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Last updated: 09/01/2019

Spotflux Review

To our great disappointment, Spotflux is forced to cease its operation and stops delivering its services by August 31, 2017. All current customers are guaranteed with refunds for Annual subscriptions purchased via PayPal, Stripe or Google Play. Spotflux monthly customers will be able to finish their subscriptions and don't have to pay for the subsequent period. 
Instead, you’re highly recommended to subscribe for one of the best VPN services like Nord VPN or Express VPN and surf the net freely and securely with no worries being hacked and compromised. 

If you are tired of constant add interruptions and popups whenever you try to enjoy your favorite websites and social media sites, then it is time to get the help of a good VPN service like Spotflux. These pop-up ads are not only annoying.

They also take up a lot of your data and they are dangerous because many of these ads are scams used by internet hackers who are trying to get access to some of your personal information so they can hack into your bank or other accounts. Spotflux does not just restrict annoying and dangerous ads; they also have a lot of other benefits to you such as a secure internet connection that protects your online identity and activities, fast network speeds and access to geologically restricted websites. 

Spotflux - vpn serviceIf you buy this USA VPN you will be completely secure no matter where you go and what you do online and you can maximize your internet use because you can enjoy any content like movies, games, TV shows and much more from any location in the world. 

Tariffs and prices of Spotflux

This USA IP VPN only has two memberships that you can get for the best possible protection. Both memberships give you all the benefits that Spotflux has to offer such as access to high-performance networks, great quality service, multiple server locations across the globe, ad blocking, enhanced privacy and support for multiple devices.

Mobile Only – The mobile package supports iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android. VPN clients pay only $29.99 per year and they can enjoy great protection no matter where they go and no matter which connection they use. Even open Wi-Fi hotspots are completely safe when you have the software installed on your mobile device because no one can monitor you or see what you are doing online.

Premium – This USA VPN package costs only $37.99 per year, which is much more affordable than most VPN services. You can connect up to five different devices such as Windows and Mac as well as mobile devices. That is five of your devices that will be completely protected no matter what you do online and no matter where you go.

Spotflux is also very flexible and allows you to pay via PayPal, Credit Card, and Bitcoin. The payment process is incredibly fast and convenient.

Info on Servers of Spotflux

Spotflux has limited servers. You can access ten servers from around the world, but these servers are in great locations like the United Kingdom and the United States as well as other locations across the globe. The UK and USA locations (to access US Netflix content, for example) are sufficient to most internet users because these are the leading content capitals of the world when it comes to quality online content and software.

Functions of Spotflux

Spotflux is one of the best VPN services because they use advanced software to provide you with the best possible protection. Some of the benefits that you can enjoy from this private VPN service are:

  • Spotflux is user-friendly. The setup process and installation is incredibly easy, the software is simple to use and takes up little space on your computer or mobile device.
  • All your online activities are encrypted so no one can see or monitor what you are doing. You will be completely safe even if you access sites that are restricted in your area.
  • You get a safe and secure connection in which you can do what you like without falling risk to online hackers.
  • Add blocking prevents you from being scammed by malicious sites and saves you a lot of bandwidth.
  • You can select the locations you wish to connect through and use the internet as if you were in these very locations. This means you can enjoy only the best movies, games and content no matter where you are.
  • There are no restrictions on your access or on your speeds and connectivity.
  • Data savings software compresses your web traffic and reduces your overall bandwidth so you can enjoy endless hours of online streaming and unrestricted gaming at a much more affordable rate.

Security and Privacy

Spotflux uses OpenVPN for both desktop and mobile connections. The OpenVPN provides you with a secure virtual network tunnel and the 256-bit encryption software encrypts all of your online activities so no one can access your URL to see what you are viewing or downloading. They also keep no logs which mean you can torrent to your heart’s content and access any restricted website without putting yourself at risk when it comes to censoring software.

Support service

Spotflux has an FAQ section and a video blog where users can find useful info on how to solve some of their most common issues. The live chat support section is sadly restricted to premium users only which can be a bit tough for those who only needed the Spotflux VPN software for their mobile devices only.

Client Account

You don’t have to register to install the secure VPN software since downloads are available online for free and can be done with the click of a button. Those who want to start using Spotflux professionally will have to register with their email addresses and will have to make a payment after which they can enjoy unlimited protection on all their devices.


Spotflux offers easy to use software for multiple devices such as Windows, Mac, iOS, iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android. Their premium membership also allows you to connect up to five devices at the same time so you can be protected whether you are using your desktop PC, your Apple laptop or any of your different mobile devices.


One of the biggest highlights of Spotflux is the money back guarantee that will ensure that you won’t lose anything when you are not satisfied with their services. The servers are limited and they only use one security protocol, but they do offer great benefits in the form of security and affordability. Don't forget to look through other VPN reviews.

Want to compare the VPN with another one?

Chris Dave
reply October 05, 2016

Spotflux proposes 10 servers which are very busy in most cases. So, it limits some options and goes extremely slow. Better think twice before subscribing on Spotflux. There are other VPNs on the market that are much better and cost less.

reply October 03, 2016

What about me, I’ve paid for premium account and do not regret. It keeps the same network performance and easy-to-use interface as its free version, protects against malware and blocks advertisement. All the USA servers work well, maintain fast and secure connection.

reply September 30, 2016

I’ve tested free version on my laptop with Windows 7 OS. It’s one of the user-friendly program. It connects with servers automatically and directly after installation process. There is no need to configure or enter different options. Spotflux is very useful if you want to secure your Internet activity. Free version allows connecting to American servers only. If you want to use other location, this service will be useless.

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