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Last updated: 01/03/2019

VPN Shield by Defendemus Review

Today’s internet environment leaves much to be desired. Being protected with timely updated antivirus software, your online activities are not protected from being traced back by cookies or targeted ads. What is more, without additional protection your email is under attack of phishing letters and spams containing malicious links by following which you can jeopardize or compromise your network as well as all your critically important traffic.

Fortunately, computer professionals developed a technology that has gained great success and today is used by individual customers as well as business corporations. The technology known as a VPN, which was first introduced fifteen years ago, today is widely used for making network environment free from multiple online threats.

The market of the service is overloaded with offers and one of the outputs we are to consider here is VPN Shield by Defendemus. The services are claimed to be one of the most advanced and fastest services for protecting personal data, so have a look and see for yourself. 

Tariffs and prices of VPN Shield by Defendemus

As well as any other VPN service, the company provides several packages with different pricing rates and opportunities:

  • 1 week plan costs $2.99 for a one-week service subscription.
  • 1 month plan costs $5.99 for a one-month service subscription.
  • 3 months plan costs $5 for a one-month service subscription. The total amount makes $9.99 and saves 34%.
  • 1 year plan costs $3.33 for a one-month service subscription. The total amount makes $39.99 and saves 45%.
  • 3 years plan costs $2.78 for a one-month service subscription. The total amount makes $99.99.

All the packages include limitless bandwidth, high connection speeds, which are achieved due to running high-quality servers. All your connected devices can be protected by one subscription as it protects up to five gadgets simultaneously, as the company offers apps for all popular platforms. Besides, you can test a free trial version during three days before making a subscription for the service.

VPN Shield by Defendemus vpn service prices

Info on Servers in different countries

The company possesses a wide server park. The servers are located in such countries as the US, the UK, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and Japan. Thus, it can be a good VPN for Japan, Australia or any other country (with its servers placed) while traveling.

A reliable secure connection is provided for its customers, as the server statuses are monitored by the provider every minute of each day in order to assure its customers in a high quality of the service. The amount of servers available for its clients is being continually increased. The regions for new locations are chosen according to high demand patterns. 

Functions of VPN Shield by Defendemus

Functions of VPN Shield by DefendemThere are characteristics that make service a good tool for online protection. Some of the features are stated as the main, such as encryption, server park, etc., and some of them are named secondary, such as kill switches, encrypted chats and etc.

Here are the main characteristics of VPN Shield by Defendemus:

Automatic protection

This means that every time you try to connect to any unprotected network, such as public Wi-Fi VPN is to be activated and routes all your traffic through a secure tunneling. Thus all your data becomes protected from sniffing. But this doesn’t mean you can’t connect manually. The possibility is for that case when you forget to make it on time.

Limitless bandwidth

Fast and limitless bandwidth and speed are provided to the clients due to running up-to-date servers so that you are able to watch any streaming services and play video games without any hits or lags.

5 devices for a subscription

Provided that an average customer uses at least two devices, the function seems to be of a high use, as you are able to protect all your devices with one subscription.

Traffic compression

The company uses a specially developed technology to compress traffic between your device and the VPN servers. The compression permits the company to enhance the bandwidth and speed level.

Strong encryption

The service uses up-to-date technologies to provide its clients with a secure internet connection.

Easy at installation

The service is easy to install and supplied with numerous guides on the topic, which are to help any ordinary customer to make the process of configuration simple and fast.

Besides, the service provides timely support, questions and answers database, and multi-regional locations. 

Security and Privacy

The company supports PPTP, L2TP, IKEv2, IPv6, AES encryption and applies all the advanced technologies to supply its clients’ network with progressive forms of defense. The tunneling created by the service between your connected device and VPN server makes your generated traffic free from unauthorized access and interceptions. 

Support service

The support team of the service operated timely and professionally while assisting the clients of the service. The average time for solving a customer’s problem makes 1:30 hours. So, if you need to find some data on the service, you can visit the FAQ section. Also, you can enter ‘help&support’ section where all your questions will be answered by the team of professionals. 

Client Account procedures

For you to subscribe for the service you need to sing up by entering your data (username, optional email, passcode) on the official website. After your account is created you are able to choose the most appropriate package and pay for the service with PayPal or credit cards. 


The service with all its advantageous features is compatible with such platforms as MacOS, iPhone or iPad, Android, Kindle, Windows 7/8/10 (is being updated).


VPN Shield by Defendemus is a good service for one’s network. The company makes its best to supply the clients with the most advanced decisions in the sphere of online security.

All the features of the service described in detail in the overview and on the official website seem to be of a high use for business and individual customers. The protocols used for network securing are up-to-date decisions in the sphere of online protection. Moreover, the ‘automatic protection’ will make you defended in any situation even if you forget to connect to the VPN before establishing a secure internet connection.

The number of regions where servers are placed is being constantly enlarged, so the number is not final. Talking about the service app, it should be mentioned that it’s absolutely user-friendly and easy-to-install. The support team provides a high-quality well-timed assistance in all interesting questions.

So, the service is definitely worth your attention.

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