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Last updated: 09/01/2019

TorrentPrivacy Review

TorrentPrivacy VPN was launched in 2007 and provides a safe, anonymous connection, allowing you to browse the internet without making your IP address public. This also protects you from sharing any personal data, which allows you to stay safe while browsing and especially while using the BitTorrent proxy.

One of the major pros of TorrentPrivacy VPN client is their 30 days money back guarantee, which is one of the longest periods of all the popular VPN services we've reviewed. 

Their pricing scheme is also highly competitive right now, which places TorrentPrivacy back on the tops of the best VPN service.

Despite the gossip, TorrentPrivacy has a network of 8 servers spread across the USA, Netherlands, and Sweden, which allow you to browse the internet safely, under anonymous presence.

Pricing and subscription of TorrentPrivacy

Not long ago, TorrentPrivacy was quite pricey, which completely took it off the competition; now, they reviewed their pricing and they are back in business.

What is TorrentPrivacy cost?

For a 3 months subscription, you pay $21.75, which is $7.25 per month.

If you want a BitTorrent proxy, you have to pay $5.6 per month, which is $66.75 per year and allows you to use any torrent client you want, due to wide compatibility.

There is also a possibility to save up to $32.25 by paying for 2 years plan. It will cost you $4.03 per month.

These prices put TorrentPrivacy in the main view, as they are reasonable and well balanced with the competition.

Subscription plans are flexible, as TorrentPrivacy comes with one month, 3 months, 1 year plan and 2 years plans. As you may guess, the longer the period, the smaller the fee, so if you choose long time periods you get a more economical package.

Subscription plans are flexible, as TorrentPrivacy

The subscription can be canceled at any time and you can ask for a refund from the support. The only problem will be to establish your eligibility for the refund.

Good news!

TorrentPrivacy can make you REALLY secure on the Internet. Extra safe and anonymous Bitcoin payment procedure allow hiding user identity.

Nevertheless, if you do not have an opportunity to pay by means of Bitcoins, you have a chance to use the PayPal payment system (In addition, have a look at our article about PayPal and VPN: why to use together).

Servers of TorrentPrivacy

TorrentPrivacy provides anonymous BitTorrent proxy and anonymous VPN connection. This private VPN service provider is compatible with most, if all the popular torrent websites, such as Torrent Reactor.

The service permits to bypass the restrictions which are enforced by your internet service provider and access specific data from another country or your own country.

TorrentPrivacy owns a network of 8 servers, spread across the US, Netherlands, and Sweden (check out our VPN rating for Sweden), which you can select when you start the VPN service.

Netherlands and Sweden, which you can select when you start the VPN service.

These ultra-fast servers are used by torrent fans to bypass the restrictions of the countries they live in. Thus, torrenting becomes possible everywhere, notwithstanding the rules of the country people visit or inhabit.

Main functions

TorrentPrivacy's main focus is to keep you safe while using torrent services, as TorrentPrivacy is focused on the torrent addicts. The VPN service uses L2TP and SSL protocols with the OpenVPN and traditional PPTP protocols.

For experienced SSL VPN service users, this is great information; for the beginners, you have to know that L2TP and SSL provide you with a higher data safety, especially when used together. The speed of your connection is also improved, which is another great thing.

TorrentPrivacy VPN serves to create a secure internet connection, making its subscribers anonymous on the cyber environment. So, anonymity is one of its main functions as well.

Thanks to the servers located in the Netherlands, the USA, and Sweden, it is not a problem to bypass all the possible restrictions and download torrents via VPN from the best sources in the world like the Pirate Bay, Kickass and what not.

Security and privacy

TorrentPrivacy comes with added security, due to the L2TP protocol, which provides a stronger, more reliable encryption, compared to other protocols. The VPN service can guard you against phishing and fraud, which are very common problems these days. SSL enhances the connection speed. The mix between the two protocols gives you the opportunity to enjoy a secure and speedy connection.

Another feature of TorrentPrivacy is that it doesn't have any limitation when it comes to speed. It allows you to enjoy the connection and download many files. But, if you are going to abuse this feature, the company officials may decide to look into your browsing habits.

TorrentPrivacy doesn't come with logs, which mean you can browse the internet bothered, without the fear of being tracked. This is a rare opportunity these days when major communication companies are tracking down every click you make online and report it to the government. The only logs kept by TorrentPrivacy don't reveal your identity and are deleted after seven days, so you are free to enjoy the internet in complete privacy.

Support service

When it comes to supporting service, TorrentPrivacy could perform better – a lot better!

The company proves a compelling FAQ section, where you can find a lot of valuable, useful answers for your questions, but when it comes to direct contact, you will have to wait a lot of time for someone to reply to your emails.

There is an option to contact the support team 24/7 via Facebook or Twitter, but this won't bring you anywhere close to actually talking to someone. For a good VPN service, the lack of proper customer support can weigh a lot, so this counts as a drawback.

How to contact TorrentPrivacy support team?

In case you have got some issues to be solved by dint of real human beings (but not tutorials, instructions and what not), TorrentPrivacy offers the customer support via email.

Your steps:

  • Open the “Customer Support” input
  • Fill in the form (name and valid email address)
  • Select the category: general, technical or financial
  • Leave a message
  • Add a file if necessary 
  • Send a message

Customer support of TorrentPrivacy

The purchase process

Before you choose one of the subscription plans, you can test TorrentPrivacy VPN service for one week, which is a great opportunity to check if there is a match between the two of you.

There is also a money back guarantee, which extends on 30 days, which is quite rare in the market and provides you with an advantage.

The payment options are also flexible and varied, ranging from PayPal to credit cards.


TorrentPrivacy can run on Windows and Mac and is compatible with Android, but it can't run on Apple devices. You can download TorrentPrivacy VPN for Windows and Mac both manually and automatically.

The proxy comes with automatic setup options for the BitTorrent, U-Torrent, and Vuze, while for the rest of the clients you will have to use manual installations.

Summary on TorrentPrivacy

TorrentPrivacy comes with a valuable mix of protocols, which guarantee your safety online and the best speed, for a comfortable user experience. The no log is another great advantage provided by the company, along with the long money back guarantee.

But TorrentPrivacy loses a lot due to being incompatible with Apple devices, which take up a lot of the market share these days. Another drawback is the delay in support team responses, which lead to a lot of complaints about time. See our ''best iOS VPN'' rating.

Bottom all, if you are a torrent addict, you will find TorrentPrivacy one of the best VPN solutions on the market; if you are not focused on torrents, there are also other great options for you, but TorrentPrivacy does worth a try, even then.

TorrentPrivacy pros

  • Fast servers in the Netherlands, Sweden, and the USA
  •  No-logging policy
  •  The period of free trial
  •  Money-back guarantee (30 days)
  •  Unlimited bandwidth and speed
  •  Compatibility with popular platforms (Android, Linux, Mac, Windows)
  •  Easy installation and use
  •  Ideal for torrenting
  •  Affordable TorrentPrivacy cost

TorrentPrivacy cons

  •  Servers in only 3 countries
  •  8 servers
  •  No live chat support

If you have already experienced anonymous torrenting by means of TorrentPrivacy, please, share it in the comments. If not, feel free to ask questions if there are any in your mind.

Want to compare the VPN with another one?

reply October 06, 2017

After I setup the VPN on my win10, more torrent sites became available. But I’ve got speed troubles. It decreases a lot. So I wouldn’t call it a 5-star-VPN, but it’s not bad for torrenting, as it does unblock sites.
reply October 09, 2017

Unfortunately, it frequently happens that the data transferring rate becomes slower after a device is connected to the network via a VPN client. Server location is to be taken into consideration. The closer a VPN server is located to you, the higher is the speed. In case you have an opportunity to choose the nearest server, do it. However, TorrentPrivacy restricts its subscribers because its servers are placed in 3 countries only.

reply September 26, 2017

Yeh, I used the service and quite satisfied with it. What’s more, TorrentPrivacy promo code allowed me to save money. So, I’ve got unlimited access to the torrent trackers which were banned for me.

reply January 13, 2017

Hurrah! At last I got a website from where I be able to truly get valuable data concerning my study and knowledge.

reply October 07, 2016

Usually, VPN services offer free trial limited versions to demonstrate their possibilities to those who wish. TorrentPrivacy is not one of these services, but it guarantees 30 days money back. I’ve decided to take a chance and purchased a subscription for one month. And it's all right so far. Speed is normal with no failures. It does good work, I hope it won't spoil.

Earl Young
reply October 05, 2016

This service has three server locations: the USA, Sweden and Netherlands. For me it’s quite enough for browsing. The VPN demonstrates medium security level using SSL protocol for data protection and 128-bit file encryption that are not the most secure options. Nevertheless, such low encryption level provides fast connection speed.
reply October 06, 2016

In case a user wants to access the websites or torrent trackers available in one of three countries, TorrentPrivacy will be ok. It is well known that the US IPs help to bypass restrictions successfully.

reply October 04, 2016

I used TorrentPrivacy last year and I had negative opinion. During the download process, I had some problems and needed to contact with support three times. But their responses were rare and unhelpful. When I finally installed the application, connection was stable with the exception of some breaks from time to time. Anyway, it’s a good deal for 10$ per month.
reply October 06, 2016

Good afternoon, Ralph. The support service of TorrentPrivacy is a real problem for many users. However, it is good that you like the VPN after such negative experience.