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VPN4ALL Review

VPN4all.com is a good VPN service based in the Netherlands. They have been in the business since 2009. They have a secure global server network, which can be included in the tier 3 group. You have 3 options – mobile plan, an unlimited plan and limited plan (50 GB download per month).

If you are looking for a discount, you can enjoy good discounts when you go for long-term plans. Otherwise, you will have to pay the monthly price. Another great thing about their service is that they provide malware protection at the server.

The other two packages except for the mobile package; are meant for Macintosh and Windows users. They have used OpenSSL to establish a connection. As for the mobile plan, it supports Android, Windows, and iOS.

vpn4all is a Personal VPN Service that encrypts all your data transmitted over the Internet

Tariffs and prices

The VPN4all.com Network provides 80 server locations to their users. They will also give you a thousand IP addresses (your IP will be masked). For making a credit card payment, you will choose a fixed IP.

Moreover, you will be able to switch between sever locations in an easy manner. As for the strength of encryption, you get AES 256-bit encryption with RSA 2048Bit. The encryption is common to all 3 packages mentioned before.

  • Unlimited plan

Let’s first see the case of the unlimited plan. This has to be the most expensive package. This is good for unlimited downloading and streaming. You have to pay a monthly fee of €24.95. But when you go for long-term deals, you will walk away with a good discount. Go for the 12-month plan for maximum discount. Then the service will cost you only €11.83

  • VPN4all 50

Here we are referring to the limited packages where you have a 50 GB cap on downloading. But you should know that 50 GB is a generous offer compared to other services in the business. You have to pay €7 every month for this service.

  • Mobile plan

This plan is best suited for tablet and smartphone users. This is a cheaper package in comparison. But you have to deal with the 5GB per month cap on downloading. You pay €4.08 every month for this service.

Although VPN4All is not on the list of cheap VPN services, it is possible to get not a bad discount. 

Info on servers 

Let’s take a look at the server information. Having reliable servers in all the important regions is very important when it comes to assessing the worth of a VPN service. Even though it doesn’t have too many servers, it has its presence in most of the important regions all over the world. A very good aspect about their network is that their performance is really good. Our speed tests have confirmed this.


After installing the software, we authenticated using a license number. You don’t need a username or password to connect to the system. If you want, you can set for this to connect automatically when you start Windows. Otherwise, you can manually control the start and stop function. Once you are in, you can check out the menus.

You will find options like server switching, timed IP changes and forced IP changes. Even though you can access it from many devices, you can access it only from a single device at a time. They don’t offer multiple connections as of now.

Security and privacy

When it comes to a VPN service, privacy and security are really important. Well, in the case of VPN4all.com, you don’t have to worry about both. They are very clear about the logging policy on their website. As far as the encryption is concerned, you will enjoy high-end encryption. You will be able to secure your online privacy with the help of VPN4all.com. 

Support service

Now let’s check out the customer service offered by them on their website. They provide customer service by e-mail. They also provide a live chat facility for their customers. However, when we tried the live chat facility, we couldn’t find anybody on the other end. 

Client account 

They have servers all over the world in important regions like Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The user interface of the client is really nice. Another nice thing about the client is that they let the customers know where they allow P2P torrent downloading. Also, they have provided extra useful information next to the location, such as the server speed.

If you see a light green dial, then it means it provides better performance. Red signifies just opposite. And if you see a lightning bolt instead, you can expect to see the best speed for that particular server location. This information is really going to be helpful.

Now let’s talk about the menu. You will be introduced to a number of customizable options. You will be surprised to know that they support port forwarding as well. Not too many VPN providers do that. Also, the client will reset your IP address after regular intervals. This will give you the extra layer of privacy you need and that makes it a reliable VPN service.

As for VPN4all.com VPN software, it is simple yet very efficient. Without any doubt, one can say that it is secure VPN software. You should download VPN4all.com VPN for Mac if you are a Mac user. VPN4all.com VPN for Mac is the best for sure.


As far as platforms are concerned, it supports Windows XP SP2 and higher. Let me tell you that it works well with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 as well. It also works well with Linux and Mac OS 10.6 and all the latest versions.

Are you looking for SSL VPN service?

Then you can definitely have it. When you have a private VPN service like this, you will protect your privacy. Overall, it is a good VPN service.


You will always come across cheaper versions on the market. However, if you are looking for a superior service and best privacy then you have to go with VPN4all.com. The software is easy to install. But it lacks advanced features of some of the leading VPN services. It is a very good VPN client. If you are looking for VPN USA, you should search for USA VPN free. You can buy VPN USA from them since they have a good presence in the US. Despite the problems here and there, they make the best VPN service.

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reply October 14, 2016

This VPN is a great solution for users who want to secure their internet activity and be anonymous surfing the net. I find the service user-friendly, with a strong privacy policy and suitable packages. Unfortunately, it’s a bit pricey regarding alternative services with identic features. Nevertheless, I’m ready to pay for VPN4ALL and don’t need something else.

reply October 11, 2016

Connection breaks sometimes, speeds may seem very slow, but vpn4all is suited for average users. I do not download heavy files, ignore torrents and have no censures. The vpn operates without using extra soft, it’s a simple service for daily needs.

reply October 08, 2016

VPN4ALL offers over a thousand IP addresses, so I can easily choose a fixed IP or skip from one server to another if previous one is unsuitable by some reasons. They have nice website with all necessary information that is very useful for unadvanced users. But be free applying to the customer support. I can tell from their high proficiency and attention to every user that they know their business. I enjoy using VPN4ALL and recommend you to try it.

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