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Last updated: 15/02/2019

Trust.Zone Review

Internet protection software is not just for businesses and online stores. Each and every individual needs to do everything he/she can to protect his/her online identities and account information because there are a lot of Internet hackers and nosy people who can hack your personal information, steal your identity and make away with much more than just confidential data. On top of that, censoring software is currently dominating the Internet and blocking individuals left and right as they try to access the content that they like to watch or read. Trust Zone is one of the best VPN services that you can trust for ultimate and overall security no matter what you do online. 

With this reliable VPN service you can rest assured knowing that there is no way someone will be hacking into your webcam to spy on you. You can also access sites and channels like Netflix or Hulu with VPN from any country and enjoy censor free content as if you were in the USA yourself.

Trust Zone’s tariffs and prices

This good VPN service is tremendously popular due to its exceptionally affordability and you can try this USA VPN for free with the free trial that allows you to put the security and speeds to the test. As a VPN client, you will be able to enjoy the following services from the memberships:

  • Access to 164 locations.
  • Unlimited data transfers.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Three simultaneous connections.
  • Unlimited server switching.
  • And one click install and run software.

The memberships for these services vary because the longer the membership lasts, the less you pay.

  • Free test – With the free test, you can access 142 servers and enjoy protection for 1GB of data transfer for a maximum of three days. You also receive unlimited bandwidth for one connection and one click install and run software. 
  • 1 Month – At six dollars and ninety nine cents per month you can enjoy all the benefits that TrustZone offers for an entire month.
  • 1 Year – This is TrustZone’s best offer that costs only  three dollars and thirty three cents per month. You have all the benefits and save 53% on annual costs.
  • 2 Years - This plan is currently available only for two dollars and ninety nine cents per month.


Apart from all benefits TrustZone subscribers get, 10 day money-back guarantee allows getting your money back in case you are not satisfied with the service. But in practice, it is a rare phenomenon, as the VPN under discussion is really trustworthy and handy.

TrustZone VPN payment procedure

The service attracts its potential clients by dint of various payment methods: credit and banking cards, QIWI, WebMoney, AliPay and even crypto-currency Bitcoin is accepted (Read our cryptocurrency guide for beginners to learn more about bitcoins).

Trust Zone’s server information

This private VPN service is one of the few VPN that makes their server information crystal clear. They have servers in Africa (A is rare found amongst VPNs), Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania and South America and all servers can be accessed from across the globe for your convenience and complete freedom. All in all, TrustZone has 164 servers in 91 countries.

Some countries (India, Brazil, France) have only one TrustZone VPN server on its territories, others (the USA, the UK, Australia) – up to 30!

Why choose Trust Zone?

Trust Zone is a good VPN service that will never let you down. Trust Zone VPN software has some fantastic benefits that are sure to improve your overall online experience and provide you with the safest browsing solution.

  • You can prevent ISPs from tracking your every move because the secure VPN software hides your IP address and your online activities by creating a virtual tunnel in which you operate. Undoubtedly, there are some ways to stop the ISP, but TrustZone simplifies the process.
  • They keep no user logs, which means that no one will be able to monitor what you did online.
  • Your account is completely secure due to the OpenVPN and L2TP security protocols that encrypt all your online activities.
  • You can enjoy unlimited speeds and unlimited bandwidth with this USA VPN.
  • Trust Zone allows torrenting which is a true indication of the great security protocols that they use.
  • You can download the VPN software for multiple platforms and enjoy great security for all your devices. 

Security and Privacy

TrustZone uses the best security protocols and encryption software to ensure that your IP address will be completely untraceable and to ensure that everything you do online or download will be encrypted and completely inaudible to the outside world. TrustZone uses OpenVPN and L2TP protocols which are the two most modern and secure protocols that can be found.  

Support service

For support, you can simply visit the website or find support on your app. Support is available from Monday to Friday 6 am to 4 pm GMT +0 time zone and can give you instant assistance during these times. You can simply fill out an online form and your query will be sent to customer support that will get back to you shortly. If you prefer to do things yourself, you can also try the FAQ section and find guidance for some of the most common found errors and difficulties. 

Nevertheless there is one essential minus – lack of live chat support that would help to solve all troubles in a matter of minutes.

How to get Trust Zone

You can download Trust Zone VPN for Mac or other devices by simply logging in onto their website. Trust Zone is incredibly easy to install due to their one click and install method. If you are satisfied with the free test (which is allowed for the period of 3 days), you may buy the membership that you are interested in. The purchase is done quite easily because you can simply log onto the website, view the prices and then check the package out. Trust Zone supports PayPal, Credit cards like Visa and MasterCard, PayproGlobal. You can also pay for VPN completely anonymously with Bitcoins so no one will ever be able to pinpoint any activities to you. 

Trust.Zone’s add-ons

Being a fast-developing company it continues developing Trust.Zone VPN. One of the best extensions it offers is a warrant canary.

The warrant canary is issued and regularly provided for the clients by the company although it undergoes Seychelles law. The service is not subjected to the US laws like Uniting and Strengthening America by providing the authorities with backdoors and tools for the US Patriot Act.  The company acts so in the interest of transparency and accountability.

The feature is stated to protect Trust.Zone clients from any government searches, seizures of data or requirements to log any actions of the clients.

There will be a special note if the messages are to be updated or removed from the page.

On this page you can see a current data for making sure the actions take place now and valid on day of posting only.

Up to the moment the company is known not to be obliged or subjected to searches, data interception or requirements to collect logs on its client’s activities. The servers and assets of the company are stated not to be implicated in any kind of surveillance. Besides, no government warrants have been ever sent to the company or the employees. 

Besides, the service is assured to protect its customers from DNS and WebRTC leaks.

Thus, some browsers are known to ignore the fact you run a VPN service and send your request directly to the ISPs, which is called a DNS leak. The service guarantees its clients from the threat. Besides, all the OSes are supplied by the company with additional guides and instructions. Windows 10/8/7, for instance, are set through the app’s tab here:


Having chosen a ‘DNS leak protection feature, you guarantee protection for your network from this kind of web threat. Users of other OSes are offered to run the following servers: and You also have a possibility to get more precise details having got in touch with the company’s support.

For you to realize the undertaken actions have snapped into action you need to:

  • start the VPN app;
  • connect to the Internet through a chosen server;
  • open any online DNS leak tests and check the network to see the results.

In case the website hasn’t indicated your real IP address (learn more why to hide you IP address) or your physical location is inaccessible, your system is defended from DNS leaks.

Providing that there is a leak, you need to set TCP/IPv6 and contact the support service.   

WebRTC is implemented in some browsers, which allows for making requests to STUN servers that return the public and local addresses to the users. The observed service is assured to keep the clients defended against the issue and make their identity hidden from all the prying eyes.

There are several online tools with the help of which you can run the check for WebRTC protection. All you need is to:

  • start the VPN app;
  • connect to the Internet through a chosen server;
  • go to any WebRTC protective tool and see the results.

Update: Dedicated static IPs are offered by the provider.

Trust.Zone’s Terms of Usage

Before subscribing for a VPN you need to go into details and read all the terms of service and privacy policy for making sure the service is what you need. The sections act as an agreement between a future customer and a VPN service. Therefore, paying for the output you agree to all the rules and statements enumerated on the pages.

As long as the issue is pretty challenging, we have decided to perform, to our opinion, the most essential extracts from the documents.

Trust Zone data storage

The first question, which is of a high importance for any privacy concerned client is data collection. Before using the service you need to make sure it doesn’t store any identifying data on its clients. When talking about Trust.Zone, it should be said that the company collects some information on its customers when the registration process takes place. The information is to include your authentic email, which is to be used for sending you some notifications about service’s discount, enhancements, etc. It is also used for approving your registration. Despite many top-rated services, the company doesn’t collect any banking information on its clients, However, while looking for more protection you need to read the third party privacy policy for not to be cheated by a fake mirror website.  

Logged data

There is some information, which is logged while connecting to different VPN services. You may be shocked, but the company doesn’t store VPN logs or other personified information on its clients including visitors IPs, which is few and far between.

Besides, the company has also stated that all your credentials, public and private keys are saved in encrypted format achieved with the usage of steady cryptographic algorithms. Nevertheless, the service use cookies, which enable the company for getting some additional materials on its customers. The files are used for collecting only some tech information about customers’ current sessions. 

On your part, while subscribing for the service you are obliged to follow all the stated rules and avoid any illegal file sharing activities. Besides, the privacy policy can be changed at any time by the company. Therefore, for you to keep up the track of events you need to read the section from time to time. 

Follow TrustZone VPN rules

When speaking about the terms of usage you, as a client, are obliged to follow the next principals of online behavior:

  • You shouldn’t transfer Trust.Zone account and credentials to any third person, but use it on your own devices only.
  • You should ensure that your account is distributed to 3 devices only, as it is offered by the company to connect up to three devices simultaneously.
  • You shouldn’t use the service for sending spam or chain letters, and etc.
  • So, as you see, the information is immensely critical for you in case you want to run the service. 

trustzoneSo, as you see, the information is immensely critical for you in case you want to run the service. 


This fantastic service provider supports a number of devices to give you great freedom. You can also connect up to three devices simultaneously. With three connections you improve your overall security because all your connections will be secure for all devices. The supported devices are iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Linux, Windows and Mac and you can try the free test on any of these devices.


Trust Zone is one of the cheapest VPN services that you can get for ultimate online security no matter what you would like to do. You can be completely anonymous, download and stream content and the software is incredibly simple to install on all the compatible platforms. If you haven’t tried Trust Zone then it is definitely time to give this great VPN a try. 

TrustZone pros

  • Vast diversity of server locations (32 countries)
  • Free trial VPN period (3 days)
  • Absolutely log-free VPN service
  • P2P file sharing
  • Unlimited bandwidth and speed
  • Compatibility with various OSes
  • Protection of 3 devices at a time
  • Warrant Canary
  • Easy setup and use
  • 10 day money-back guarantee
  • Bitcoins are accepted as a payment

TrustZone cons

  • No live chat support
  • The customer support is not available on weekends
  • Problems with the speed

Want to compare the VPN with another one?

reply December 05, 2017

Yep! Trust.Zone is excellent. I’ve checked my IP via special sites on the net. It wasn’t really mine. It was changed. Now I know, I’m protected!
reply December 07, 2017

Aveline, Trust Zone VPN is worth using because of the security it provides its subscribers with. There is a set of reasons to call this VPN one of the most reliable in terms of security: 1. it does not keep logs; 2. it allows hiding your IP address and surf the Internet without being snooped; 3. the service does not require any personal data; 4. user traffic is reliably ciphered so no one can steal and use your data.

reply November 28, 2017

Hi! I use proxies to use blocked sites and it works. I can’t understand why there is the brouhaha over VPN services? Are the VPNs better than proxy servers?
reply November 30, 2017

Both proxy servers and VPNs change your IP making your real one hidden from the ISP and other interested parties. However, VPN services encrypt your Internet connection, traffic and applications, while proxies lack this function. To study the list of the differences between VPN services and proxies read this article.

reply October 21, 2017

Hi there.
TrustZone not connecting. I see the error DHCP Request Failed. That’s the reason why I can’t use the client of my Windows.
reply October 23, 2017

This error is most likely connected with the fact that Trust Zone VPN is blocked by your antivirus or antimalware system. Try to switch your antivirus system off and connect to the VPN service. If it helps, you are to add the application in the list of the programs that would not be blocked by the antivirus system. You are to do it manually.

reply September 16, 2017

I agree with this Trust.Zone VPN review completely. It is more than IP changer, but a reliable service as well. But recently I found some info regarding the point of the data stored on device. There aren’t such TrustZone reviews that would cover this topic. So it would be useful to know (I suppose not for me only!) if Trust.Zone protects the files stored on the device or just user internet traffic?
reply September 18, 2017

Your question is very useful for other readers. Trust Zone VPN service protects all your traffic (incoming and outgoing messages, opened pages, up- and downloaded files). Besides, all the files stored on your device are protected against hacking attacks. However, if the system does not have access to the memory of the gadget, it will not be possible to protect the material kept on it.

reply June 13, 2017

I have only been using Trustzone for about a week, and have experienced noticeable slowdowns. Anyway, the custom app is easy to use and I have no complaints. The price is excellent. If you have any doubts, sign up for free test plan, test it out, and when you like it – upgrade to the paid plan.
1) three simultaneous connections allowed;
2) kill switch;
3) trustzone app auromaticaly selects the fastest server to connect;
4) extremely cheap VPN. $2.99/mo if paying with bitcoins.
1) client software only available for Windows OSes.
In my usage of this VPN, my experience has been slow speeds. My internet connection averages 120mbps down and 15mbps up with 50ms pings.
I was unable to get over 20mbps down on any server I tried with Trust.Zone. My pings were very high as well, all well over 100ms.
reply June 14, 2017

Trust Zone has the client for Windows devices, it is true. However, the service is compatible with other OSes as well. Thus, it protects Android, Mac, iOS and Linux gadgets. But, it is the fact that the VPN provider reduces the speed. It may be the consequence of an irrational choice of a server to connect to. But if you want to stream at super-fast speed and be protected while web browsing, you may have a closer look at ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

reply October 10, 2016

I’ m on mac. I’ve delved into settings while installing, but as a result VPN works solidly. 90% of blocked websites become available with TrustZone. Torrents work properly for me. Plus, speeds are good. They have a free trial time so try this service.
reply October 11, 2017

Ace, TrustZone VPN manages to unblock almost the majority of services and websites around the globe. Still, there are some, which remain inaccessible in case you change your IP address by means of TrustZone VPN service. Nevertheless, the provider does its best to increase the number of the servers and their geographical locations. Stay with Trust Zone and be less restricted on the Internet.

reply October 07, 2016

This is one of the attentive providers which keen on customer’s security and safety. TrustZone provides an awesome VPN client for Windows users. I have a great time using this service on my gadgets.
reply October 08, 2017

You are totally right saying that TrustZone is one of the best VPN clients for Windows devices. However, the service is compatible with other platforms as well. Thus, if you want to protect your gadget against malware and hacking attacks, you may download Trust Zone VPN for Android, Linux, Mac and iOS devices.

Pete Thomas
reply October 06, 2016

I find the VPN decent service with multiple server locations and big variety of local IP addresses. What is more, they’ve designed comfortable and understandable Windows client. I highly appreciate for a possibility to test the service for free within 5 days. Even more it’s one of the cheapest services I’ve ever tried with favourable discounts for subscriptions.
reply October 07, 2016

Pete, we can’t help but agreeing with you. Trust Zone VPN is one of the cheapest VPN services that exist in the year of 2017. At the same time it is reliable in terms of security and privacy.

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