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Last updated: 09/01/2019

SSLPrivateProxy Review

It is commendable that the progress in communication technology has made it simpler and quicker for people to communicate and engage in businesses on the Internet. Well, at the same time, it has also made it simpler for federal agencies and cyber criminals to track any kind of online activities of even innocent users. This is why most Internet users prefer surfing the Internet anonymously as well as safely. For this, it is best to use a good VPN service. 

Well, the best VPN service is the one that is affordable, secure, and faster. One such service to consider is SSLPrivateProxy that offers anonymous proxies as well as VPN servers, at the most affordable rate.


The rate is the cheapest one per server. While this review focuses only on its secure VPN software, one thing is for sure: Your identity and privacy both are protected while surfing online at the most wallet-friendly price by hiding your device’s original IP address.

With such protection, nobody can locate or find out your original IP address. What’s more to it is that service provider has a completely redundant core network featuring 99.9% uptime and robust protection against DDOS attacks. Based in Seychelles, SSLPrivateProxy is just three years old but it has shown tremendous growth by serving an increasing number of customers from across the globe. 

Plans and Prices for VPN Client Service

Just as any flexible and reliable VPN service, SSLPrivateProxy offers two types of servers: Shared IP and Private (Dedicated) IP. So, you have two categories of plans to choose namely, Shared VPN and Private VPN. However, the shared VPN category is still in progress, which will take some time to show up. It will be offering three plans: SSPP-VPN-1 at $3.5 per month, SSPP-VPN-5 at $5 per server per month (so $15 due to 5 servers), and SSPP-VPN-10 at $25 per month.

The Private VPN category also has the same plans but at a total price of $7, $30, and $50 per month, respectively. In case you need more dedicated IPs from several cities, you can choose SSPP-VPN-5 or SSPP-VPN-10 plan for having 5 or 10 such IPs. 

Unlike shared VPN, a dedicated VPN service offers access to torrents and Point to Point (P2P) communication, multiple cities flexibility, and multiple subnets. The rest are common features available with any plan such as free setup, Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)/OpenVPN protocol, encryption, access to blocked sites, unlimited bandwidth, and random server choice.

At present, there is no free trial but you can claim the full refund in three days of signing up. This is acceptable, as you can easily judge the quality of service. However, for a refund, the condition is that you have not used your account for an automated web submission procedure such as Craiglist posting or game bots. The service accepts a few payment options along with PayPal (default), such as WorldPay and BitCoin.

Server Location Details

This private VPN service has almost 30 servers VPN servers in the United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Holland, and Germany. In the United States alone, there are servers in 19 major cities including Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Salt Lake City, San Jose, Dallas, Miami, Portland, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Seattle. 

In the United Kingdom, it has only one location in Kent. In Europe, there is one location each in Zurich, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt. While the network coverage is not vast, the company is planning to expand it in near future. 

Functions Rendering SSLPrivateProxy as the Best VPN Service

Well, there is no need for you to go for SSLPrivateProxy VPN download, as all you have to do is simply sign up to get started. This saves you from the extra step of installation of SSLPrivateProxy CPN software, unlike other service providers. 

Coming to the speed and bandwidth, SSLPrivateProxy ensures them as ‘unlimited’ to all VPN customers. You are also promised of 99.99% uptime via its network having a good connection to ports of 1 Gbps. Due to this high speed and bandwidth, it becomes a smooth experience to watch streaming High Definition videos, communicate through VOIP, torrent, download big files, and play online games without any delay or slowdowns. 

Security and Privacy of the Secure VPN Software

SSLPrivateProxy provides its service via the PPTP protocol and protects data through 128-bit encryption. It is true that this protocol is less secure than Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) and OpenVPN protocols. However, it is much faster as well as compatible with most devices and operating systems. 

The protocol is capable of securing IP addresses, passwords, bank information, financial transactions, e-commerce sessions, and PayPal login information while being on a public Wi-Fi network. It also protects all applications that use the Internet.

The service provider records connection details such as connection time, timestamp, and IP addresses but only for maintenance and troubleshooting. These logs are removed at regular intervals. Moreover, the personal information of users is not disclosed or handed to anyone unless abuse is reported. 

Support Service

This seems to be the strong selling point of this customer. The provider has all possible options, email, ticket system, knowledgebase, FAQs, and announcements. Although the live chat option is unavailable, the support staff responds very well. Even remote assistance is given to those who are unable to set up the service or troubleshoot all alone.

Above all, the service providers offer many departments for making a contact with the right personnel. There are departments such as Abuse, Billing, Support, Pre Sale, and Support. 

The Purchase Process via a Client Account

The process is quite straightforward. You start by signing up during which you choose a VPN package consisting of a billing cycle and server location for you to specify. You add it to your shopping cart, specify the reason for buying it, and check out to pay for it. Once the payment is done, your package is added to your account. Within an hour, you can start using the service. 


SSLPrivateProxy is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android. As there is no dedicated VPN client, you need to configure manually. 


SSLPrivateProxy is truly a fast VPN service offering shared and private IPs. Consider it for accessing American content from any country of the world. It serves to protect its consumers against data leaks and hacking attacks round-the-clock. Be convinced, a VPN is on the list of the best internet privacy tools not by chance!

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reply September 01, 2016

Very impressed with this service. Now I can watch BBC wherever I am. Speeds are very fast compared with other cheap vpns. And their customer support is excellent. Highly recommend!

William Griffin
reply August 25, 2016

I’m always online and need proxies for different tasks. Earlier I used socks for these purposes, but I can confirm it’s not enough for private work. So, my friend’s recommended sslprivateproxy vpn, and I can say it makes me free. I don’t need to combine socks with vpns, I just have this vpn. It’s true that you get what you’ve paid for.

Devin Howard
reply August 21, 2016

Unlike other vpns sslprivateproxy doesn’t offer free testing, which's scared me at first, but they have such function as a refund. Luckily, I’m satisfied with its job so I haven’t tried a refund)) sslprivateproxy supports http and https protocols, so it’s rather defensive and fast. Its servers are located in the US it does nicely to me but not to everyone, so be attentive choosing this vpn.

reply May 21, 2016

I’ve bought private proxy vpn to play pokemon go. I’ve used it for three days already I enjoyed. It’s openly the most famous personal proxy supplier. In-time support, fast speed, confidential proxies are great. Don’t save your money this service’s worth it.