VPN-S is a service offering easy-to-use software for all popular platforms. It provides customers with military-grade encryption and a money-back guarantee.
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Last updated: 19/02/2019

VPN-S Review

VPN-S, also known as VPNSecure Networks, is stated to provide private VPN access worldwide.

VPN-S offers a secure and open Internet connection for its customers, which is the leading concern of the provider. SST Tunnel, Proxy and VPN services are suggested to the clients.

With the help of the service, a powerful security, privacy, and anonymity level can be attained while networking. Besides, any restrictions can be bypassed for watching exclusive streaming Netflix, Hulu, and other top-rated content.

VPN-SThe information on VPNSecure or VPN-S is presented intelligibly on the official website. The essential features of the service, ‘No Logs Ever!’ for instance, can be referred to in more detail there.

Let’s consider all pros and cons of the provider in detail:

Tariffs and prices

VPNSecure or VPN-S offers an attractive price plan for the customers. Let’s take a closer look at the prices offered:

  • Free trial: while using it you will have 30 day’s access to one USA server with 2Gb bandwidth for one month.

Simple pricing plans of the service:

  • 1 Month VPN costs $9.95/mth;
  • 6 Month VPN costs $8.32/mth;
  • 12 Month VPN costs $6.66/mth.

Advanced plans (SST Tunnel and Proxy) of the service:

  • SSH Tunnel costs $9.95/mth;
  • 1 Month HTTP Proxy costs $4.95/mth.

The payment methods accepted by VPN-S include Bitcoin, PayPal, Payza, PaymentWallPerfect Money and credit cards. After the VPN-S connection is established, a secure PayPal payment is guaranteed. Moreover, a 7-day money back guarantee is available for all tariffs.

Info on servers 

The servers provided are monitored and operated by VPN-S. IP addresses and logs are not stored even permanently. All popular protocols, such as OpenVPN, SSH SOCKS, HTTP Proxy, and Smart DNS. They are supported by all the servers.

A fast server close to your physical location can be found with low ping times. As far as the number of server locations is being constantly grown, the service has a moderate size network.

Today servers in 48 countries are suggested. North America, South America, Oceania, Europe, Central America, and Asia are included in the list of areas. As a result, VPNSecure or VPN-S is able to give better accessibility to most part of the world. 


Multiple great features are offered by the provider to make the service secure and reliable. Let’s take a look at the important ones, which are enumerated below.

  • All the common protocols like HTTP Proxies, SSH tunnels, OpenVPN etc are utilized.
  • 256 bit file encryption is provided.
  • Multiple payment methods including BITCOIN are accepted.
  • The pricing scheme is really attractive.
  • HTTP proxy is part of all the provided plans.
  • Highly customized software and infrastructure are included since the company has developed it from scratch.
  • Limitless bandwidth and speed are suggested.
  • It has servers in 48 countries and some of them allow P2P traffic, therefore, it is a good VPN for torrenting.
  • All popular types of devices and operating systems are supported. 

Security and privacy

If you visit the website of VPNSecure or VPN-S, you will see that no logs are stored including connection ones. But as far as security goes, you can trust the service as it provides one of the most secure VPN networks. In that case, you should opt for OpenVPN plan.

You will enjoy the 256-bit encryption, which is the best. For even more confidence in your network protection, you may opt for advanced plans, which include SST Tunnel or proxy. 

Support service

Firstly, extensive knowledge is offered in case you have some common questions on the service, which is to help you with any settings for any devices. A dedicated team of professionals is to help you in any possible way or assist you when installing the app.

The service has an email support ticket system on the website. A live chat system for the customers is also included. The response has been really quick in the case of live chat. The answer has been friendly and knowledgeable. If you have some more problems, you can also check out their support forum.

Without any doubt, VPNSecure or VPN-S software is one of the best. It is really secure VPN software. Thus the installation of VPNSecure or VPN-S for Mac is not difficult at all. 

Client account procedures

The signing up process is simple as you will be asked to give an email address, password, and username. You can start with the free service to test it before you actually go for it. First, you should download an app on your device.

First, you should download an app on your device.

As for the Windows client, it is a simple but functional interface. It is a reliable and private VPN service. Your search for a good VPN app will definitely end here. The interface of the app is user-friendly and convenient even for non-technical users.

The interface of the app is user-friendly and convenient even for non-technical users

IP Leak test and speed test

We’ve chosen the server in Iceland and tested it for IP leaks and speeds. IP Leak test is successful as you can see from the screenshot below. There weren’t detected any leaks. Our location is Reykjavik and the IP coincides with the address that is displayed in the app.

We’ve chosen the server in Iceland and tested it for IP leaks and speeds

What about speed test results? Our download speeds without VPN is 64.90 Mbps, upload speed is 58.90. It should be noted that the server that we have used is located far away from our home location. In this regard, speeds have been reduced significantly. However, they're still appropriate for high-definition video streaming.

However, speed test results are not so favorable

On the screenshot below you may see the results of the speeds with the VPN connection:

On the screenshot below you may see how greatly the speeds were reduced



It works on most of the platforms as mentioned before they are Windows, iOS, Android, Mac etc. VPNSecure or VPN-S has specially purposed apps for most of these platforms and that is a great thing.

It works on most of the platforms

If you are looking for a USA IP VPN, then this is the right one. Moreover, the provider offers Google Chrome extension that is available on the Chrome Web Store. The extension will allow you to manage multiple proxies with the only one click of a button.


Overall, it is a very good VPN client. The free VPN service has worked really well. The VPN provides 256-bit encryption, which is extra secure for any network. The number of server locations offered by the provider is being constantly widened. VPNSecure or VPN-S seems to be useful for both advanced and average customers as it has easy-to-set-up apps, qualitative clients support and specific functions.

Main pros of the provider:

  • Military-grade encryption;
  • Free version;
  • No logs policy;
  • Convenient app;
  • P2P is available.

Cons of VPN-S:

  • Reduces speeds;
  • Limited number of server.

Want to compare the VPN with another one?

June 30, 2018

Unhelpfull support, wanted to try performance before buying and got a no. The performance on the free trial is very low compared to other VPN services. Got a rather unpleasent response regarding my petition to be able to verify service quality. Pass on this one

David Balaban
June 29, 2018

Unfortunately, free plans (as well as a free trial) are usually less advantageous than the paid ones. The speed of your secured VPN connection depends on the server you make use of. In case it is located out of distance, the speed will be rather slow. Try to connect to the nearest server and check again.

October 14, 2016

A month ago my paranoia triumphed over my cupidity and I decided using a paid service. VPN-S is easy to use, I just paid for it, downloaded an application and started to work. I’ve subscribed to OpenVPN package that provide fast connection using this protocol. It ensures super secure encryption and dispels all my apprehensions concerning safety and privacy surfing the net that's more than I can say for free VPNs.

October 11, 2016

VPN-S has made a good impression. But what I really like is that it offers great choice of servers. VPN accounts for more than 60 locations in 48 countries that is very useful if you want to sidestep regional restrictions and enjoy fast streaming speed because its servers are not packed to capacity.

October 08, 2016

This is one of the most limited free offers I’ve ever seen. The connection speed is slow and works only with one US based server, traffic is limited for 600MB. Pop-ups ads irritate like never before. I hope that paid version will be much better.

(average 4.3 of 5)