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Proxpn Review

It is a tough time for the internet users with many internet service providers and governments imposing restrictions on accessing the data from the internet and peeping into your internet activities and recording it. You need a good VPN service to protect your privacy and to keep your data safe. With VPN software nobody will be able to track your internet activities, as you will be using the internet anonymously. No matter where you live or travel, you will be able to use VPN service to access the websites of your choice.

With reliable VPN service like nobody will be able to:

  • Prevent you from accessing any web content.
  • Track the websites you are visiting.
  • Record your online activities.
  • Identify your current location.
  • Intercept the messages, banking details or your passwords. offers basic as well as premium accounts so that you will be able to select the service, according to the speed and connectivity options required by you. The basic accounts of the service are free of charge.

Tariffs and prices

The VPN client can opt from the two types of accounts provided by the company: basic and the premium accounts. Basic accounts are free for lifetime and come with ease of use, security and privacy similar to that of premium accounts. The change will be in speed. You cannot get a speed of more than 300kbps and you will be able to use the VPN from a single location in the country. 

The premium accounts for this service offers, unlimited speed and can use any of the server locations worldwide (but still, check which is the fastest VPN in our dedicated rating). Apart from this, the premium account holders can enjoy advanced features like mobile device use support and PPTP VPN. The rate of the premium account starts from $6.25/month.

Info on servers is a global private VPN service with servers located strategically in different countries of the world. It offers 15+ countries connectivity and 5 locations in the US. The server locations include Chicago, Miami, New York, Seattle, Toronto, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, The Netherlands, Stockholm, London, Bucharest, Sydney, Frankfurt, Paris, Singapore, San Jose, Hafnarfjordur and Zurich.

Functions VPN download will enable you to pass your online data through a secured and encrypted tunnel. It is very easy to set up and use the VPN. Whether you are using a PC or mobile devices to access internet, the software does not take much time. You can use this software for your web browser, instant message program or for email clients. Your online activities will be protected from the prying authorities as the software masks your original location and providing unfettered entry to any web service or site irrespective of your global position. The extra functions that the premium users can enjoy includes:

  •  Unrestricted bandwidth

The servers located worldwide offers unrestricted bandwidth.

  • VPN guard

This feature allows the users to select the programs that should be shut automatically in case the connection to VPN is lost.

  • Support for mobile devices

The PPTP VPN connectivity offered to premium account holders enables them to connect any mobile device including android or iOS to connect to the web using cellular or Wi-Fi networks from any location (Read our article that will tell you why to use VPN for Wi-Fi).

  • Fast and secure worldwide connectivity

It is possible to gain access to the strategically positioned VPN servers of which allows fast and secure connectivity regardless of your position on the earth.

  • PPTP and open VPN services

The premium plan allows the users to choose from the Open VPN and PPTP service. This allows many platforms to use without using any installer. 

Go through the VPN review provided by users to know more about the use full functions and features and how easy it is to install the software for the enhancement of your online privacy. 

Security and privacy

Whether you are using USA IP VPN or any other IP address through ssl VPN service, all the data sent and received by your device will be encrypted and your public internet protocol address will get masked. Government, hackers or ISPs will not be able to monitor your activities. You don’t have to worry about identity theft or other online fraudulent activities as nobody can intercept the personal information like passwords, credit card numbers or any other important details. When you select a premium feature like VPN guard, the programs running will shut down the instant when the connection to the VPN is dropped. The company runs IPSec on IOS and most Windows versions (10 and below). Also the service offers native manual set up for OpenVPN, IPSec, and PPTP protocols.

As for keeping logs is concerned, they claim they don't keep any logs.

Support service

When you are opting for VPN software download, you will be also receiving world-class support for any of your VPN related problems. This best VPN service has knowledgeable professionals who offer their services 24/7 to resolve any issue as early as possible. You can use the support service to get any information regarding the service before you buy a VPN USA service from  

Client account

To download and use secure VPN software, you need to create an account and need to sign in to your account. You can click on the member area section on the website to reach the member login page, enter your username and password and login to the account. You can select the plan you want to use and make the payment, if you are selecting the premium plans.

Supported platforms

The VPN service supports different platforms like Windows 8/7/Vista/XP SP3, Mac OS X 10.6 and above, iOS 6.0 and above, Android 4.0 and above, Linux. Download VPN for mac if you are using a Mac PC or download VPN for Windows if you are using Windows PC. Depending upon the handheld device you are using you can download software required.


This is a VPN service with all the necessary features for accessing the net in a safe and secure way without compromising your privacy. It offers good speed and location coverage to match the standard requirements of internet users. It offers good customer support and provides support for different platforms and hence it is a good option for anyone looking to use free VPN or buy VPN.

Want to compare the VPN with another one?

reply October 17, 2016

It maintains impressive number of services all over the world. In addition, proxpn uses strong encryption methods and advanced functional capabilities that are available for 6$ per month. For me it’s a beneficial price for protect and secure my internet activity.

reply October 16, 2016

If you want to save money, Proxpn is not for you. Their standard tariff is limited with data transfer speed, one American gateway and computer-only application. Besides that, they present ads even when I download files. I can accept this situation, but my nerves are frayed.

reply October 06, 2016

I use proxpn, because it’s easy to use, it masks my location and allows me connecting to some banned sites. It supports 2048-bit and 512-bit encryption, which is highly protective. There is a various choice of server locations and no overloading. I’ve used it for three months already and have no claims.

reply September 25, 2016

I use proxpn, because it’s easy to use, it masks my location and allows me connecting to some banned sites. It supports 2048-bit and 512-bit encryption, which is highly protective. There is a various choice of server locations and no overloading. I’ve used it for three months already and have no claims.