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A VPN service is indispensable for securely connecting to a wireless network that is not yours. It really does not matter whether you wish to only read an e-book or chat with all known users. Regardless of the sensitivity level of your online activity, a connection with proper security measures is highly susceptible to identity and malware threats.

Well, not VPN services are available at a bargain price. If the price is your only major concern for protecting your wireless connection, UPPERSAFEVPN is a fairly reliable VPN service to choose.

UPPERSAFEVPN is popular for its robust service at the most competitive price, also offering you good speed, basic features, decent customer service, good selection of countries, and unlimited device support.

It secures your data as well as the communication channel while making one totally anonymous on the World Wide Web, which simply doubles security. Its trustworthy NAT firewall strongly boosts the protection of antivirus. With these strong points to be proud of, UPPERSAFEVPN is certainly a good VPN service. 

Plans and Prices for VPN Client Service

This private VPN service is certainly amongst the cheapest providers in the market with the monthly prices bring below €5 for the premium package. For effortlessly obtaining an anonymous and secure access to the Internet, the service provider is offering two subscription offers or plans at present:

  • Basic: This plan is available for free. A user doesn’t have to pay even a cent. The disadvantage of this package is low speed as compared to other packages provided. Nevertheless, it is a good chance to try this VPN.
  • Express: This package is available at a monthly rate of $4.54 (€3.99) as well as a yearly rate of $34.13 (€29.99 at the time of writing). Well, these are the current discounted rates. It covers all the basic features such as anonymous IP address, anonymous DNS, anonymous proxy service, NAT firewall, antivirus firewall, and Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) and Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol/ Internet Protocol Security (L2TP/IPSec) encryption protocols. The bandwidth is 10 Mbps that is tagged as high speed.  

  • Premium: This is the package with privileged, ultra high speed of 100 Mbps. While the monthly rate is $5.68 (€4.99), the annual rate is $45.51 (€39.99). The rests of the features are the same as the Basic plan.  

Note:  All the plans will include Open VPN soon, which will give better value for money. 

Regardless of the plan chosen, you are eligible for a free trial offer for 7 days from the time you sign up. This time is certainly sufficient to judge the provider’s service quality. However, currently, there are no refunds available for any of these plans.

Server Location Details

UPPERSAFEVPN is based in France but has almost 30 servers across 10 countries, including Australia, Japan, Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom, and Germany. So, if you are in the U.S, this one can be your USA VPN for free service for seven days. At each of these locations, UPPERSAFEVPN has set up its own pool of servers and spontaneously chooses the best server for every user. 

You can connect using multiple devices, such as a tablet, desktop, and Smartphone, simultaneously. However, the condition is that there should not be any abuse of the service or else your account shall be blocked permanently. Peer-to-peer file transfer is allowed until the provider does not get a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) complaint. If received, the account shall be blocked. To prevent it, private trackers are encouraged.

Functions that Make this the Best VPN Service

UPPERSAFEVPN offers a clean and smart site making a professional impression. It is friendly and easy to navigate. Because it is an extremely basic service, users are manually required to configure the client software. The UPPERSAFEVPN software download occurs quickly, while installation is almost hassle-free. Its blog has tutorials with proper screenshots for configuring the UPPERSAFEVPN  for Mac and windows systematically. You can even install the Chrome or Firefox extensions quickly to test the performance and service quality. 

Each VPN server offers a free proxy service for reinforcing anonymity and ensuring very fast Internet access for transmitting non-sensitive data, as it uses no encryption protocol. Both upload and download speeds are commendable and higher than that of any private Internet service provider.

You can easily access blocked sites such as Skype and Facebook. You will also be satisfied when using VPN with Kodi. There is no discernible lag with this VPN client while surfing or viewing to videos. While encryption pulls down the performance a bit, it is neither evident nor effective enough to disturb the online experience, even if the server is in Japan. There are also no bandwidth restrictions due to which you can download torrents easily.

Security and Privacy of the Secure VPN Software

Access to UPPERSAFEVPN services is through L2TP and PPTP and OpenVPN. Over PPTP, the data is encrypted using the 128-bit cipher, while L2TP uses 256-bit AES cipher, by means of OpenVPN 2048-bit cipher. Authentication occurs with the help of a public pre-shared key (PSK) – a moderately secure key technically. The servers are logless, except, It means that they do not store IPs or other information that help in identifying the users legally.

By switching to an IP address of a VPN server in any one of the above nations, you can tap in the power of several GEO-IP services. The biggest advantage is that the geo-location data is associated with the server and not the user. This means no one knows where the user is actually located. 

Support Service

The most commendable support is the live chat service responding promptly during office hours within a few seconds. Email support is also responsive but within 48 hours although most replies are quite faster. There is also a Help section, where the users can find the most frequent questions with the answers.

The Purchase Process via a Client Account 

Subscribing for a free trial is simple. You only need to provide the full name, email address, and password of your choice. After signing up, you need to confirm your email address for activating the trial period.

After logging into your account, you can then pay for monthly, six monthly or annual subscription. Payment is usually through a credit card, although PayPal payment is acceptable if you directly contact customer service.

Unfortunately, UPPERSAFEVPN does not accept cryptocurrency, which is actually the most secure payment method.


UPPERSAFEVPN has online setup tutorials or guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Linux-based OS, iOS, and Android.


Through this VPN UPPERSAFE review, it can be concluded that it is a simple service with no extra features. However, the service is professionally provided at highly competitive rates to protect online your children and you.

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Eddie Turner
reply August 26, 2016

I’m not a computer geek. But I hear about VPNs many positive opinions and decided to try one appropriate service. I chose NolimitVPN. The speed of this VPN is really nice. Price is reasonable and affordable. So I’m satisfied with this service.

reply July 27, 2016

Usually everything works fine. It’s fast and available on many platforms. But for me this service is very simple. It does not provide some extra features. I can get other VPNs with better features for that money.

reply July 08, 2016

NolimitVPN is the cheapest service I’ve ever tried. If you want to check it before paying, you’re proposed a free 48-hour trial. It’s an awesome and consumer-friendly offer. Unfortunately, it’s not compatible with OpenVPN. I could return to them if they corrected it.