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Last updated: 09/01/2019

VPN99 Review

At the age of information the Internet consumers’ can expose their devices to vulnerability by visiting unreliable sites or connecting to public hotspots.

How to prevent possible negative outcomes?

How to keep your privacy safe?

Are there any solutions to the problem?

Yes, there are! 

One of the true means is a VPN service. It will help to stay hidden from hackers lurking around who constantly try to catch the data transmitted on the net.

There are lots of such services and it’s hard to choose the most reasonable variant as many of them possess both pros and cons. Most people have no free time for surfing the net looking for an appropriate VPN.

If you feel lazy about comparing the variants offered all over the global network or you are just busy, this overview will answer some questions about one of them. This time we would like to tell you about VPN99, which is also included in our rating. 

Tariffs and prices of VPN99


VPN99 has got a single package which will cost you only $0.99. The developers declare that it’s the cheapest plan you have ever met. While using this VPN no hidden commissions are expected. And that’s a great advantage as you don’t need to pay extra money. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer its customers a free trial, but a 3-day money-back guarantee is provided. That’s not much actually.

Info on servers in different countries


The user of VPN99 can connect to the servers located in three countries (The USA, The Netherlands, and Russia) and that’s not so convenient. The number of countries available is pretty poor. But if you need a VPN with the servers just in these states, it’s your choice.

 Thus, it is more beneficial to make use of IPVanish or PureVPN, for example. 

Functions of VPN99



Hackers and cyber predators will not manage to interfere in your online connection while having VPN99, because your true IP-address and any Internet activities are invisible for them. Any personal data won’t be transferred to third-party companies and won’t be used for wrong reasons.



Strangers from the net won’t have direct contact with the file kept on the gadget (computer, smartphone or laptop). Nobody will trace what sites you visit or what file you download.



With the VPN-connection you can be a visitor of all sites, watch any films or enjoy any music unavailable in your native city. Still, there is one drawback: as it has been mentioned above, torrent traffic is blocked.


No logs

The company won’t know any personal info about you as it has a stable no-logging policy. That means it doesn’t collect facts about current activities from your personal device. You will just share your e-mail address for subscribing for the tariff. (Policy link).

Available for several devices 


Sometimes VPN users can’t connect a few devices in the same period of time. But fortunately the developers of the product have thought about their customers and it’s very easy to use the service up to 2 devices simultaneously. 

Security and privacy


The team of VPN99 cares strongly about the security and privacy of the Internet users subscribed for the plan. When someone joins VPN99, they guarantee a safe connection. All data that goes through the tunnel is codified and only you will know what is transferred. The traffic is encrypted by 2048 bit key and OpenVPN, L2TP for Mac/iOS, PPTP for Windows, Android and Linux. It's a high level of safety that managed to be maintained, even on lower powered devices such as smartphones or netbooks.

Support service


The service support is represented in three ways. One can connect using an online chat session with a professional employee who is to give advice at once, but currently, this opportunity is unavailable. Moreover, any client may open “Answers to questions” page on the site of VPN99 and look for the needed answer. And finally, you can send a letter to the company by e-mail if you have some doubts on how to use the app. All the information can be easily found on the official website.

Client account procedures


For creating your own account it’s necessary to click ‘’connect’’ and then fill in the form with your e-mail, password and login. Then make sure that you get a letter with the reference for activating the account.

VPN99 gives an independent VPN client but you don’t need to download it on your device since you can make VPN connection on your own. The company provides a guide on how to install it. It can be found on the website too. After entering the login, password, and promo-code (you’ll get it after the payment for the service), the installation doesn’t take plenty of time (about a minute or more). If you are interested in possible methods of payment, you will be able to use Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover.



VPN99 functions on various platforms, which gives the opportunity to install the app on numerous sorts of gadgets. The service is compatible with Windows (7, 8, 10), IOS, MacOS, and Linux.  (Link to the tutorials)



VPN99 is not one of the top-rated VPNs, but still, the functions are good. So, if you want to ensure the security for your device connected to the web, it will be quite useful. But don’t forget that any VPN doesn’t guarantee 100% security! Use Antivirus software as well.

As far as the access is concerned, VPN99 allows various sites, but if you are used to downloading torrent files, you won’t succeed in it, as it was written above, the company blocks torrent traffic. 

By the way, even a beginner will manage to install the app without any help, since one may follow the steps for installing VPN99.

Actually, it is usually easy to set up a VPN client.

If you are one of those who prefer a quick support of online conversation, you won’t have the possibility to ask the specialists and get an answer at once, because the company support works offline only. Who knows how long you would wait for the response to your e-mail….

Still, if you are seeking a cheap VPN app and don’t want to choose between the plans, VPN99 is ideal for you.

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