RapidVPN has 8 server locations across 3 continents and offers 18 servers to connect.
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Last updated: 09/01/2019

RapidVPN Review


Millions of internet users around the globe subscribe for VPN services to protect their privacy online. By creating an encrypted tunnel through the Internet for data transferring, VPNs secure your devices from cybercriminals, spies and even ISPs that can monitor your traffic to find out what you do online. 

In such a manner, all your internet activity keeps unreadable by the rest of the global network until it reaches a VPN server at the other end of the tunnel. 

With hundreds of VPN services available, it can be difficult to decide which to choose. If you look for a service, which has both desktop and mobile client software, offers servers in many countries and provides unlimited data usage, turn your attention to RapidVPN.

Tariffs and prices of RapidVPN


RapidVPN offers Dedicated VPN, Dynamic VPN and VPN for Businesses. All of these packages provide such VPN features as unlimited bandwidth, a blazing-fast speed connection, a money-back guarantee, traffic encryption, online security, and anonymity.

  • USA dedicated VPN costs $9.2-9.6 per month and allows for connecting to VPN servers located in 10 US states.
  • Canada dedicated VPN costs $8.9 per month and offers a server in Quebec.
  • Europe dedicated VPN costs $7.5-8.4 per month and comes with 6 European servers to connect.
  • Dynamic VPN costs $6.8 per month and provides unlimited switch between servers.
  • It’s possible to subscribe for a Lifetime VPN package, the price of which depends on the geographical region you live. 

In such a way, the price varies from $366 to $406 for America’s customers. The Canadians and the Europeans are able to purchase a Lifetime VPN subscription at a fixed price, which amounts to $374 and $294/$382 respectively. 

In such a way, the price varies from $366 to $406 for America’s customers

Apart from the standard packages, RapidVPN offers P2P connectivity while connecting to the VPN servers located in Switzerland, The Netherlands, and Sweden. In such a manner, you can enjoy safe and anonymous torrenting and file sharing with no registration required.

The company offers a full money back guarantee within 3 days of purchase. In such a manner, the customers are justified in asking for a refund in case they follow the instructions but are unable to connect and use RapidVPN services (read other VPN reviews).

RapidVPN accepts different payment methods such as Bitcoin, Web Money, and Perfect Money.

Info on RapidVPN’s servers


RapidVPN has 8 server locations across 3 continents and offers 18 servers to connect.

The RapidVPN’s network park includes:

  • The USA – 10 servers;
  • Canada – 2 servers;
  • Australia;
  • The Netherlands;
  • The UK;
  • Sweden;
  • Germany;
  • Switzerland.

As our tests show, all the servers perform fast connection speed and strong encryption level. Having subscribed for RapidVPN, you are able to choose a VPN server from the perspective of your purposes. If you are looking for a proper service for secure file sharing and torrenting, RapidVPN can be the best solution for you. 

The functions of RapidVPN


The VPN service is available for RapidVPN customers through its software that should be downloaded and installed on their devices. RapidVPN software is equipped with all necessaries features allowing to control VPN connection during the session.

Having connected to the global network through the RapidVPN’s servers, all your data is assured to be encrypted and unmonitored by a prying eye. Besides that, your actual IP address is masked making your geographical location untraceable for all the internet community. This VPN function also provides you with a possibility to bypass geo-restrictions and stream any content you need safely and anonymously. 

Security and Privacy


A VPN’s security is probably the most important factor to look at while considering all the available options. Being one of the most reliable services, RapidVPN is supplied with up-to-date VPN protocols including PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, and SoftEther. Besides that, a high level of security is maintained through the usage of the OpenVPN protocol.

In such a manner, RapidVPN adds extra protection to your account so no one will be able to hack into your sensitive information or get access to your confidential content.

RapidVPN adheres to no logging policy and allows for browsing the Internet absolutely securely and boundlessly whenever and wherever you are.

Support service


You are able to contact the technical support by filling in the ticket form. The RapidVPN team is available 24/7 and stated as a highly professional and customer-oriented support. The response time can range from just some minutes to hours, but it does not mean waiting too long. 

Client account procedure


You can download and install RapidVPN client within a few minutes. You should register online with an email address and pay for a proper package with a preferred payment method. Once everything is done, you’re able to set up a proper software version compatible with your device. 

The setup process is fast and simple. RapidVPN offers customized VPN applications for the most popular OSes and mobile platforms, while also providing a possibility for manual setup. 



RapidVPN is considered to be a flexible VPN service (like Avast VPN). You can download RapidVPN software for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. In addition, you can install RapidVPN manually on Ubuntu OS.



Beyond any tiny shade of a doubt, RapidVPN is truly a reliable service that protects all your online activity no matter what web content you decide to browse. The software is easy to set up and configure according to all your preferences. RapidVPN makes possible to transfer all your traffic securely through 18 VPN servers and access any content you want regardless imposed geo-restrictions. 

It should be said that PPTP protocol is not the best protective solution for your network, but the company also offers OpenVPN, which is considered by many cybersecurity experts as one of the most reliable VPN protocols. 

Nevertheless, RapidVPN requires your consideration and can be subscribed for in order to protect your internet activity against a third-party penetration and tracking.

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