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Last updated: 09/01/2019

SecretsLine VPN Review

Probably, you have considered using a VPN service. If not you will doubtlessly do it in the shortest time. As soon as you realize that internet connection is full of challenges (if you don't, read our cybersecurity statistics article), you will want to protect your network with such advanced decision as a VPN service. To be considered as the best service is a great deal of work for contemporary providers as if compare them with those we used fifteen years ago, the competition removes weak companies.

The offer is so huge that it’s often very difficult to choose a good service for an ordinary user. But provided that you have chosen an appropriate VPN service, you should be sure that your internet connection is secured while all the traffic is encrypted and hidden from prying eyes.

Today SecretLine VPN is the object of our review. The service is stated to care not only about encryption as of the first information security clause but also of identification of all nodes in a VPN. So, you are able to find more details in the review. 

Tariffs and prices of SecretsLine VPN

If you want the sufficient data to be reachless for adversaries, look through the packages the VPN offers. The service suggests using three different packages:

⇒ Premium plan costs $9 per month; $36 per 6 months ($6/month); $48 per 1 year ($4/month).

The package provides OpenVPN, PPTP, HTTP proxy support. It hides your IP and DNS, offers safe Wi-Fi. The server locations of the package are placed in such countries as Germany, Romania, the UK, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, France, Belgium, Spain, the US, the Netherlands, Czech, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Poland, Israel, Hong Kong, and the Isle of Man.

⇒ Double VPN plan costs $19 per month; $96 per 6 months ($16/month); $132 per 1 year ($11/month).

The plan provides OpenVPN, PPTP, HTTP proxy support, hinders your authentic IP and offers safe Wi-Fi connections. The servers are placed in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, the US, Czech, Russia, Luxembourg, Israel.

⇒ Onion VPN plan costs $19 per month; $96 per 6 months ($16/month); $132 per 1 year ($11/month).

The tariff is a perfect choice for anonymous browsing. It provides customers with servers in 29 countries, unlimited bandwidth, and high speeds.


Any client is able to pay with such available methods as WebMoney, credit cards, UKash, Bitcoin, PayPal, Skrill, QIWI and etc.

SecretsLine VPN service price

Info on Servers in different countries

The service offers 30+ servers located in 20 countries. Although the number of countries and servers may seem to be inconspicuous, the company’s network is being constantly enlarged. Moreover, the SecretLine VPN suggested by the provider is the greatest way to secure your critically confidential information.

SecretsLine VPN service

Functions of SecretsLine VPN

As soon as it comes to VPN selection, advanced customers pay attention to the most essential characteristics when the rest are usually dropped. Here we try to uncover the most essential features of SecretLine VPN:

  • the company suggests running the service for both business and individual needs (as a proxy server);
  • the emphasis of the company’s policy is made on encryption, as the provider assures that nobody can feel protected online without it;
  • the service assures its clients that the private correspondence will stay protected from prying eyes;
  • the VPN is able to bypass censorship and return the lost internet freedom;
  • the provider is stated to be highly anonymous as it stores NO logging or metadata on its customers and accepts such anonymous payment methods as crypto-currency;
  • the protocols used for clients’ protection are known to be constantly improved and updated;
  • the speed performance of the service is claimed to be as fast as without the VPN, which is achieved due to running high-efficient servers located in different European and not only countries;
  • no limits are known to set for SecretLine customers. 

Security and Privacy

Perhaps the most important thing one should learn before subscribing for a VPN service is the methods of encryption it uses. As for this service, the company applies such protocols as OpenVPN, PPTP, HTTP proxy.

It also offers full support for BitTorrent, p2p, VoIP software. Having connected to the internet through the service’s server, your authentic IP is to be hidden as well as your DNS. Whenever you decide to travel to another country or use a Wi-Fi hotspot at a café you will be protected from snoopers and other adversaries. Moreover, the server park allows its clients to run their ‘home’ network while being abroad, which is highly useful for business companies. 

Support service

What is extremely important for both average and advanced customers is clients’ support. When talking about SecretsLine VPN, it offers online chat with the help of which you are able to get an up-to-the-minute answer. Also, the official website leaves a possibility to be made aware of the information on installation on your own through manuals for different OSes and protocols. And, of course, you should remember to read all the rules before subscribing for the VPN

Client Account procedures

The client account procedure is pretty ordinary. All the data you need for registration on the website as a potential customer is your username, password, and image code (for making sure you aren’t a robot). The service forbids email distribution, sites and services hacking, carding, any unlawful actions connected with IPS and some others. 


In case you want to protect all of your multi-platform devices, you need to know what OSes the service is compatible with. So, here are Windows XP, Vista, 7; Linux; Mac OS X; and some other configuration related to browsers. 


In terms of increasing offer, it has become difficult for VPN providers to fight for being the best. SecretsLine VPN is one of the up-to-date services that has every reason to be considered as a good service.

The company provides profitable terms for both business and individual customers. The protocols used by the provider for traffic encryption meet all the standards and are being regularly updated. Although the server park is not wide if compare it with other services, the Double encryption plan offered by the company may be of a high use for those who cherish their online confidentiality.

Besides, the service seems to be anonymous as it accepts different payment methods including crypto-currency and stores no logging data on its clients. The app is compatible with multiple OSes, which is good for multi-platform devices owners.

In general, SecretLine is a good VPN for Egypt, Syria or any other censored country. 

Unfortunately, the official website doesn’t contain any data on a trial version and money-back guarantee. Nevertheless, the VPN gives the impression of a qualitative service.

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