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TorVPN Review

TorVPN is a VPN service founded in 2010 and based in Hungary. Despite the name, it appears to have no connection with the notorious official Tor Project.

TorVPN allows internet users to browse the internet anonymously. It encrypts traffic, hides the IP address and can connect to their network, available on the website.

TorVPN has multiple servers located in Hungary and 7 more countries, which allows you to change your IP address with one of the servers' addresses and deter the search engines' tracking systems.

You will be able to browse and access restricted data when using TorVPN, as you can bypass firewall systems and safely connect to any site or platform you want to share and browse information.

It may not be the service with the most features, but the lack of extra options makes TorVPN faster and helps it stand out of the crowd.

TorVPN offers multiple pricing plans, depending on the bandwidth.Pricing

When you try to choose a VPN client, you have so many options you can easily become overwhelmed; the only way to make the difference between all of them is comparing their advantages and the packages they offer with the pricing.

Many companies provide the same security and privacy services on affordable rates, but when you get the pricing and evaluate if their services are worth the cost, you may find not every private VPN service is good for you.

This is why we're going to look at the Tor VPN pricing first in this review.

TorVPN offers multiple pricing plans, depending on the bandwidth. There are four main bandwidth-based pricing plans, but you can also choose to pay for the VPN services based on how long you will be using TorVPN.

Cheap Tor VPN plan

It costs just £0.5. And its price is perhaps the only plus, as the bandwidth is limited up to 5GB and only 1 server is at your disposal. Besides, you may use this package for 15 days, which is a bit more than 2 weeks.

Pro Tor VPN plan

If you want to protect about 60 GB of your traffic, this plan is definitely for you. 30 days of use and 2 server locations are offered for TorVPN clients. The price is £1.90.

Silver Tor VPN plan

The Silver package is more beneficial than 2 previous. For £5.50 you will get Tor VPN protection of 3 devices during the period of 90 days. Furthermore, all 11 servers are allowed. 100 GB of traffic is enough even for those who like the streaming services.

Gold Tor VPN plan

The last package is the most advantageous. It allows 1 year protection for 4 digital gadgets with no traffic restrictions. The price is more than moderate – £19.90.

Want to know the best part?

TorVPN clients have an opportunity to create an ideal plan for themselves.

TorVPN clients have an opportunity to create an ideal plan for themselves.

Custom Tor VPN package allows choosing:

  • the period of protection (1-12 months);
  • number of servers (1-11);
  • devices per account (2-20);
  • traffic (10-10 000 GB). 

Custom Tor VPN package allows choosing:

In such a way, the most expensive plan will cost £178.20. It will give the protection of 20 gadgets for 365 days. The traffic is 10 000 GB. Besides, all TorVPN servers are available.

It sounds fantastic, isn’t it?

For 1GB you pay $3.85, for 10GB you pay $6.41 and the ultimate 30GB costs $12.82. These rates are per month and looking at them, I can say the second one is pretty attractive. There is also a three months' subscription plan.

Tor VPN free

But what about free Tor VPN use? Is it allowed?

For sure, it is.

You may use Tor VPN free for 7 days. Among the pluses of free Tor VPN plan there are:

+ unlimited speed;

+ secure tunneling protocols OpenVPN and PPTP;

+ 2 GB of traffic (enough for 7-day use).

At the same time, we have found some disadvantages one may face after having Tor VPN free download:

- lack of SSH tunnel (available for the rest TorVPN plans);

- time limits are possible.


Information on the TorVPN servers

TorVPN has multiple servers, for a long time all of them were located in Hungary. This came with a small set of drawbacks for some users, mainly those who wanted USA IP VPN. The second issue which could arrive with the location restricted servers was for users who wanted to access websites restricted in Europe.

To make up for these disadvantages, TorVPN offers reliable VPN service for those who only want to browse the internet under privacy and increases the bandwidth.

The situation has changed…

Currently, there are 11 servers located in:

  •  Australia
  •  France
  •  Hong Kong
  •  Hungary (2)
  •  Russia
  •  Sweden
  •  the UK (2)
  •  the USA (2)

Their servers perform really well, with a low risk of crashes or down time. Despite the fact all the servers are in a rather small geographical area (as compared to other VPNs), TorVPN offers good speed and complete freedom in switching the servers within the countries.

TorVPN features

TorVPN is secure VPN software, but some users might find it restrictive due to limited bandwidths: the maximum bandwidth provided by TorVPN is 10 000GB.

Depending on how you browse the internet, this might be an issue. For those who want to download data, this bandwidth asks for good data management, otherwise you can easily exceed the bandwidth of your package.

However, most users are happy with this bandwidth, as the speed is suitable for VoIP, streaming videos, downloading large files and for Skype calls via this VPN.

Security protocols

TorVPN offers OpenVPN, SSL and PPTP protocols, which make a good package when it comes to security and encryption. OpenVPN (setup guide is here) and PPTP are the best protocols out there for secure browsing. Adding the SSL, which is the leading protocol when it comes to encryption, you have a pretty good mix to keep your browsing sessions secure and private.

If you want to have a reliable VPN service which can hide your browsing and keep your sessions anonymous, TorVPN does a great job.

TorVPN uses shared static IP, which can seem like a drawback for those who are using dedicated IP, but for the average user who wants to stay safe and secure online, this is not necessarily an issue.

It's not clear if this VPN keeps no logging information. The TorVPN provider's answer about their logging policy is in FAQ section of the site.

Customer support service

TorVPN offers a reliable support service. On their website you can find video tutorials on how to download and use the VPN service. There are lots of instructions and pictures, which are of great help for new users and everyone who is not familiar with the VPN.

On the site you can also find troubleshooting tutorials which provide you the solutions for the most common issues and bugs which may come along while using TorVPN.

In the FAQ section you can find even more help and instructions regarding TorVPN functionality, as well as answers to the common issues.

If your problem is still not solved, you can try to contact TorVPN officials to provide a technical support. There is a ticket system and email contact, as well as request forms on the website.

There are no known issues regarding the operating mode of the support department, so it's safe to say they are going to help you solve the problem, replying to your emails in a timely and effective manner.

TorVPN contact form

Supported platforms

TorVPN is compatible with all the popular operating systems. You can download TorVPN for Windows, including Vista and 7, but you can also download Tor VPN for Linux and iOS. Given the large spread of iOS systems, this is a great advantage of TorVPN: you can use it on your favorite Apple devices, from the iPad to the iPhone. When it comes to mobile devices, TorVPN is also a VPN service compatible with Android OS. One account on TorVPN can allow you to keep all your browsing traces away from curious eyes, regardless if you are working on a laptop, desktop or mobile phone.

Summary on TorVPN

TorVPN has a number of strong advantages, such as the reliable support service and the wide system compatibility. You can also note the encryption, which makes your browsing safe and private. Yet, there are no refunds or trials, which might make a user, think twice before subscribing to TorVPN.

On the other part of the compass, the fees are competitive, quite on the low side, which can be a huge advantage for some users. All in one, there are better options than TorVPN out there, but if you only want a secure connection, you can find it a good VPN companion.

Tor VPN pros

  •  Affordable prices
  •  Free plan
  •  P2P sharing
  •  WiFi protection
  •  Dedicated and shared IPs
  •  Bitcoin payment (Learn how to buy VPN with bitcoin cryptocurrency)
  •  Protection of up to 20 devices
  •  SSH tunnel
  •  OpenVPN and PPTP protocols

Tor VPN cons

  •  Restrictions for free version
  •  Traffic limits
  •  11 servers only
  •  Uneasy setup procedure

Want to compare the VPN with another one?

reply December 23, 2017

TorVPN is not the best VPN for deep web, in my opinion. It doesn’t solve all problems I would like it to do. Even with gold subscription, we get only 11 servers when other VPN providers offer hundreds and even thousands.
reply December 26, 2017

You are fully right, Lenny. Tor VPN server geography is not so impressive as ExpressVPN or CyberGhost VPN, for example. Nevertheless, it’s enough for some internet users. If you are not one of them, you will definitely find something to your liking after looking through our rating of the best VPN services.

reply December 10, 2017

I’m going try this VPN. But don’t know if I need install tor browser beforehand?
reply December 11, 2017

You don’t need to install Tor browser to use TorVPN. They are NOT interconnected. If you want to know what is Tor browser, read this article.

reply March 22, 2017

Best VPN for small wallets.

reply March 22, 2017

TorVPN is a very easy to use VPN service provider. It's very fast, stable and really fair in price. At this time cost an unlimited based traffic account just 20 english pounds per year. Included OpenVPN, PPTP, SSH and connection to the Tor network to accessing the deep web. Of course, other providers have a little bit more functions, but today I found no one with a lower price. I'm not guilty and an outlaw, therfore is this level of safety for me absolutelly sufficient to keep my privacy. ;o)
reply March 24, 2017

The pricing policy of Tor VPN has changed a bit. Study our “Pricing” section to know how much to pay for Tor VPN subscription.

reply November 10, 2016

I am very impressed! Signup is easy, activation and setup process are super simple. But what impressed me most is the speed. I’m actually able watching HD movies with no delays even if they are restricted in my country.
reply November 10, 2016

TorVPN speed is really great. Otherwise, this service would not be good for torrenting!

reply October 15, 2016

I bought their 0.50£ package a week ago. Sadly, but I’m not happy with their service.
1. It does not work with Netflix. Asked for waiting but did not resolve the problem.
2. The connection is really slow. I expected more positive results.
reply October 17, 2016

Tobin, before subscribing for Cheap Tor VPN plan, you were to study the servers this plan offers. Unfortunately, the Cheap package supplies its clients with only 1 server located outside the USA. That is why it is impossible to unblock Netflix. The connection speed depends on the server you use. Perhaps, you are located far from the place where TorVPN server is located.

jimmy page
reply October 12, 2016

As many other VPN services, TorVPN is available for both PC and mobile device. I highly appreciate this feature because it makes my life easier and does not require multiple data entrance from different gadgets. But unlike any of VPNs, it comes with strong encryption and extremely cheap prices that allows me surfing the net with pleasure and tranquility.
reply October 12, 2016

You are right saying that TorVPN is available on PC and mobile gadgets. However, there is no Android app. If you want to protect your Android device, it is necessary to download TorVPN client on its official website.

Billy Smith
reply October 09, 2016

I’m a big fan of their privacy policy and traffic encryption. They code all sending and receiving info, and DO NOT KEEP LOGS. In addition, they support a warrant canary method. I do not practice it, but I truly believe in its observation. Anyway, it’s the most secure service I’ve ever seen.

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