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Safervpn Overview

If you are an average, normal person, then you probably also do the occasional naughty thing online. Average and normal people are not saints. They also enjoy the occasional shocking article, browse suspicious how tutorials, stalk a few exes when they are bored and say less than complimentary things about people in their lives. It would be a shame if everyone was forced to become saints through censoring software or due to the fact that anyone can hack into your personal accounts, which is exactly what is happening at the moment since the public Internet is not secure. Imagine what your neighbors would say if they came across your complaints about them and their activities? Everyone would soon be too afraid to say anything to anyone on any internet device.

Ivacy is a VPN provider located in Hong Kong. It offers over 450 servers in 50 countries like the USA, the UK, Canada, India, Russia, Japan, Brazil and what not. Ivacy VPN suggests tunneling protocols like PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, IKEv2 and SSTP with 256-bit encryption and the revolutionary Stealth. Additional facilities of security are at your service thanks to NAT firewall, DDoS-defense, divided tunneling and kill switch. Besides, Ivacy VPN provides with a reliable connection without speed limits. This best VPN service may be used on up to 5 devices simultaneously if your gadget is running on Mac, Android, iOS, Windows, Linux or Blackberry OSes. Hence, Ivacy may be installed on the majority of desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. The service protects routers, smart TVs, gaming consoles Xbox and PlayStation 3 and 4, Roku and Kodi media players. The packages include access to all functions. Moreover, Ivacy offers 7-day money-back guarantee.

Safervpn Overviews

reply November 07, 2017

SaferVPN is not a VPN but a total failure! Installed the extension, logged in, verified email. While trying to open the app, the username and password were not accepted. My attempt to renew the passwords failed as well. Haven’t found anything useful. Just spent my time in vain…
reply November 08, 2017

Bob, the problem may be connected with the version of the gadget you are going to protect by dint of SaferVPN. Before installing the application update your OS and try again.

reply October 23, 2017

Disagree with bob. Everything is fine with the extension. SaferVPN Chrome extension is good as we may open forbidden in the country we live sites. Also it provides anonymity which is important, too. Yet there is a minus – limited traffic. First I was allowed to protect 500mb of traffic. But it is possible to change the subscription and get unlimited protection. I would call it boundless security
reply October 24, 2017

Yulya, if you want to use SaferVPN without limits, choose one of three plans: 1 month, 1 year or 2 years. And get 24/7 protection. In this case not only your Chrome browser will be safe, but the whole gadget in general.

reply October 13, 2017

SaferVPN free trial is too short – 24 hours! But that’s enough to realize whether it suits you or not! I’m a SaferVPN subscriber so I think I can share my opinion about the service. SaferVPN free account is pretty good, so can you imagine how great may paid one be? Let’s start. As for SaferVPN pluses, I’ve found them without difficulties. Access to foreign sites is among them. For instance, now I have an opportunity to watch Italian TV, that doesn’t see my German IP and can’t block me) It functions good, connects to servers fast. I’ve already recommended SaferVPN my friends and now is your turn! Subscribe for SaferVPN and you will thank me after a while.
reply October 14, 2017

Lana, thank you for this opinion. Let us hope your SaferVPN review will be useful for net users.

reply September 21, 2017

I like SaferVPN for its severs. They are located everywhere. Many VPN providers don’t place servers in Australia, but SaferVPN does. I like the speed as well. No lags were noticed while streaming. Thanks developers!!!
reply September 22, 2017

SaferVPN improves its works regularly. Be sure that new SaferVPN servers will be opened in new countries. Keep on using it and you will experience the best security service.

reply September 01, 2017

I tested many VPNs offered by Play Store. SaferVPN is the best to my mind. I usually give priority to RAM consumption, server speed, simple interface. And you know, everything is fine. My grade is 5/5!
reply September 02, 2017

Hanz, SaferVPN really possesses useful characteristics, which make it possible to use the best services for your entertainment.

reply June 05, 2017

I really like that their stated goal is to provide secure and uncensored Internet to their customers. To accomplish this, they have developed custom software for different OSes, that looks extremely useful for me. This software makes it easy to use the SaferVPN network from anywhere in the world. Connecting to their service provides me access to geo-restricted content, allow me to bypass censorship, and let me surf the web freely and securely. Well, I use SaferVPN on Kodi SPMC TV and find it somewhat slower than some other VPNs. However I’ve read that they log the IP address you use to connect to the service and which IP addresses you are using when you are on the service and this appears invasive to your privacy. Other VPN providers avoid doing this and if true I shall not renew my subscription, so users be warned. Technical support is excellent. I just wish they would pay more attention to one’s privacy. If they did I would stay with them.
reply July 06, 2017

James, on the SaferVPN official website it is stated that the provider does not stores your IP. However, your IP address is known for the service when you connect to one of its servers. Thus, you may be sure your identity is under the strong protection of SaferVPN provider.

reply September 09, 2016

Great vpn! It offers impressive speed and superb options. After trying some other providers, I’ve finally found proper service. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be protected surfing the net.

reply August 02, 2016

First, I’ve installed it on my phone and started playing games. There’ve been too many pop-up ads. At that moment I’ve asked myself what I’ve paid for. I’ve asked its support team and learnt that these annoying ads are from the game. It has made me laugh!)) All in all, the vpn is great.

reply June 25, 2016

Safervpn is the fastest economic variant. Its support team is fantastic in case of any problems with your device. The service is really worthwhile try it.
reply July 26, 2016

SaferVPN support is really great, as you are given an opportunity to contact a real human being via the chat. But if it is not necessary, you may solve the problems studying easy for understanding guides or looking through FAQ section.

reply June 24, 2016

With this vpn I can easily watch HBO and Netfix without delays and restrictions. I recommend it to everyone who needs fast connection!
reply July 25, 2016

You are absolutely right. The best streaming services become unblocked for SaferVPN subscribers. But not only streaming websites will be at your disposal with SaferVPN provider. You may enjoy Canadian Pandora radio any time having connected to one of the servers placed in Canada. Remember the main rule of the access to the blocked websites and services: choose virtual location of the country, where the service is located.

Enjoy Limitless Netflix Entertainment All Over the World Using SaferVPN
How would you feel if you were told that Netflix is available to you in any part of the world? You would really be...
April, 15, 2016

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