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Last updated: 15/02/2019

SlickVPN Review

Don’t you just hate it when you try to view some content from another country only to realize it is restricted in your location?  Even social sites like Facebook and YouTube are being restricted in countries like China and Afghanistan.

If you want to regain complete internet freedom, then it is time to consider a good VPN service like SlickVPN. This reliable VPN service creates a virtual tunnel that metaphorically transports you to a location where there are no restrictions on content. You can once again have full access to the content that you love and there is no way censoring software can trace your activities because your IP address also changes according to your new location.

It will look as if you were from that very country and your true IP address will be hidden so you can be completely anonymous when you use the net. But that is not all. SlickVPN also protects your confidential information because they prevent ISP and hackers from monitoring you online. All your online accounts like emails, bank accounts, and online conversations will be completely secure and safe. 

Tariffs and prices of SlickVPN

The biggest deciding factors when VPN clients choose the best VPN service for them is budget and quality. Luckily SlickVPN qualifies for both of these factors because they offer fantastic quality protection at great prices and with great membership options to choose from.

Monthly – If you want to test the service for a month or prefer a month to month payment option, then this is the perfect package because you get all the benefits that SlickVPN has to offer at only $10 per month.

6 Months – You save 30% on costs and only pay $5 per month when you take out this membership.

Yearly – This is their most popular option that allows you to save 48% on costs because you will be paying only $4 per month.

Tariffs and prices of SlickVPN

SlickVPN gives 30day money back guarantee should you be unsatisfied with any of their services. The benefits that SlickVPN provides with their membership includes 100% anonymity, security, IP and DNS leak protection, access to 142 servers in 46 countries, unlimited server switching, speeds, and data transfers and 24-hour customer care service. SlickVPN accepts payments via PayPal, credit card and Bitcoin.

Info on Servers of SlickVPN

Anyone from anywhere in the world can use this secure VPN software and switch between 142 servers as often as they like to find the best server and get full access to the best possible content. The servers are available in 46 countries for complete internet flexibility and freedom. 

Functions when you become a SlickVPN client

SlickVPN holds a lot of benefits to internet users such as:

  • Online protection because your IP is protected so hackers and censoring software cannot get access to private information. All your online activities are also encrypted so no one can monitor or view what you are viewing online or downloading.
  • You get complete anonymity because your IP address is hidden. This means that you can access websites that are restricted in your area without getting caught and you can blog and share to your heart’s content without putting yourself at risk to tracing.
  • You get complete internet freedom so you can enjoy movies, TV shows and online games from all over the world, even if the content is not available in your area. Even Netflix movies can be watched from all over the world without any interruptions or tracing.
  • The VPN provides fast network speeds for uploads and downloads as well as a secure and stable connection. There are also no restrictions on bandwidth, speed or server switching.
  • All packages come with a 30-day money back guarantee and you get full access to customer support at any time of the day or night. 

Security and Privacy

SlickVPN has a strong 128-bit encryption that will protect you even if someone is able to hack into your account because they still won’t be able to monitor anything since all of your online activities will be encrypted and thus inaudible for the public. They also use a combination of protocols like PPTP, IPSec, and OpenVPN to add extra protection to your account and keep your IP address hidden so no one will be able to hack into your private information or get access to any of your confidential content. 

Support service

The website has a help and support page that you can view to receive guidance for the most common issues such as installation guides. Alternatively, you can send them an email from their ‘contact us’ page so you can get particularly difficult queries solved professionally. 

Client Account

You will need to join SlickVPN with your email address and make a payment before your online account will be active and before you will be able to download the software, but once the SlickVPN download is completed, the installation and setup process is incredibly easy and simple. 


SlickVPN is completely flexible. They offer routers as well as software that are supported by just about every device like mobile phones, tabs, laptops, PCs and more and they work on any platform including Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, and more. 

In general, Slick is a good VPN for Kodi and other streaming services, as it doesn't slow down the speed. 


SlickVPN is not the cheapest VPN out there, but they offer unmatchable quality protection for any and all of your online protection so you can enjoy as much content as the internet has to offer without ever putting yourself at risk. You will enjoy the quality performance and the best possible protection from hackers and censoring software so you can enjoy your internet life to the fullest and get full access to any and all content that the internet has to offer. 

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Steve W
reply October 24, 2016

I get good speeds with this service, around 7-8MB/s (90% of my line speed). Very happy with it.

I've contacted support once, they were quick, and helped with my questions

Thumbs up from me!

reply October 05, 2016

In general, this is a good service. The main goal of VPN service is to offer security and anonymity. And SlickVPN does it well. There is no free trial offer, but the company guarantees 30-day money-back. As far as I'm concerned, they have a high reputation and will refund your money for your request. But you simply must use this VPN – you will never regret!

reply October 05, 2016

I like their pricing. It’s possible to pay less than 1$ per day for the block option. But for me, the US user, it reduces substantially the speed of Internet connection and keeps some websites blocked.

Curt Smith
reply October 02, 2016

I’ve tried SlickVPN. They have a 30-day money back guarantee. I’ve signed up with PayPal and had no problem getting a refund, response was quick and very professional. Anyway, speed was decent but not the quickest one. As I’ve searched for fast connection, I’ve needed to refuse it.