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Last updated: 09/01/2019

Viking VPN Review

It can be tough to be brave online when there are so many ways things can go wrong. Just accessing some websites could give away your vulnerable IP address and lead to internet hacking. Accessing open Wi-Fi hotspots are also incredibly dangerous because someone somewhere could be monitoring all of your online activities in an attempt to get a hold of some of your private account information.

What is yours is yours and you probably worked hard to get what you have in your accounts. The same goes for internet freedom. You pay a lot for your nice phone and internet service provider, you shouldn’t be restricted just because some government or ISP has an issue when you are using or enjoying content from popular sites.

VikingVPN helps you regain complete internet freedom and restores your security because this reliable VPN service hides your IP address so their VPN clients can be brave and be completely anonymous when they enjoy the internet to the fullest. They also offer added services such as fast network speeds, encryption protection and great server location that you can access.

Tariffs and prices of VikingVPN

Like all good VPN service, VikingVPN offers different packages that give you great discounts as your commitment period increases. They offer three membership packages that include fantastic benefits such as supreme protection thanks to a great protocol, the best encryption for online activities, anonymity thanks to a hidden IP address, unlimited access to servers, 99.99% availability, a 14-day money back guarantee and much more.

  • Monthly – If you prefer the monthly option you will be paying $14.95 per month and have full access to all server clusters and benefits that VikingVPN has to offer.
  • 6 Months – Six months will cost you only $71.70 which brings your monthly expenses down to $11.95.
  • Yearly – You only have to pay $119.88 every 12 months and can be completely hassle-free for the rest of the year.

When you take out the membership packages, you will be donating $1 per month to the Electronic Frontier Foundation that fights for user privacy and net neutrality worldwide. This fight is worth your investment since it could affect the future way we use the internet and no one wants to be restricted to content that is only from their country because it doesn’t only cut on enjoyment but also eliminates development when countries no longer have access to information and science.

vikingvpn - vpn service

Info on Servers of VikingVPN

VikingVPN is still a small company but is rapidly growing. You can access this SSL VPN service from anywhere in the world and connect to five server clusters in two countries which includes America and the Netherlands. 

The server locations might be limited, but those who love streaming and online gaming still benefit greatly since P2P is allowed by VikingVPN. Thus, VikingVPN unblocks the best BitTorrent download sites easily. 

Functions of VikingVPN

  • One of the reasons why this is the best VPN service is thanks to their fast connection speeds VikingVPN offers network connection speeds of 1Gbps between servers which are much faster than other VPN services.
  • You can optimize your OpenVPN settings and improve your network speeds by up to 95%.
  • You can have full access to dedicated servers for faster network speeds and improved security.
  • You don’t connect to single servers, you connect to cluster servers in the two countries and you are automatically redirected to the server with the most bandwidth so you will never experience slow speeds.
  • You can browse the internet completely anonymous since your IP address is hidden which prevents censorship, blocking and hacking.
  • Your online activities are encrypted so no one can monitor you.
  • You can enjoy any content from America and the Netherlands (opt for a VPN in the Netherlands and stream as if you are there) and stream as many movies and series from popular sites like Netflix or have your fill at online games from all over the world thanks to Netherland’s great online content availability. 

Security and Privacy of VikingVPN

The 2048-bit HMAC Firewall and AES 256 CBC encryption software, used by this private VPN service, are incredibly good since it is basically the best encryption software on the market. They also add 4096-bit RSA encryption when your connection starts.

They only provide OpenVPN connections (through OpenSSL) which is a more secure network type, but also usually slower, but luckily VikingVPN has their software setup in order so the OpenVPN connection doesn’t have the usual speed imparities. 

Support service provided by VikingVPN

Unfortunately, VikingVPN does not have the manpower to supply 24/7 live customer support because they are rather small. You can submit a query online on the customer care page of the website. The replies are given within 24 hours and you can expect friendly and expert advice from the VikignVPN technical team. 

Client Account process

To become a VPN client, you have to sign up with your email address and your card details after which you will receive the software download on multiple platforms. VikignVPN also offers regular discount coupons to help you save on monthly protection expenses. Downloads are quick and the software is incredibly easy to set up and install on all platforms. 


You can be completely flexible when you invest in the VikingVPN software because you can download VikingVPN for Mac, Windows PC, Android devices, iPhone, iPad, and for Ubuntu Linux.

VikingVPN is one of the best VPNs for privacy. This way you will be protected no matter where you go and what you do because you will be fully safeguarded on all of your internet devices even if you are traveling from one country to another or using different connections.

vikingvpn - vpn service


VikingVPN is not the cheapest VPN software out there, but they are incredibly fast despite the fact that they use an OpenVPN protocol. Basically, by combining a 1Gbps network speed with a great protocol like that, you are creating the ultimate protection software which is why VikignVPN is worth the extra cash.

They also support the freedom of internet usage by donating to E.F.F. so you can remain free when you use the internet and continue to have access to social, entertainment and educational sites as well as streaming sites.

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reply December 02, 2018

I urge you to re- review VikingVPN. Since Derek Zimmer left, service is lackluster, customer service is non-existent and multiple requests to cancel my account have been ignored. Just had to cancel my debit card as they just charged me for another month.

David Balaban
reply December 03, 2018

Thank you for your comment. We'll take it into consideration and update the review based on new testing.

reply November 03, 2018

Customer service is non-existent. Credentials would not work after following all troubleshoot measures and my CC still is getting charged.

reply August 25, 2016

I’ve decided to protect my privacy with viking vpn and now I’ll explain why. Its tunnel is impossible to intercept, it’s protected with aes 256 cbc bit encryption. Viking vpn thinks about my privacy and never logs my activity. There is a great variety of servers’ location. Plus it is definitely wallet-friendly))

Richard Wright
reply August 15, 2016

This service really forges ahead! Now I’ll explain it, the thing is that I’ve used viking vpn for a year already and the service has taken the heat off me due to its defensive measures. Moreover, as an addition to all preventive functions it provides vikings is always being developed. It has even more servers now.

reply June 01, 2016

You see, I’ve got ubuntu touch platform on my phone. It’s quite rare, when you come to think of it but vikingvpn supports it. To my mind, viking vpn provides top-notch security level and pricing isn’t overcharged.