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VPN.AC Review

First and foremost, VPN.ac is not one of those well-known VPN services out there. I stumbled into it accidentally when I was looking for something else. This is a Romanian based company. How satisfied am I after using their service? Well, I definitely have some complaints regarding the technical aspects of their service. Keeping that aside, it has impressed me. Their privacy policy is something I instantly approve of. They allow you to make up to 3 simultaneous connections. You can make it happen with the help of shared IPs. 

vpn.ac - IT security company, that provide a VPN service I have really liked their customer service as it was top notch. But I am not that satisfied with the speed. If they are able to address the speed the issue, we would be more than happy to give full marks. 

Tariffs and prices

The provider offers 4 plans. The price depends on the period of usage. Have a look at the VPN.ac pricing on a screenshot:


give full marks.   Tariffs and prices The provider offers 4 plans. The price depends on the period of usage. Have a look at the VPN.ac pricing on a screenshot: This basic package allows you to access servers located in 12 countries

This basic package allows you to access servers located in 12 countries that include Hong Kong, North America, and Europe etc. As for protocols, they allow you to have all the VPN basic protocols like OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec and PPTP. As for the traffic, one can say that they provide virtually unlimited traffic. But you have got to remember that there is a 1TB cap every month. Come to think of it, that’s not unreasonable at all. Even if you download a lot, this cap may not be a problem.

As for P2P downloading, it is permitted in all the locations. But I would suggest you to some of these locations like HK, SG, FR< LU, CH, SE, RO or NL as these are optimized locations. They allow simultaneous connection, but you can connect with only 3 devices simultaneously. This is a worthwhile feature for sure.


They have servers in more than 12 countries. Europe, North America and Hong Kong have servers. They are in the process of adding more servers.


As for functions, there is lot to talk about. Overall privacy policy is something that works in favor of them. This company is based in Romania. The website design is really good. I really liked the website design. Speaking of simultaneous connections, you will be allowed to make 3 connections. They use shared IPs. Customer support is great in general. The P2P downloading is fine as I don’t have any complaints. One big plus is that they accept Bitcoins.

Security and privacy

As we have already established, I was pretty impressed with their privacy policy. They don’t keep logs of the user activity. However, they store connection logs. But these logs are being stored in a separate server and it gets deleted every day. If you take a closer look, you can see that these connection logs pose no threat to your privacy. The connection log has information like IP address, total traffic used and timings of the connection. Moreover, it is based in Romania, where legally you are not required to keep logs. This should be reassuring for the customers to know that their privacy will be protected.

The technical security is equally good. You get 256-bit AES for OpenVPN encryption. As for L2TP/IPSec (the provider recommends it as the fastest one), same is the case. However, Edward Snowden made us aware of the fact that such encryption is no use when it comes to the NSA. Therefore, we should at least have 256-bit OpenVPN encryption.

But for most people, who are not that concerned about extreme privacy, a 128-bit OpenVPN encryption would be more than enough. Also, it uses shared IP addresses very effectively. Since multiple people have the same IP address, it becomes even harder to track your online behavior, offering the privacy you have been looking for. This VPN VPN.ac review will give you a pretty good idea about their service.

Support service

Speaking of customer service, they have provided Live Chat on their website. But Live Chat is not available at all times. They have also provided an email system where you can get in touch with the customer service executive. They also have a ticket system where you can raise a ticket in case if you have a complaint. Skype chat is another option. I have tried the ticket system and I received prompt reply from them. You should also check out the wiki section. They have secure VPN software. If you are a Mac user then you can download VPN.ac VPN service for Mac OS. As far as I am concerned, the VPN.ac VPN for Mac is pretty good.

Client account 

Signing up on the website is really easy. As for giving your real name, it is needed only if you use PayPal as a payment option. They support BitCoins as well. So, you can go by any name you like. And you can give a disposable email address while signing up. They accept over 70 types of payments. Is it a good VPN service? Of course, it is. I would say that it is a reliable VPN service. If you ask me, I would say VPN.ac VPN software is one of the best.


They have provided detailed setup guides and those will make your life easier. You will also come across highly helpful video tutorials. The VPN supports platforms like iOS, Android, Linux, OSX and Windows. In all these cases, it makes use of the built-in VPN for these platforms. Otherwise, you can rely on free OpenVPN if you want. Without any doubt, it is the best VPN service in terms of privacy. If you are interested in SSL VPN service, then you can look for it. For those who are looking for a private VPN service, VPN.ac would be highly satisfying. (All the tutorials are on the website.)


Well, there are good things as well as bad things. First and foremost, they have a good private policy. They accept BitCoins. P2P downloading is fine. Customer support is fantastic. They allow 3 simultaneous connections. The website design is good. Now, speaking of negatives, there is no port forwarding. Encryption is not up to the mark if you want high level security. Overall, it is a very good VPN client. If you are looking for a reliable VPN for the USA, then I would recommend this one. For those who are searching for a USA VPN free, go to Google and search for it. But I would suggest you to buy VPN USA.

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reply October 16, 2016

It offers awesome features and strong privacy policy that have gained my attention. I’ve used it since 2014 and do not regret anything. In addition, they please with great speed results. I hope they will continue improving their possibilities and achieve the best positions among other VPNs.

reply October 12, 2016

I’ve been their customer for a year and had positive experience. I’ve used it mostly for video streaming. As a result, it coped with some net restrictions without speed violation. So, to recap: I give vpn.ac a rating 4/5 and highly recommend it.

reply October 09, 2016

I’ve never heard about VPN.ac and been picky about it. But its well-designed website and reasoned privacy policy invited my attention and draw to give it a try. And I have no regrets. This decent service is suitable for every exacting costumer. I highly recommend giving it a trial.

reply October 02, 2016

I like this service. Seems great with the number of servers in 12 countries. The apps for mac is easy to setup and use. I get decent speeds on their UK server. Costs me $58 for a year.

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