ProtonVPN is wide-spread by people not only because of the ProtonMail fame. The function of this VPN service makes users to install ProtonVPN on their gadgets.
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Last updated: 09/01/2019

ProtonVPN Review


ProtonVPN is a VPN service worked out by the developers of Proton Mail. Proton Mail is a popular webmail service, which was created by CERN in the year 2013. The servers and the headquarters are located in Switzerland.

The main advantage of Proton Mail is the facility of end-to-end encryption. In such a way, the communication of Proton Mail users is hidden from the prying eyes.

The developers came to the point to create a reliable VPN service in view of the increasing threat of online freedom.

During this year, Obama rules aimed at search history protection were canceled. Theresa May, British prime minister, urged to increase powers of the police to monitor people.

Furthermore, over 1.5 billion people live in censored countries and do NOT have access to numerous websites and services around the world.

The news about a fresh security service called ProtonVPN appeared in the spring of 2017. The service was launched in summer and became extremely popular among users around the world.

Among ProtonVPN subscribers, one may found enterprises, big and small companies, journalists and average citizens. 

Tariffs and prices of ProtonVPN


Proton VPN pricing system attracts users thanks to low costs and great discounts. All in all, ProtonVPN offers 4 packages:

ProtonVPN Free – There is no need to pay with this free VPN package. Having chosen this plan, it is possible to protect only one device. Besides, it is allowed to connect to the servers located in 3 countries: Netherland, Japan, and the USA.

ProtonVPN Basic – One-month subscription costs $4. But it is possible to choose a 1-year subscription and get a 12% discount. In this case, one month of ProtonVPN protection will cost no more than $4. In this situation, a user is to pay $48 at once.

This package offers access to all countries.

Among other bonuses a user gets having subscribed for ProtonVPN Basic are:

  • simultaneous connection of 2 gadgets;
  • high speed.

ProtonVPN Plus – Better service is available for Plus plan subscribers. The peculiar features of this package consist of the number of devices that may be protected by means of only 1 subscription – 5 gadgets. The extra functions of Tor, Secure Core, and additional servers are available for $8 per month.

ProtonVPN Visionary – The most expensive but the most beneficial package costs $24 per month. But it is definitely worth using in case one aims at protecting up to 10 devices and getting additional functions of this VPN service. ProtonMail is included as a bonus to this package. In such a way, it is the most advantageous plan to use to be protected on the Internet and access any website.

But with a 20% discount (in case of 1 year subscription) the price is reduced by $2

Info on servers of ProtonVPN


303 servers of ProtonVPN are located in 27 countries: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, the USA, and others.

ProtonVPN free servers are located in Japan, Netherlands, and the USA.

The servers offered by ProtonVPN are of two types:

  • Standard Servers
  • Secure Core Servers

The servers of this type protect users’ data on a higher level and offer more facilities for its consumers.

Besides, the servers located in Hong Kong, Switzerland and the United States of America provide with additional protection of Tor. Besides, P2P file-sharing is available if the servers in Netherlands, Singapore or Sweden are chosen. Update: a new server in Luxembourg!

Servers of ProtonVPN

Functions of ProtonVPN


ProtonVPN is wide-spread by people not only because of ProtonMail fame. The function of this VPN service makes users install ProtonVPN on their gadgets.

  • Secure Core servers

The Provider of ProtonVPN has Secure Core servers which are in extra high-security datacenters to ensure strong physical security.

  • Be the only owner of your data.

ProtonVPN service gives preference to the most secure encryption methods. In such a way, users’ traffic routes through OpenVPN, and IKEv2 protocols. Furthermore, the AES-256, SHA-256 and RSA-2048 keys are used by ProtonVPN. Therefore, users may be convinced that no one can know about their activity on the Internet.

  • Enjoy the Kill Switch function.

From time to time it happens that the connection between a user’s device and a VPN server is lost. With a built-in function of Kill Switch, it is impossible to stay unprotected even in this situation and no one will manage to identify you by means of the IP.

  • Stream and torrent without limits.

ProtonVPN speed is really flashlight, which allows streaming video of high quality without lags. Besides, torrenting will not be an uphill struggle for ProtonVPN clients, as most of its servers offer P2P sharing.

  • Convenient Linux command-line tool

If you're a regular Linux user, you'll appreciate the feature for sure. The command-line tool was developed to make your connection to the servers of ProtonVPN more convenient. The tool offers such benefits as quicker setup, easier VPN server connect/disconnect, easy-to-read server listing, and easier switching among servers.

Client account procedures for ProtonVPN


It is dead easy to install ProtonVPN and launch it. First of all, it is required to visit the official ProtonVPN website and download the app there.

The official website offers a detailed information about installing and using ProtonVPN applications.

For now, native VPN applications for Android, Mac, and Windows are available. With the help of these apps, one will connect to the server with one click.

While testing ProtonVPN app, no link disconnections were observed.

The websites with the streaming content become available for ProtonVPN subscribers, but the American library of Netflix is still unavailable.

Support service of ProtonVPN


The service offers live Chat on certain pages. You can also get in touch with ProtonVPN support service specialists by leaving a message, which will be answered within less than 24 hours.



ProtonVPN may be launched on the devices running on the following operating systems: Android, Mac, and Windows. As far as Linux users are concerned, they can use their custom client tool (Alternatively, one can try NordVPN for Linux).

The developers claim that it will protect your desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and routers.

Security and privacy of ProtonVPN


An important point is that ProtonVPN does NOT keep logs and out of 5 eyes countries, which makes the VPN use safe and secure. What is more, the characteristics, the service possesses, are fantastic. Secure Core servers make it almost impossible to identify a user and the data he or she delivers through the network.

ProtonVPN users say

The location of ProtonVPN headquarters was chosen not by chance.

The laws of Switzerland are very strict in the issue of privacy. Therefore, ProtonVPN users will not be spied.



 It is no great surprise that ProtonVPN service is used all over the world. ProtonVPN setup will not take up much time.

Besides, it is possible to use Proton VPN free. But Plus and Visionary packages offer additional functions and servers that will make your internet surfing not only secure and private but pleasant as well.

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