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Steganos Review

Everything you do online can take some data. Every photo you view on Facebook, every website you log onto and every video or sound clip you view online consumes some of your costly data. The same goes for pop up adverts that redirect you to malicious websites.

It is also a scary notion that everything you do or view online can be linked right back to you and can lead to one or many of your accounts being hacked. If you want to save data and be completely safe from censoring software and hackers then it is time to get protection from the best VPN service currently on the market, namely Steganos VPN software.

Steganos - vpn serviceWith Steganos all your online activities will become completely anonymous, no one will be able to find out where you are located and you will cut back on a lot of data since scamming ads and pop-ups will be blocked on each website you visit.

This private VPN service also offers added services such as password manager and a secure safe that adds onto your security in a way no other VPN providers do. 

Tariffs and prices

This good VPN service offers solutions that vary from most VPN. They don’t just have the usual VPN services that most VPNs provide. They also give added security through Password management and the Steganos Safe software.

Password manager – The password manager comes with a free thirty-day trial. The password manager is perfect for people who keep forgetting their passwords because it protects your passwords and automatically inserts them when you want to use different devices such as Windows, iOS, Chrome, Mozilla, Dropbox and access different accounts. Mobile devices are also much easier to use since they use touch ID to activate all your accounts. The password manager costs only $24.95 and can be used for as long as you like since there is no expiry date.

Steganos Safe– Do you have some files that you don’t want anyone to see? The Steganos Safe keeps sensitive data completely secure on your PC, networks and in a cloud account. Encryption software prevents hackers from getting access to your safe and you can expand the size of your safe as you need. The Steganos Safe software costs $39.95 and comes with a free trial.

Steganos Privacy Suite 20 – This is a three in one software option that provides a safe, password management and a trace destructor so all your data will be protected no matter what you do online. Steganos Privacy Suit encrypts all your information so no one will know what they are looking at even if they do get into your accounts. You get all three benefits at only $59.95 and there is a free trial that you can try if you want to put Steganos VPN software to the test.

mySteganos Online Shield VPN – This monthly VPN service keeps you safe when you use the internet. You enjoy worldwide protection, add blocking, you stay safe from hackers and you get complete anonymity so you can do whatever you like online without putting yourself or any of your personal information at risk (cyber frauds became too frequent). The VPN service costs only $49.95 per year comes with a free trial and you can enjoy the internet as free as a bird since you can enjoy protection for up to five different devices at the same time.

Info on Servers of Steganos

You can access this reliable VPN service from anywhere in the world since it is available across the globe and have access to any content that you might want to enjoy at any location. Even restricted websites will be available to you and sites like ShowBox who offer limited content in other countries can become fully accessible with Steganos but Steganos does not make it clear on the exact amount of servers and locations they have available. 

Functions of Steganos

  • Your online activities are encrypted and your IP address gets hidden which means that no one can monitor what you are doing or hack into your account.
  • Ads and Popups are blocked, which saves you from dangerous scammers and reduces the amount of data you use every month.
  • Threats in your area are highlighted and displayed to you as clear as daylight.
  • You can be completely anonymous and do anything you like, stream any content you desire or play any games you want without being targeted by censoring software.
  • You can enjoy protection on the go because you can download Steganos VPN for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android and many other devices.
  • Even social sites are protected and cookies are immediately deleted.
  • Other security measures can be added such as a password manager or a secure safe. 

Security and Privacy of Steganos

Steganos is a great VPN when it comes to security. They have 256-bit encryption software that protects all your online activities. The software such as the password manager and safe is also protected with the best possible security protocols and encryption software. These additions make Steganos a perfect VPN for business owners who want to secure their confidential business information and for individuals who simply don’t want certain information and photo’s to leak onto the net. 

Support service of Steganos

You can get great support from Steganos by visiting their contact site where you can find an online guide to the most common problems. You can also email any inquiries to them and receive expert advice from their customer support. 

Client Account process

The website is incredibly straightforward. You can simply select the plan that you are interested in and get a free download so you can try the services. When you buy a full membership, you can register via email, make a quick payment via PayPal and be on your way to great protection. 


Steganos functions on multiple different devices and software such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Mozilla, iPhone, Android and much more and allows you to connect up to five devices at the same time.


The only downside of Steganos is that their VPN package limits you to 500MB per month when you use the free plan. Aside from that, you get great benefits at an affordable rate and you can do anything you like online without putting any of your confidential information at risk. Steganos is definitely a great investment for anyone who is incredibly paranoid about their personal info.

Want to compare the VPN with another one?

reply October 11, 2016

Do you know that no matter which VPN you choose, your Internet connection will be slower while using a VPN? This is a cost of provided security. Nevertheless, Steganos shows impressive results. First of all, it takes a few seconds to create an encrypted tunnel between my gadget and selected server. Furthermore, it may reduce the speed, but does it on a minimal level. As an extreme feature, it blocks some advertisement.

Bill Stevenson
reply October 05, 2016

I’ve searching for the service which is able to unblock Netflix. Unfortunately, this service does not work for it. Furthermore, it provides limited range of configurations and privacy options. I think I deserve better!

reply October 03, 2016

I signed up for Steganos’s trial last month. The USA servers were quite fast. But there were troubles with other servers’ connection. I tested a few of them and they did not change my IP. In fact, they didn't change my geographical location and left all local websites inaccessible

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