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Last updated: 09/01/2019

UnoTelly Review

There has been an alarming increase in the rate of internet frauds. It is necessary for the users to use some online protection programs to be vigilant while Suring websites online. Hackers can get access to your personal data and carry out identity theft at will. Government or private companies can track what you are doing on the web and can extract the data which are valuable.

Companies suffer as well. Just think, 76% of companies worldwide fall victims to cyber attacks

You will not even know that this thing is happening. You can be spied while you are sending or receiving e-mails, making online money transactions, checking your bank balance or even while browsing a favorite website. You cannot get protection from hackers, spam, and spies only by using antivirus programs. You can get location protection when you use UnoTelly VPN software.

Whether you are traveling to different parts of the world or whether you are using the internet from the hotel you are living in, you can protect your location and identity using this reliable VPN service. 

These services will hide your personal IP address and prevent others from accessing your information such as your name, city, state, bank details, etc. You can encrypt your data with this private VPN service. It will help you in using any private or public internet connections safely. Any censorship placed by the government, educational institutions and hotels can be overcome using this VPN service. 

Tariffs and prices

This service offers different membership plans to customers. The important plans available from the company are:

  • Free trial

You can have 8-day free trial membership which will help in understanding the services offered by the service.

  • Premium plans

With 100% secured DNS service, which is accessible from more than 30 countries and in eight different languages you can increase the service coverage by making a free request. You are free to cancel the plan anytime through online. The pricing is $4.95 USD/month. You can select the length of the plan according to your need. When you opt for a one-year premium plan, you can save $12.28 per year.

  • Gold plan

This plan offers DNS and VPN service. This VPN comes with PPTP as well as OpenVPN support. The monthly charge for this plan is $7.95 USD. This plan will help the users to access the networks that block DNS services.

The 14-day 100% money back guarantee offers ample time for the user to decide on using the service for online data and identity protection.

unotelly - vpn service

Info on servers

The service is provided through several clusters of servers. These server clusters offer multiple redundancies and hence there will be low server issues. You can expect service stability always from this VPN. Servers are located in the UK, US, Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands.


When you go for UnoTelly VPN software download, you can enjoy the following features:

  • Bypassing geo-restricted contents

You will be able to see the contents online which are available only outside your area. The smart DNS offered changes the domain name service and route your connection through their servers. You will be able to connect to the internet from specific locations using this good VPN service.

  • Streaming of websites

You will be able to perform online streaming of a number of websites at a good speed (try it yourselves thanks to our VPN speed test tool). You can use the dynamo settings page on the website to select the country from which you want to stream.

  • Supporting different devices

Any devices with an internet connection are supported by this VPN service. You will be able to use multiple devices under one subscription.

  • Minimal VPN logs required

Your traffic will be through shared IP when using the VPN and no chances of tracking

Security and privacy

As it is one of the best VPN service providers, UnoTelly offers online security by employing 128-bit MPPE for the PPTP service and using 128-bit Blowfish default cipher for OpenVPN. It provides faster access to geo-restricted contents. The service only logs the time of connection and disconnection by the users and the bandwidth used by them in the user account. 

Support service

Different support systems are available to users. The knowledge base, 24/7 live chat service, and ticket system are some of the support systems that are convenient to use to get the needed technical and installation support. The UnoHelper helps you to update your IP automatically. The low response time of the ticket is very appreciable. 

Client account

To start using the service, you need to register first. You need to enter your first name, email address and your password for the account. You will be provided a trial account first. Once you get the trial account, you can log in to use the account. To upgrade the free registration to a paid subscription, you need to enter your complete billing address and opt for any mode of payment to subscribe to your VPN subscription. 


It works well on different devices or platforms. It is possible to use it on Windows, Android, Mac and iOS operating systems and on devices such as Amazon Kindle Fire, Apple TV, Smart TV, gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, and many routers.

You can use this secure VPN software to surf the internet or to watch movies and TV shows using different devices. Download UnoTelly VPN for Windows if you have devices with Windows operating system and install them using the guidelines provided on the website. The knowledge base has the instructions for setting up the UnoTelly VPN download for various platforms. 


Any person wanting to use the internet anonymously or want to use more choice of countries to surf the net can use this VPN service. People using web browsers on their device can opt for the DNS service. Anyone wanting to protect sensitive information from snoopers can use this service without any doubt. The benefits like easy switching of a region of service support for lots of devices and channels and 14-day money back guarantee makes it an irresistible service.

It is suitable for those looking for cheaper options for streaming video and for stable service with low response time. You can get both DNS and VPN service by selecting the gold plan only with a small addition to the monthly payable amount. In this case, you will manage to unblock Spotify, Apply TV, and many other services easily.

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reply October 10, 2016

My first experience with UnoTelly was amazing. VPN connection as it should be – fast and consistent. It unlocks geo-blocked content and allows me to enjoy great streaming services worldwide. I can finally watch Chinese and Korean TV shows easily. Thank you!

reply October 07, 2016

A great service overall to provide VPN across all platforms. I easily combine streaming TV and surfing the Internet. It stops advertisements and incoming malware traffic and guarantees maximum privacy protection.

reply October 06, 2016

Generally, this service is aimed at restricted channels accessing, such as American Netflix, Hulu, Amazon etc. My experience has been well either way. The only downside I’ve found is that UnoVPN logs the connection time and amount of bandwidth I use. As for other information, it’s kept inaccessible.