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TotalVPN Review

Dangerous for lifeIf you’re a consistent user, please note there’s news concerning your security. The review provided the information made by VPN experts while testing the service. As a result, there are so many complaints reported by the users. At the same time, TotalVPN does not respond at all. That’s why you should be careful choosing the provider. You’re offered to use NordVPN or ExpressVPN as they are considered to have untarnished reputation.

When you are offered some service for free, you are usually skeptical, and for good reason. When something is free it is either bad quality, bad for your health or a scam. But that is not the case with TotalVPN. You can download this unique USA VPN for free. Yes, you heard right, completely free and the best part is that this is no scam at all. TotalVPN will open a whole new world for you on the internet because you can enjoy total online anonymity when you browse, surf or stream from the internet. When you are completely anonymous, no one can monitor your online activities and no one can hack into your personal accounts. With TotalVPN you can stream, download and browse any website and any content that you like and you never have to answer to anyone or make excuses for anything that you enjoy online because all your online activities are completely secure even if you view websites that are restricted in your location

Tariffs and prices

VPN clients love TotalVPN because they can use the service completely free to certain extents. Those who want even more out of their online experiences can get the total premium at an affordable rate and get complete online functionality. TotalVPN has the following packages:

Free – You can download their free software directly from the website and enjoy instant internet security and freedom from servers in Iceland, Singapore, and Amsterdam. The speeds of this free service are restricted to 2Mbps and there are also restrictions on the amount of data which you can transfer and the number of devices you can use.

Total Premium - The total Premium gives you all the benefits that this reliable VPN service has to offer. At €6.03 per month, you can connect to servers in more than 30 locations and enjoy unlimited bandwidth, unlimited data transfers, the best security from all protocols, a free proxy and connections for up to three devices at the same time.

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Info on Servers for TotalVPN

TotalVPN is one of the best VPN services due to their wide coverage. You can connect to servers in 30 countries in all seven continents which include 21 servers in North America, 26 servers in Europe, 9 servers in Asia, 1 server in Africa, 1 server in South America and 3 in Oceania. With this many great server locations, you are sure to get great coverage and great access to any content that your heart desires.

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Functionality of TotalVPN

TotalVPN is a good VPN service to invest in for the ultimate online freedom and protection because they offer the following benefits at the most affordable rate:

Online protection – You are completely anonymous and your IP address and online activities are completely hidden which secures you against online censorship as well as hacking
Total anonymity – You can browse and stream any content you like even restricted or blocked websites and still be completely anonymous.
Freedom – Connect to any website from any country by simply connecting to one of the thirty server locations and use the internet as if you were in a foreign country.
No restrictions – When you get the Premium package, there are no restrictions for you. You can browse and download as much as you like and never be limited on your speeds or on the amount of content you enjoy. 
Online support – When you download TotalVPN software you can enjoy the best online support 24 hours a day.

Security and Privacy of TotalVPN

TotalVPN is great and secure VPN software that you simply must give a try because you can enjoy encryption through four different protocols which include IDEV2, IPSec, PPTP, and OpenVPN. Even P2P is allowed due to the great encryption and security that you will gain when you invest in TotalVPN. There's no information if it is a zero log VPN or not.

Support service provided by TotalVPN

If you are choosing your VPN service for the support then you definitely won’t go wrong with TotalVPN. They offer 24-hour support in various different forms such as live chat, email support and a great FAQ section which you can browse to get some of your issues solved all on your own. 

Client Account process when you get TotalVPN

The TotalVPN download is completely free and you don’t have to register or anything to download the software. Simply log onto their webpage and download the software for free. Those who want to enjoy all the benefits that this VPN service has to offer need to register with their emails and make an online payment after which they will be able to use the VPN service as they wish and enjoy full protection and freedom instantly.


TotalVPN’s Premium membership allows you to connect up to three devices at the same time and the software is available for just about any popular platform. You can download TotalVPN for Mac, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Android and it will soon be available for Chrome as well. When you have the software o three different devices you can enjoy the best online protection whether you are using your stable connection at home or connecting through a series of Wi-Fi hotspots as you travel. You will be completely safe and secure no matter what type of connection you prefer.

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You can’t really make a mistake when you give TotalVPN a try. The free membership allows you to test and use the services for free so you can decide whether you want to commit or not. The premium membership includes all benefits without any restrictions at an incredibly affordable rate, which beats most VPN services fees by far. You can connect to any server in thirty countries at any time you like and enjoy the best possible content no matter what you do. TotalVPN is an absolute must for those who like to spend endless hours on the internet while enjoying their favorite TV shows, movies and online games and for those who travel a lot and need security for all the different connections they use. 

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Mark Henry
reply September 15, 2016

My first VPN experience which I’ve use for about a year. It’s easy to use and setup. Speeds are great, at least with US based servers. All test results related to DNS leak and anonymity are impressive!

reply August 25, 2016

Totalvpn is easy and safe. I’m always on the road, so I have to use foreign wifi hotspots. Using the service prevents my personal data from being hacked. Its technical group is amazing they’ve helped me with everything.

reply August 16, 2016

I’m very contented with this service. I can watch netflix in my country where it’s been blocked. For better service I use ikev2 protocol it makes download speed faster. My internet surfing is under reliable protection.

alexis irish
reply July 27, 2016

Totalvpn is easy and safe. I’m always on the road, so I have to use foreign wifi hotspots. Using the service prevents my personal data from being hacked. Its technical group is amazing they’ve helped me with everything.

Jeffrey Bruce
reply July 25, 2016

On the one hand, total vpn provides all of these possibilities: fair price, easy installation and good support, many locations, secure encryption pptp, openvpn, l2tp, ipsec and ikeve2 protocols, which provide real protection. But on the other hand, the rub is that some services define it and block. In any case, you will work with it, but keep in mind this rub.

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