Heard about RA4W VPN, but don’t know whether it is worth using? Bestvpnrating team prepared a great RA4W VPN overview for the internet consumers.
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Last updated: 09/01/2019

RA4W VPN Review


Heard about RA4W VPN, but don’t know whether it is worth using?

Bestvpnrating team prepared a great RA4W VPN overview for the internet consumers who want to be secure while surfing the World Wide Web.

In its work RA4W VPN provider follows the principle of honesty and transparency. Thus, everything is described in the documents presented on VPN’s official website. Also, it is possible to contact RA4W VPN team using diverse methods. Even the office location is not hidden from users.

Access to the services and websites worldwide, fastest VPN speeds, reliable encryption will become at RA4W VPN subscribers’ disposal.


Tariffs and prices of RA4W VPN


The provider of RA4W VPN offers 4 tariff plans to choose. They are different for the period of duration. One can subscribe for the service and take use of it for 1, 3, 12 months or a lifetime period.

Having obtained any of the plans, a user gets the access to the same features, but for a different period of time. Compatibility with mobile devices, data encrypting, no logging, unmetered bandwidth, OpenVPN and free PortForwarding are included into any of four packages.

Monthly package – If you decide to obtain a subscription for 1 month, it will cost you $3.49.

Quarterly package – You will pay $7.99 in case you want to take use of RA4W VPN for three months at once.

 Yearly package – Having decided to obtain the service for one year, you need to pay $15.99 for using RA4W VPN for 12 months.

Lifetime – This is a good variant for those who prefer to subscribe for a dead long period of time (500 months of RA4W VPN access!). You may pay $29.99 and forget about constant updating of the subscription every month or year.


Still, the provider of RA4WVPN does not give its users the opportunity of a free trial, money-back guarantee is not implied as well. Nevertheless, there is an excellent bonus for the clients: a referral system. When a customer gets someone to sign up using his or her referral ID, he or she will receive 50% of any purchases of VPN plans.

To obtain a subscription for RA4W VPN, one may pay with a credit card, PayPal or Bitcoins. It is worth noticing that crypto currency is believed to be the most secure and confidential way for payment.

Many VPN services such as Avast VPN and others offer free trials for testing the software, but unfortunately, RA4W VPN doesn't.

Info on servers in different countries


The servers are located in 26 countries around the world.

One can easily get connected via the servers in Europe, Asia, North America, Australia and even in Africa. The server park is varied allowing RA4W VPN customers to find the most suitable location near them.


The provider also promises a low ping and fast connections. Additionally, the list of server locations is updated from time to time, and new ones are added. It is worth noting that no extra charges are taken from the subscriber.

Functions of RA4W VPN


RA4W VPN offers a number of really useful features to those who obtain a subscription for the service, namely:

Secure servers

As security is the main priority for this VPN provider, be sure that the connections via its servers will be the safest.

Lightning connections

RA4W VPN ensures with high speeds that is why your browsing will be without lagging or buffering.


As they don’t keep logs and encrypt the data and communications, the customer has no need to worry about how to be anonymous online. RA4W VPN guarantees 99% anonymity.


One can select between connecting via Open VPN client or Open VPN’s appliance on the phone.

Simultaneous connections

One can’t share the subscription with other people, but it is possible to apply the VPN for multiple devices simultaneously: for a mobile and PC, for example. Still, you can’t use the same server on several devices, you should get connected via different ones.


Those who take advantage of P2P file sharing would be glad to know that torrenting is allowed on RA4W VPN’s servers. It should be noted that one won’t manage to torrent through US locations, as they are not supported for this feature. The full list of locations where torrenting is disallowed is on their site. Still, all the other locations are available for it.


Security and privacy


Having chosen RA4W VPN, one will benefit from a desired level of security.

Why? Everything is so evident.

RA4W VPN encrypts subscribers’ data reliably. What is more, the Privacy Policy distinguishes RA4W VPN among other VPNs. The provider keeps info only on users’ E-mails, temporary cookies and payment details.

Nevertheless, this data will not be delivered to third parties. Besides, RA4W VPN doesn’t keep logs. Not many VPN providers can show off such characteristic. And that's quite important for them as the company is US-based.

RA4W VPN provider uses OpenVPN to encrypt the users’ data. It is very beneficial, as this tunneling protocol is the most reliable among currently existing. Besides, it allows fast torrenting and streaming.

Support service


In case of any questions or problems, one may visit ‘Contact’ page and leave a message. A person is to:

  •  write down the name and E-mail;
  •  choose the reason (regarding account, VPN application or other);
  •  leave a message.

It will be answered by RA4W VPN team within the shortest possible time.

Besides, it is allowed to communicate with RA4W VPN chief executive officer by E‑mail. Other variants are possible as well. It is even proposed to send a private letter by post.

Client Account procedures


To become a RA4W VPN subscriber it is necessary to:

  •  visit the official website ra4wvpn.com and click ‘Signup’ page;


  •  fill in the form and register:


  •  use the referral sent to the specified E‑mail.


 It is allowed to test RA4W VPN for free for 30 days. Then, it will be proposed to choose the tariff plan.



RA4W VPN is compatible with various platforms, such as:

  • Mac OS
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Router DD-WRT, Tomato and AsusWRT



Nowadays, more than ever, it is unsafe to browse the websites without VPN protection. Numerous hacking attacks, data leaks and other types of internet threats become a usual practice.

Therefore, it is vital to become a subscriber of a REALLY trustworthy VPN. A Virtual Private Network that will not let its consumers down is RA4W VPN. It was created to serve internet users hand and foot.

Read news, stream, torrent, pay for services, use public Wi-Fi hotspots, exchange messages anonymously under the protection of RA4W VPN.

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reply July 22, 2018

Don't waste money for RA4WVPN, I can't connect more than 2 weeks.

Ronald Adamson
reply July 21, 2018

Could you please describe your problem in details? Have you checked whether the OS of your device in the list of compatible with the provider? And what about the support service? Have you contacted it?