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SpyOFF VPN Review

While increasing the number of connected devices, we often belittle online protection and security. However, with the boosted number of apps and chains of connected to one and the same network devices you need to consider the necessity to subscribe for a reliable service that is to make your network defended from cyber attacks.

One of the most effective solutions in the sphere today is a VPN service, which makes our network protected from unauthorized interference, surveillance, monitoring and malicious codes implementation into our OSes. SpyOFF VPN is one of the presented on the market up-to-date outputs of the service. Listed below there is all the significant information on the service you may want to learn. 

Tariffs and prices of SpyOFF VPN

SpyOFF VPN offers a free trial package for 15 days, which is really great, as long as you can test the service before subscribing for it. As for the rest, the company offers three conventional packages:

  • 1 month package costs €10,99 per month. It is monthly billed and includes full limitless bandwidth, 1000+ server locations in 40+ countries. The plan is stated to make your network absolutely free and anonymous.
  • 6 months package costs €8,99 per month. The package offers annual billing, unlimited bandwidth, 1000+ server locations in 40+ countries and absolute safeness and anonymity.
  • 16 months package costs €4,70 per month and is billed annually. Besides limitless bandwidth, 1000+ server locations in 40+ countries and absolute safeness the service suggests full high speeds.

The service carries multiple logins, therefore it can be run simultaneously on multiple devices. So that there is no difference what plan you choose, you won’t be deprived of the possibility, as well as limitless data transferring and server switches.

If you find the prices rather expensive, you can opt for VPN Unlimited or TorGuard, for example, which are cheaper.

SpyOFF VPN price

Info on Servers in different countries

A huge range of servers to choose from is offered by the company. When comparing the number with some other advanced providers the number turns up to be small and insufficient. However, the provider gives a multitude of IPs in 40+ countries and the network is being continuously enlarged. All your needs including manual and advanced settings are said to be satisfied with the variety of possibilities the company gives.

Being an average customer you may have some difficulties with the service settings, therefore, the provider offers a complete installation guide for your chosen OS. The available servers are placed in such countries as Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, the UK, Canada, Denmark, France, Hungary, etc. 

Functions of SpyOFF VPN

Using SpyOFF VPN you are guaranteed to achieve such benefits as:

  • anonymous browsing and downloading;
  • protection of your online privacy;
  • easy-to-use apps;
  • geo-location shifting;
  • high-speed multiple connections;
  • a free trial version.

With the help of this up-to-date solution, you will be able to hide your true address and shift your virtual location while choosing one of the offered servers placed in different countries. A secure SSL connection is to make all your vulnerable data inaccessible and hidden from prying eyes. The apps are compatible with numerous OSes and the company provides a limitless multitude of simultaneous connections to one and the same account.

While choosing one of the 335+ servers you can easily shift your true geo-location and unblock any of the geo-restricted content you need. The servers are well designed with speed boosters and applicable for watching streaming services in a high quality or playing multi-player games without any lags or hits. 

Security and Privacy

SpyOFF customers’ online security and privacy are maintained by establishing a secure tunneling, which is created with the use of up-to-date protocols. While being routed through the tunneling all your generated traffic comes to be encrypted, which makes your network and confidential content protected from multiple threats and unauthorized interference. Besides, your identity is to be hidden behind one of the VPN’s server IPs (learn more in our hide my IP guide), which makes you ‘invisible’ even for your ISP. 

Support service

The official website of the service is translated into two languages English and German, which can result in some difficulties with understanding. However, the company offers such useful sections as a glossary, FAQ, blog, and contact.

While being subscribed for a free trial or a Starter plan you have a possibility to submit a ticket with your question and the support team is to help you solve it. Nevertheless, the company doesn’t have an online chat, which can make your life easier, as long as you don’t have to wait for the answer in this case. 

Client Account procedures

When signing up for a plan a free trial version is automatically provided for testing. All the features are enumerated again so that if you haven’t noticed some essential features, you can see them once again. In order to subscribe for the service, you need to fill in your username, password and set a recovery email address. After that, you are informed to look through all the terms of usage and privacy policy.

Thus, if you don’t cancel a plan's usage 7 days before the expiring date, your contract will be exceeded for one more month. So, be attentive while subscribing for the service and don’t be shy to ask all the upcoming questions in advance. The service accepts credit cards as a payment method only. 


The app is compatible with Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android-based devices. As soon as the service suggests using the app for multiple devices connected simultaneously for one and the same account. However, if you are looking for Opera VPN, SpyOFF will not help.


SpyOFF VPN is one of the competitors providing its service for both average and advanced customers. The standard set of packages is suitable for fulfilling different tasks and meeting various needs. A high-security level is achieved through up-to-date technologies such as SSL 256-bit key, which is great for making all the generated traffic routed through the VPN encrypted and inaccessible for others.

The number of servers is pretty enough for making your network free from censorship and surveillance, as long as you have a choice between numerous IPs in 40+ different countries. However, there are some hardships with the customer support and official website, as soon as it is translated into two languages only and doesn’t have a built-in online chat.

Such as there were, the company suggests testing a free trial before making a subscription for any of the plans and has gained popularity among average customers.

Our experts are glad to award SpyOFF VPN for reliability in 2017.Congratulations!


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