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Last updated: 09/01/2019

VPN Master Review

Multiple stumbling-blocks appear when touching upon the question of Internet security. The up-to-date situation of online threats moves Internet freedom away from average customers from different countries, the government of which pursues the politics of total censorship.

Despite the governmental surveillance committed over the citizens of the country, there are such dangers as computer fraudulence, identity thefts, and targeted password cracking.

But today’s technological improvements give users a possibility to cope with the problem while protecting their networking with the help of a VPN service. VPN Master is one of the outputs presented on the market of the service today and positioned as one of the most reliable outputs. To see for yourself, look through the overview. 

Tariffs and prices of VPN Master

As well as many other services VPN Master offers several packages:

  • Monthly plan provides limitless bandwidth and servers in 14 countries with the instant setup process. The price for the package is $7,95 per month.
  • 3 Monthly plan provides limitless bandwidth and servers in 14 countries with instant setup process too. The price for the package is $5,95 per month.
  • Yearly plan provides the same features while costing $3,95 per month.

The process of ordering a package is long and challenging. For you to subscribe for one of the packages as a newcomer you will need to fill in your first/last name, company name, email, password, address1/2, city, state/region, zip code, country, and, eventually, your phone number.

The data required seems to be too much for a VPN service that tends to save your anonymity. Nevertheless, the service accepts Bitcoin as a payment method, which is considered by many security experts as one of the most protective for your being unidentified.

Other payment methods such as credit cards and PayPal are also accepted. The service offers a money-back guarantee for those who are dissatisfied with the service. The money is to be refunded within 24 hours. Moreover, the prices seem to be affordable if compare them with other providers of the service.

Info on Servers in different countries

Server locations are one of the top features of a good VPN. The service provides the US, Canada, the UK, Germany. There are fourteen servers and the park is being enlarged. Therefore, if the countries are enough for your online freedom, the service is a good opportunity for you. 

Functions of VPN Master

Any website is stated to be unblocked as it’s obvious from the official website, but the question is what about those geo-restricted websites placed outside these 4 countries?

No one is stated to be able to tap into your communication due to military grade security.

The customer support is 24/7 of the provider which offers an instant decision for your questions. Live chat or phone calls are supported too.

Fast connections are stated to be provided by the company’s servers as all of them are equipped with gigabit backbone connections.

Functions of VPN Master

Security and Privacy

A high level of security is maintained through a military grade encryption. 128-bit encryption offered by the service permits all your confidential correspondence to be unseen by any prying eyes. At the same time, the service is claimed to be easy to use. Such protocols as PPTP and L2TP are available for the service users. 

Support service

It should be said that the website is available in 21 languages, which seems to be of a high use for foreigners from non-English speaking countries. When trying to follow ‘support’ area you are redirected to Power Self-Service with Help Center, which is inappropriate for those who haven’t registered yet, as you will learn nothing from there without entering your email and password.

Although the website seems to be of little use in the case with installation instructions, any client gets an email containing all the further links for assistance in the issue including video instructions. Unfortunately, the live chat works at a bad time, the answers have been received too late. 

Client Account procedures

In general, it is not difficult to set up a VPN. However, some providers need manual actions.

While subscribing for the service, you need to register on the website. The VPN asks for too much additional data such as address and phone number. The client area is inconvenient as all the information presented in small print and you have to kill time to find something you are looking for. Being an average customer it will be pretty difficult for you to make all the configurations independently.

Luckily, phone support is available without any redirections. Nevertheless, having received the company’s email, you will be able to surf for some new data according to the links it suggests using. 


The service is compatible with Windows and Mac. While running Mac OS you need to make some more manipulations such as ‘send all data through VPN’, which is to be chosen under advanced VPN settings. 

Is your gadget running on the operating system which is not on the list of compatible ones with VPN Master?

It is not a problem at all. Look through the list of the best VPN services for Android, Linux or any other OS and find something to your liking. 


VPN Master creates an impression of a good service if not to delve into more details. The website seems to be convenient with all useful sections like ‘support’, ‘FAQs’, and etc. Unfortunately, as soon as you decide to use one of the sections you realize it’s impossible as you are redirected to the self-service help center, which you can enter only after registration.

If talking about the registration process, it should be mentioned that the data required is too additional for such needs as a VPN service. It seems like you give out too much of your critical data, such as address and phone number. Nevertheless, the prices seem to be reasonable. But it appears that PPTP and L2TP, as well as 14 servers, are everything offered for the money.

Support service is probably one of the most important aspects of a VPN service. VPN Master provides online chat support and self-service help center. Our personal experience has shown that the company’s support team doesn’t operate well-timed as the answers were received behind time.

So, having decided to subscribe for the VPN service, think twice whether you are ready to maintain all the settings and configurations independently or you need more effective support. If you are not, look through the list of other paid VPN providers.

Functions of VPN Master

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