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Last updated: 09/01/2019

Privatoria Review

Attention! This VPN service is not active anymore :( Still, we won't remove the review from the site for internet users to know about that.

The internet is fantastic. Thanks to the internet major advances are being made each day in the medical, scientific and economical fields. But the internet can also be terribly dangerous to users because other people like hackers misuse the net to get a hold of confidential information and secure account details so they can steal money and data from businesses and individuals. Anything can be hacked. Your email, online accounts and even your personal computer can be at risk if the hacker gets the right angle to do so. It is time to improve your and your business’s safety when you use the internet by investing in a private VPN service like Privatoria. Privatoria makes the internet completely safe to you because they hide your IP address so hackers cannot find you online, they secure all online accounts and you can communicate securely and make calls, chat, do video calling, send anonymous emails, secure your cloud storage files and much more.

Tariffs and prices of Privatoria

You will be absolutely amazed when you compare the prices of this VPN service to other VPN service providers. Not only are they surprisingly affordable, but they also offer intact security and benefits at affordable rates. Privatoria offers three membership options that you can try, all of which includes great benefits such as the best possible security against hacking and censorship, connect up to five devices at the same time, the ability to use Tor network, no logs kept, complete anonymity, completely anonymous communication and great client assistance if you experience any difficulties.

7-day free trial – A VPN free trial allows you to test the services before you invest.
3 Months – Those who prefer a monthly option can get the best possible security at only $4,33 per month and enjoy all the benefits that Privatoria has to offer.
6 Months – The six month option allows you to save on monthly costs since you will be paying only $3,83 per month. You are required to make the full six month payment of $22.99 before your account will be activated.
12 Months – The twelve month membership allows you to save 51% because you will be paying only $32.99 for the entire year once off. That is only $2.74 per month for the best possible security and freedom when you are using the internet.

Privatoria accepts a lot of payment options such as Bitcoin, PayPal and Credit card for payments so you can pay at any time convenient to you from the comfort of your home.

Privatoria vpn service price

Info on Servers provided by Privatoria

This SSL VPN service is located in the Czech Republic, but anyone from anywhere across the globe can use Privatoria VPN services. 17 secure VPN/proxy servers + TorNet are located in 17 countries. Moreover, Tor nodes are provided by the service in more than 60 countries. In addition, new locations are being constantly added by Privatoria.

Functions of Privatoria

  • No logs are kept and encryption software hides your online activities so no one can monitor your activities or pinpoint anything back to you.
  • You can connect multiple devices at the same time and be protected no matter which of these devices you use.
  • Keep hackers from accessing your private online accounts and information.
  • Anonymous proxy can be added for free and protects your IP address so no one can monitor your activities.
  • Send anonymous emails and rest at ease knowing that no one is going to get access to your private emails.
  • Privatoria enhances the security of your cloud and other storage spaces so no one can get a hold of confidential or sensitive information.
  • You can still upload and download at fast speeds despite the fact that you are running through a security system.
  • Transfer your files securely, without risking any company information.
  • Get access with the VPN to streaming websites and enjoy great content such as movies, video clips, TV shows, series and educational programs no matter where you are.

Security and Privacy of Privatoria

Privatoria owes much of its security to the completely secure and modern L2TP / IPSec or OpenVPN protocols that create a secure network in which you work and thanks to the 128-bit and 2049-bit encryption software that prevents anyone from monitoring your online activities. They also keep no user logs so no one can pinpoint any online activities back to you.

Support service provided by Privatoria

Customer support can be accessed from the website and from your client dashboard. You will receive assistance through live chat services during European office hours and great email support when you contact them after hours. The support team is helpful and eager to assist.

Client Account processes of Privatoria

You can register by creating a personal username and your password will be automatically generated by the system. After registrations you can test the services for free through a free trial. If you are interested in one of the packages you can make a payment through one of several payment options and download the software to your device so you can start using the internet safely and be protected no matter what you do online.

Platforms that Privatoria serve

Privatoria is one of the best VPN services because they are incredibly flexible when it comes to their software availability despite the fact that they are so affordable. You can download Privatoria VPN for Windows, Max OSX, iOS and Android and protect all of your devices instantly.


Privatoria is not just incredibly affordable, but they seem to offer a lot for their price range. You get great protection thanks to great security protocols and software. You can enjoy extra benefits such as complete anonymity, secure chat, call and video calling, anonymous emailing and added protection for online accounts. It is quite amazing that you will be getting this many benefits and great live chat service at such affordable rates.

Want to compare the VPN with another one?

reply December 27, 2016

privatoria is my death angel. spent hours, days on getting it right as shown in their tutorials. in the end, nothing worked really. too many dropouts, 60% servers unreachable, so is "support", in fact, not existent. lousy service, lots of troubles. should have known, cheap rates don't necessarily mean good service. No!

reply October 18, 2016

Many VPN providers base in the EU, and it’s very uncomfortable to route all my traffic through servers that are situated in the other continent. There is no sense connecting with distant nodes if I want to encrypt sending info only. Nevertheless, Privatoria is a decent service for average user.

reply October 17, 2016

Privatoria is my lifesaver. I use it with pleasure, change IP addresses easily. My tariff also includes 5 services in spite of VPN. There are secure Skype analogue, anonymous e-mail, proxy and sharing service. In such a way I pay for VPN, but receive a package of different secure services required for daily use.

reply September 12, 2016

This service is two-in-one a secure vpn and tor. It encrypts all my traffic, hides my ip address and makes my cloud storage secure. But which is the most important, it doesn’t request any personal data while subscribing. That’s cool!