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Last updated: 09/01/2019

VPN In Touch Review

It is illegal to access phone records or to listen in on phone calls but for some reason, it is completely legal for governments to create censorship software and access all of your private online conversations on secure sites.

If you are tired of feeling insecure and tired of staying away from a certain content or saying certain things just because someone might be monitoring you then it is time to get protection from a good VPN service like VPN in Touch.

VPN in Touch restores your internet privacy because it creates a secure network tunnel and allows you to access servers from other countries so you can bypass censorship and access any content from that area without being monitored. 

You can once again be completely anonymous and say what you want to say without any worries. The reliable VPN service also protects you from hacking since they encrypt all of your online activities and they provide you with access to much more content since you can connect with servers in different countries and have full access to all the content from that area. 

Tariffs and prices of VPN in Touch

  • The secure VPN software can be yours from as little as $2.5 per month if you pay three years up front. But if you don’t have the entire amount with you right now, you can choose from four different membership plans.
  • 1 Month – The monthly payment option costs only $9.99 which is still a lot cheaper than what most VPN services charge for such a short commitment period.
  • 6 Moths – The plan costs only $3 per month and you have to pay the total amount of $17.99 up front. 
  • 1 Year – You can save 70% on costs when you pay $29.99 up front which breaks your monthly bill in half because you are only paying $2.5 per month and you don’t have to struggle with annoying payments for an entire year.

All of the memberships include benefits like unlimited speed, data and server switching, connection for up to three devices at the same time, support on multiple platforms, great online protection and access to global locations.

VPN In Touch - vpn service

Do you find VPN in Touch provider a bit pricey? 

Well, then have a look at NordVPN review, for example. There is a facility to pay only $2.99 monthly and get access to all its unique features.

VPN In Touch - vpn serviceInfo on Servers for VPN in Touch

If you are looking for a private VPN service with good global coverage then VPN in Touch is the right service for you. You can access VPN in Touch from anywhere in the world and access any of their 25 servers in eight countries.

The servers are in top online content countries that include the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, France, Japan and Singapore and when you access these servers you can enjoy any content like movies, TV shows, series and games as if you were in these very locations. 

Functions of VPN in Touch

  • All websites will be unblocked because VPN in Touch bypasses internet restrictions so you can access any website you like, including geographically blocked sites.
  • All your online data will be completely secure and your online activities will be completely hidden no matter which device you use. Your private and confidential photos and information will stay completely private.
  • You can bypass content restrictions and download or stream from sites like Netflix or BBC iPlayer no matter where you are.
  • Your IP address is hidden so no one can identify you or what you are doing online.
  • Connect to open or public hotspots and be completely secure because no one can monitor your activities or get a hold of some of your private information.
  • The software blocks adds and saves a lot of your data by restricting popups so you can explore more at a more affordable data rate. 

Security and Privacy of VPN in Touch

Only the best protocols are used to protect VPN clients when they use VPN in Touch. Protocols like PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, and OpenVPN will ensure that your network is secure as possible and that your IP address is completely hidden from the wide world.

You can explore to your heart’s content without putting any of your information at risk (read the Internet privacy guide to learn more about online security). 

Support service from VPN in Touch

VPN in Touch provides great support thanks to their easy to use support page on their site. You can scan through FAQs to get common issues solved or submit a request if the self-help guides cannot get you on their way. Once your request is submitted, you will be served by professional technicians who are sure to solve any kind of problem for you quickly. 

Client Account process

To start using this service, you will have to register online and make a payment for the package that you are interested. Once that is done, you can do the VPN in Touch VPN download and enjoy full protection for multiple devices instantly.  The software is incredibly easy to use and the setup and installation process is incredibly easy. 


VPN in Touch supports multiple platforms. You can download VPN in Touch for Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and much more and enjoy the best possible protection no matter what you do online and no matter what connection you use. 


One of the biggest highlights of this USA IP VPN is that you can get the service at an affordable rate when you take out the three-year package. The security is great, the service is good and you get a lot of great benefits such as unlimited data transfers and speeds.

The only downside of this VPN service is that the servers are limited to only seven countries but these are still the countries that have the fewest restrictions so you can basically access any website you like when you access servers in these countries. However, there are providers by means of which you will get unblocked streaming services.

All in all, VPN in Touch is good, affordable and a great choice for anyone who needs protection.

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reply August 29, 2016

When I was in China I used VPN in Touch. It was my savior! Using it I managed to bypass Chinese firewall. Moreover, fast internet connection was provided for me. I could communicate with my family using FB and Skype. This VPN is a must-have for travelers.

reply July 17, 2016

Vpn provides excellent support. And they designed the best free app for my iPhone. I highly recommend using it if you want to have secure public wifi connection. It also allows me accessing to my favourite web services which are blocked in my university.

reply May 25, 2016

I use it only on my iPhone. It offers great privacy and security when I connect to the internet. But it’s a usual paid VPN’ feature. What I really like is that this app includes mobile data saving. This function disposes all negative affects to the net connection to provide fast and speed work.