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Last updated: 14/02/2019

Tunnello VPN Review

As the practice shows, the majority of internet users needs to access websites, which can’t be reached from some geographical regions. The others aspire to secure their network in order to accomplish money transactions or exchange digital info without troubling about possible data leakage.

To everyone’s enjoyment, a VPN meets the challenges providing secure and boundless access to the Internet. VPN services are offered as lists of server links, standalone programs, and browser extensions or plug-ins. All these methods work both ways, but if you look for a service, which can be directly configured in your browser, a VPN extension is just for you.

Being one of the decent VPN products, Tunnello makes it possible to browse the net freely with no restrictions. The use of the tool allows accessing websites and services that are unavailable in your country. Besides, Tunello VPN protects all your personal information and online accounts transferred through the Chrome browser when the VPN is on. In such a manner, you are able to stream or download any content you want with no need to install and configure a specific VPN client.

Tariffs and prices of Tunnello VPN


Tunnello software is available in two different packages that are supplied with such VPN benefits as censorship bypassing, connection security, encryption, and network speed unboundedness.

  • Monthly 

This package costs €5.99 per month, but it’s free from advertisement while also performing unlimited data exchange and premium customer support.

  • Yearly

As well as the previous plan, this one is supplied with unlimited features, but it’s billed €45 annually or €3.75 monthly.


Tunello accepts such payment methods as MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, American Express and Alipay. In addition, the company provides such an anonymous payment method as Bitcoin. Check out why you need a VPN for bitcoins.

In order to claim a refund, you should contact the company within 7 days after purchasing the Tunnello service. Be aware that refunds are not available for the Bitcoin payment.

Server information for Tunnello

Considering the fact that Tunnello has been created as a Chrome browser extension, it offers a limited number of servers, which are located in North America, Europe and Asia. Having created a network consisting of 14 servers, Tunnello allows accessing any desired content from anywhere on the globe within a few seconds. You can connect to any of the servers and protect your Chrome browser activity.

Features of Tunnello VPN

This VPN extension presents a lot of benefits that modify your Chrome browser and give you a chance to:

  • access geographically restricted websites and watch your favorite TV shows no matter where you are;
  • enjoy full content libraries that are usually inaccessible in your country (such as Netflix and Hulu, British BBC iPlayer and many others);
  • protect your sensitive data transferred via a Chrome browser;
  • mask your actual IP address in order to keep your identity off the radar;
  • secure your mobile devices with no need to download and install additional VPN software;
  • browse the network at a fast speed that is possible with a new Tunnello technology being 10 times more efficient than other VPN protocols;
  • unblock social media sites in countries or public establishments that have restricted them;
  • connect to public Wi-Fi via VPN being completely safe and secured.

Security and Privacy

Tunnello secures your Chrome browser with the strong SPDY technology, which encrypts internet connection inside an AES-128 tunnel over an RSA-4096-bit certificate for key exchange.

The company does not store users’ logs, much less does not utilize data for commercial purposes or sell it to any interested third party.

Taking into consideration that Tunnello is a France-based company, it complies with European laws in terms of data privacy and security.

Support service

Despite the fact that Tunnello has a headquarters in France, it also operates from The Canary Islands, Thailand, Indonesia, Portugal, the USA, and China.

Having subscribed for one of the paid membership plans, you are to be provided with a decent customer support. What is more, Tunnello has Facebook, Twitter and Weibo account to follow and ask any point of interest.

In addition, on the official website, you can find the right guidance to uncover how to install and use Tunnello software on a proper device. But you need to be registered to use the client area and be supported with any background information.

Setup your account

Setting up an account with Tunnello is extremely simple, but you should register first and confirm it by following the link sent to your valid e-mail address. Having created a Tunnello account, you can download a provided Chrome extension, install it and connect to VPN server within a few clicks.

Depending on the plan you choose, traffic can be limited by 200Mb of data per day. As practice shows, a VPN connection breaks off after spending this limit. In this case, you are warned with a pop-up and should wait for 24 hours to reactivate Chrome VPN connection.


Tunnello VPN is available for multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and many others that are compatible with Chrome browser. This is one of the most flexible services, so your connection is protected no matter what device you run. More than that, a Tunnello subscription can be used on 5 devices simultaneously.


The main appeal of using Tunnello VPN extension is that it’s easy to set up. All it takes is to install the software in the Chrome browser to start using it. You have to choose an appropriate plan and activate your account, but there is no need to add servers or any of your identification information.

The Tunnello’s Chrome-based software is limited to the browser itself. In other words, the VPN works only for the connection established in the browser but not system-widely.

Nevertheless, Tunnello is definitely a good option for your network protection as it offers all the beneficial VPN features in its three different packages. It can be extremely useful for travelers who want to stay online when visiting countries with censored networks, as well as for people who look for a decent internet security.

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