely free (Site link)
  • Dedicated server – This is the only VPN service that they actually charge for. They keep no logs, connect up to five devices, offers 500GB+ bandwidth per month, allow P2P and much more at only $7.95 and they offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

VPNBook does, however, ask for donations from Bitcoin when to help get the free service going.

vpnbook - vpn service

Info on Servers for VPNBook

VPNBook is a free service and you can’t expect a hundred servers in twenty countries from a free service. However, VPNBook servers are distributed all around the world. There are locations in the USA, Canada, Romania and the UK and you can use the internet as if you were in these very locations when you access these servers with the exception of the PPTP connection that might still be blocked by certain ISP

Functions of VPNBook

  • VPNBook is created for performance, which means you can rely on fast network speeds when you are uploading, downloading or streaming any type of content.
  • You are completely unrestricted when you use the net because the secure VPN software unblocks restrictions and bypasses firewalls so you can access any and all content you like instantly. You can stream any movie, watch any series or enjoy any online games and be completely safe while you enjoy your internet.
  • VPNBook has no restrictions on bandwidth limits which means you can download or stream as much as you like on a daily basis without any slowed down network speeds.
  • You can browse the internet completely anonymous because your IP address is hidden and your online activities are encrypted when you get the free proxy. No one can see where you are connecting from, or what you are doing online.
  • VPN book uses strong encryption software that will encode all of your online activities so no one can monitor what you are doing online.
  • They also have a smart CDN fallback that protects you even more.

Security and Privacy

Torrents and P2P is not allowed by VPNBook’s free options because they only use two different protocols that can be accessed by governments or ISP if they really wanted to and the proxy server can also be blocked by certain sites. But the security is still quite good because the OpenVPN and PPTP protocols protect your personal information while the OpenVPN protocol allows you to access any website anonymously. The proxy server also has 256-bit encryption which is basically the best encryption software on the market. VPNBook doesn’t have the best online protection in the world but the protection is still exceptionally good for a free service provider.

Support service of VPNBook

Where most free VPN service providers don’t offer any customer services at all, VPNBook actually allows you to get the best possible assistance by sending them an email online or asking those questions on Twitter and Facebook. The website also has a great How-To section that you can scan for extra guidance.

Client Account process

You can access any of their proxies for free directly from their website. If you are interested in the Dedicated VPN you can simply register and buy the service online. The other services are available for free and have free downloads.

VPNBook: free download

There are two ways to get VPNBook on a desktop: to install OpenVPN or PPTP VPN on your device. As OpenVPN is considered as more secure than PPTP, let's consider how to install it on Windows. (More setup guides are on the provider's site.)

The process of VPNBook download is not so difficult. However, you will have to set up Open VPN software first. Let's start.

 Step 1

 To download OpenVPN Windows Client for Windows 7, we've chosen 32bit installer on 32bit Windows.

Be careful, for installing OpenVPN on Windows you should run it as an Administrator. We won't show you each step of installing. The process is too easy and you will hardly face any problems, just follow every step of Open VPN setup.

Be careful, for installing OpenVPN on Windows you should run it as an Administrator

Step 2

As soon as you download OpenVPN software on your device, click "Open VPN" tab on the main page of the official site of VPNBook. You can choose one of the giving bundles.

As soon as you download OpenVPN software on your device

Step 3

After downloading a bundle, copy them to C:\Program Files|OpenVPN\config and then right-click on the openVPN client icon and choose any of the giving profiles.

After downloading

Step 4

Open "Free VPN" on the VPNBook official website and find there the information about the username and the password. Enter them to OpenVPN - User Authentication.

Open "Free VPN"

If you're going to install OpenVPN on your device, you'll see that it is just a cakewalk and no so difficult as one might initially think.

VPNBook: Speed Test results

OK, now we how to setup VPNBook on our desktop, let's check if it reduces our internet speed.

Let's check the internet connection speed without VPNBook.

OK, now we how to setup VPNBook on our desktop

Now, let's see the results with VPNBook running on the desktop.

Let's check the internet connection speed without VPNBook.

Unfortunately, BookVPN has slowed down the speed significantly.

VPNBook: IP Leak test results

Is VPNBook safe enough? Let us see.

Luckily, IP Test is successful. According to it, VPN book is safe for using.

Luckily, IP Test is successful.


The software downloads works well on such platforms like Windows and PS3 devices and they are expanding their software, packages and servers as much as they can. VPNBook for Android is also available.

Summary for VPNBook review

We hope our detailed review was helpful for you. Let's sum up the whole information mentioned below and make a conclusion.

First, let's have a look at pros and cons of the VPNBook.


  • Robust 256-bit encryption;
  • 100% free service;
  • Free VPN with no Bandwidth limits;
  • Free OpenVPN service
  • VPNBook is good for Netflix as it has servers in the USA
  • Do not keep logs
  • No registration required


  • Reduces speeds
  • Limited locations to choose from

VPNBook is definitely the best VPN service when it comes to freebees and quality service. Not only are most of their services completely free but they also offer free support and the best possible protection when you use these free services. This free VPN service is a definite must for anyone who cannot afford expensive VPN fees.

Want to compare the VPN with another one?

September 02, 2016

I recommend this service for mobile use. VPNBook works properly on my Android. If you are always on the go, download VPNBook on your device. You’ll not regret.

August 30, 2016

It was really hard to install it. But it does a good job. VPNBook allows many important feature. I’m totally sure that my connection is secure from spying and free from any restrictions. I’ve used it for a year and I've never had problems.

June 02, 2016

VPNBook is the best free VPN I’ve ever used. It works good on my Android device and delights with fast and secure connection. I often use public WiFi, so this feature is essential for me. Anyway I can massaging in Facebook or watch Netflix without any restrictions.

(average 3.1 of 5)