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Last updated: 09/01/2019

Perfect-privacy Review is a reliable VPN service that is committed to offering its clients with top end privacy and security. This private VPN service was established in the year 2008 and originated from New Zealand.

The company was started by a group of tech-savvy individuals from different countries. They came up with this popular VPN client service to offer internet users access the internet without any fear or hassle.

The VPN service protects its clients from identity thefts and private information leakages and gave them complete freedom to access the web that included geo-restricted websites. The VPN service has its offices located in Latvia and New Zealand. 

The advantages or benefits that you get when using VPN server and other servers are:

  • It can be used for all devices like PCs, laptops, Android and iPhone devices.
  • Almost near to unlimited bandwidth.
  • Instant switching from OpenVPN to IPSec.
  • Every user gets SSH and proxies.
  • No limitations on traffic.
  • Customer support through the forum, email, and TeamViewer.
  • Option to freely choose any server. 

Tariff plans and prices 

The is the best VPN service that you will come across as it offers you full functionality of its services, no matter what kind of tariff package you choose. is slightly on the higher side when it comes to pricing, but it backs this higher pricing by offering the VPN service with top end features like no other. So, you will not find any free trial offers from as you find in other USA VPN free services.

The plans on offer are one month, 2 months, 6 months, a year and 2-year plans.

The cheapest option for you would be the 24-month plan that comes around $10.15 per month. If you opt for the monthly VPN service plan, then you will have to pay $15.00.

There are no free trials and money back guarantees on offer from this service. Once you download secure VPN software, then you will have to use it as there are no refunds on offer. 

The cheapest option for you would be the 24-month plan that comes around

Number of servers and countries served

You can enjoy good VPN service from anywhere as it has 41 servers that are installed in 23 different countries. The popular countries where servers are set to include:




United Kingdom












Czech Republic








There are different encryption protocols assigned to each server and the servers are categorized into limited traffic, semi-limited traffic and unlimited traffic categories. The user has the option to choose any server he wants. If you want to buy VPN USA service and make use of the USA server, you are free to do so. 


If you'd like to make use of a Canadian IP address, connect to the server placed in this country.


The following are the features on offer from this VPN service:

  • streaming without restrictions;
  • fast speed web surfing;
  • secure torrenting;
  • IP masking.

No log records servers will not keep any track of your log records in different servers or your internet activity. Also, your IP address is not recorded by the service. Your username and password that you use to log in into account are maintained. 

Various protocols

The protocols supported by service include Open VPN and SSH2 tunnel with AES-256 bit encryption, L2TP/IPsec with AES-128 and PPTP with128 bit encryption. 

Besides, one might be protected due to a newly introduced feature - DNS-over-TLS.

Cascading of servers

The VPN software you download and use allow you to cascade the VPN servers over multiple servers. At one time, you are offered the option to play with up to 4 servers. You can use one country server as your online entry point and get out with another country server. 

Unlimited traffic

There are no restrictions on the amount of traffic that you use. This means that you can use the SSL VPN service the way you want. The servers offer a speed up to 100 Mbps. 

The other features include:

  • Easy to use VPN client software.
  • Allows peer to peer traffic on most servers, except US server.
  • No restriction in using any of the servers available.
  • Bitcoin payment accepted.
  • Unlimited number of devices can be connected at a time. 


Having this feature, you are able to use VPN in those places where internet connections are limited, for example in educational establishments, workplace or public hotspots. Moreover, it will be pretty useful for countries which often block VPN connections, for instance, Turkey, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. One more benefit of this feature is that it increases download speed.

VPN traffic is obfuscated through stunnel, ssh or obfsproxy2/obfsproxy3. Those having Windows OS may simply take advantage of this feature by one click. If you want to use the obfuscation on Linux and Mac, you will have to perform it manually. All the instructions for manual settings are given by the provider.

Cipher negotiation

This feature allows you to manually choose the codifying cipher for using in OpenVPN. This can be fairly beneficial for some embedded devices that don’t have much CPU power. You are able to choose AES-128 or a completely different cipher not based on AES like Camelia. As the result, the device will perform even better.

TrackStop function

With TrackStop you will be able to filter out ads and phishing domains directly on their VPN servers. Blocking ads can also protect your computer from malware that may come with advertisements. Besides, all known phishing domains can be blocked by means of TrackStop.


With Perfect Privacy, you will always have optional IPv6. You just need to establish a Perfect Privacy VPN connection and you’ll get an IPv6 address. Having performed this, you can prevent IP leaks.


This function is optional and may be switched on and off at any time.

What is so beneficial in NeuroRouting?

This smart feature allows connecting to the nearest VPN server to the targeted website. In such a way, the speed of the internet connection will not decrease.

Besides, NeuroRouting feature allows choosing the most secure route.

Nevertheless, this function is not always wholesome. In case one wants to access the VPN server in a definite country, it is necessary to switch this function off.  

Security and privacy

You can make use of the VPN service, either through IPSec or through Open VPN. The IPSec makes use of AES 256 most of the time and it also depends on the operating system, system performance, and device. The OpenVPN makes use of AES-256 encryption. Your private information is completely safe and secure, and only server bandwidth logs are maintained. 

Customer support 

You can avail customer support through various models like email, TeamViewer and on the forum. You will find the email responses and forum services to be very quick. But, the customer support services are not offered 24 hours a day and for 7 days a week. TeamViewer support is also very quick. 

Purchase process 

First, you will have to sign up for a VPN account. You just need to give your email address to open your account. Once registered, you will have to make payment for the plan that you wish to choose. Then to make use of the VPN USA, you need to download for Mac computers or download VPN for Windows or for Android or iOS devices, depending on the system you have. 

Supported platforms

The VPN service is offered on a wide variety of devices like a Windows PC, Mac computers, an Ubuntu-based Linus OS, Android devices and iOS devices. If you are using Mac computers, you just need to download VPN for Mac to use it on Apple computers. Depending on the device, you need to pick the VPN software download option. 


There is no doubt from this VPN review is a very strong and powerful VPN provider that offers great browsing speeds, high-quality user IP anonymity, user-focused VPN and top class user privacy. The quality of service is excellent and if you are looking for premium VPN service, then is the best.

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reply October 30, 2016

Perfect privacy really stands up to its name. The connection is very strong, reliable and stable. I’ve been a user for over 2 years and it’s the best service for me. I have no desire to change it. My searches for a reliable vpn stopped here.

reply October 17, 2016

As for me, the vpn is pretty expensive, but it’s worthy. It keeps no loggings, it’s compatible with all my devices and has no traffic limits. Although there are only 39 servers, it’s enough to me, because it avoids geo-restrictions and has good bandwidth, so I can download and watch whatever I want.

reply October 15, 2016

I’ve subscribed for a month and will continue using it. With the vpn I can use public hotspots without any hesitations and if I travel somewhere I can use it there to safe my sensitive data from any adversaries. That’s great that the provider usually cuts prices, so you can save some money.

reply September 16, 2016

The vpn keeps no log-files. It matches many devices simultaneously. It has easy usable software and good bandwidth. Also, its technical group provides help even through team viewer, which is good for those who don’t know how to make it on their own.

reply September 12, 2016

At first I've thought that the service is too pricey for me but after I've checked all the information about the facilities it provides I've changed my mind. I haven’t seen another provider offering cascading over up to 4 different servers, integrated firewall and dns leak protection, I can switch servers as often as I like and I can find the fastest server with a mouse click. This vpn’s worth it.

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