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Anyone and everyone deserve to be safe and secure when using the internet. Anyone and everyone like to keep their private conversations secure, their private account information confidential and no one likes it if someone is monitoring their online activities. With the help of a good VPN service like Proxy VPN you can be completely secure and private when you use the web no matter what you decide to do when you are online. Stream your favorite movies and TV shows from popular sites like Netflix to anywhere in the world and enjoy the best and highest quality online games that the internet has to offer even if the games are not available in your area. - vpn serviceWith this reliable VPN service, you get complete online freedom, safety from hacker and censorship and you can watch anything you like and no one will ever know what you are viewing or downloading since all your online activities are hidden. With all these benefits and more, it is quite amazing that everyone isn’t using Proxy VPN.


Tariffs and prices of Proxy

Proxy offers four different membership plans from which you can choose and you can also add on some details to create a tailor fit package that will suit your unique internet requirements. You can also add an anonymous token to any of the memberships that you have chosen so you can be completely anonymous, even from Proxy VPN software, but you won’t be able to enjoy support when you activate this free token.

Quick – This is mostly for those who want to test the services of this USA VPN and costs $2 for 72 hours and comes with benefits such as 1Gbps speeds, unlimited bandwidth, security, access to servers in two countries and extras like DNA, TOR and SOCKS.
Basic – This membership includes all the benefit of the Quick plan, but you get access to servers in five countries instead of just two at a monthly fee of $5 per month. If you take the basic option on a 12 month option, you will be paying only $3.33 per month.
Solid – For this membership you can enjoy all the benefits that you get from the basic plan but you can access servers in more than fifty countries and use the internet as if you were in those very locations. The monthly fee is $10 but if you invest in a one year plan you pay only $7.50 per month.
Pro – The pro membership gives you 50Gbps on a premium network plus all the features of the solid membership. You can transfer 250GB per month and you get access to multi-hop technology. 
Boost – Boost is added onto any of the above mentioned membership. The boost consists of a 50Gbps dedicated bandwidth and access to ultra-fast servers in six locations across four countries. The boost starts at $1 per month.
Multi-hop – Multi-hop can also be added onto other packages and provides different VPN entry and exit points. You get access to all locations and change your IP accordingly at only $5 per month.

Info on Servers

VPN clients who use Proxy VPN can connect from anywhere in the world and enjoy top quality content from fifty countries across the globe. You can stream the best and greatest variety of movies by connecting through servers in the USA so you can enjoy Netflix with this VPN or enjoy other popular streaming site or you can torrent from the Netherlands and be completely anonymous so no one can monitor what you are downloading.


  • Your IP address gets hidden and changes according to the server locations so you can bypass censorship.
  • Great online protection from hackers and censorship thanks to the security protocols and encryption channels that is used by Proxy VPN.
  • The software is incredibly easy to use.
  • Proxy is always improving their services.
  • No logs are kept so no one can trace what you are doing or hold any of your online activities against you.
  • You get the best support from expert technicians.
  • You can enjoy any content from any location. Even restricted websites are once again completely available to you.

Security and Privacy

This secure VPN service uses a great protocol namely OpenVPN which will keep your personal information confidential and shield you from censorship or hacking. The proxy also uses the best 256-bit encryption software to ensure that all your online activities will be encrypted and inaudible to the world out there. No one can see what you are doing, viewing or downloading.

Support service

Proxy offers fantastic customer support because you have your very own client area with a dashboard and you can create query tickets for any problems you might have. All tickets and queries are handled by professionals so you can get protected no matter what.

Client Account process

To use this great VPN service you will have to register with your email address and make a payment through Money, Bitcoin or Cryptocoins. Once your registration is complete you can download the VPN software and start using the internet complete protection. You can also be completely anonymous, even from Proxy by adding an anonymity chip to your account. The installation process is not difficult as you find step-by-step instructions on the site.


Proxy is available for all platforms like Windows, iOS, Android and much more so you can be protected on any device you prefer to use. You can even be protected on the go because you can get the VPN software for your mobile device and enjoy streaming with VPN without putting anything at risk.


One of the best features of this VPN service based in the Seychelles is the fact that you can be anonymous, even from Proxy thanks to their anonymity chip that can be added for free. You also get great protection thanks to the encryption software and security VPN protocols. There are other great benefits like access to restricted websites and fast network speeds. All of these benefits are yours at affordable rates and you can even add extra speed and locations thanks to the add-on packages that you can include.

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reply October 31, 2016

Has one of the best technical support team of any company I’ve ever turned to. Quick and informative assistance. is a good product which does its job well.

reply October 15, 2016

I use this service when I need to be in the UK. And it works good overall. There are several locations with great performance. It stays connected during all my internet activity. I have the satisfaction of paying for this vpn.

Neil Young
reply October 12, 2016

It’s a decent vpn provider with strong logging policy and granted unlimited possibilities. But I determined one problem concerning some servers connection. Sometimes I need to switch between them because previous connection has failed. Except for this trouble, I’m happy with the service.

reply October 09, 2016

I think it’s a great provider that secures and protects my privacy while surfing the net. I’m personally thankful to supporting center. I always have questions when it comes to installation and operating process. They give helpful and understandable responses for different knowledge levels. Good for them!