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Last updated: 14/02/2019

PenguinProxy Review

Many internet users feel suspicious about free VPN services as they lag most of the privacy and security features. What about PenguinProxy?

It’s a newcomer on which is reviewed today. Learn more about the service:

PenguinProxy: free or paid?

PenguinProxy is not a kind of VPN services that charge money for running the app. It can be downloaded and installed for free. Moreover, all the functions suggested in the app are available without paying any extra money.

Still, you might be wondering how the free PenguinProxy makes money. Here is what they write on this subject:

Still, you might be wondering how the free PenguinProxy makes money

We hope that the provider of PenguinProxy not only claims that ads won’t be included in the app, and users’ data won’t be revealed to third parties, but really follows this policy.

It’s not clear when they’re going to start to collect payments for additional features, but at present, a user won’t pay a dollar for the service.

Though the developer promises not to sell or give away users’ logs, anonymous logs of requests are kept. 


PenguinProxy works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Android and iOS are not available right now (we have dedicated ratings of VPNs for Android and iOS). Browser extensions are expected to appear for downloading soon.

You can find all three apps on the official website of PenguinProxy if you scroll down their homepage. Just mouse over the name of the operating system you need to set up it on your device.

Info on servers in different countries

PenguinProxy is a peer-to-peer VPN, which means that your requests will be passed not only through their servers but also via other users. This method of data forwarding is different from that applied by traditional VPN providers. It is made for faking internet users’ true identity.

The client of PenguinProxy offers to get connected via American servers or ‘’Any’’ server which seems to be selected randomly. As it was mentioned above, the service is peer-to-peer and users traffic is redirected through other peers’ servers. So, first of all, you are forwarded through the servers of PenguinProxy and then through other peers.

To get connected via PenguinProxy, you need to turn ‘’Proxy Status’’ on and choose the country. 

Functions of PenguinProxy

The essential function of PenguinProxy is the anonymous usage of the Internet which is possible due to data forwarding via different servers.

Besides, having installed PenguinProxy on your computer, you’ll see the following features in the software:

 Adblocking feature

If it is on, any request from advertisement server hosts will be blocked. It helps to avoid annoying ads when visiting websites that may have them.

 Proxy HTTPS only

In case you turn this setting on, you will be able to make HTTP requests directly or only Proxy HTTPS

 Proxy exceptions 

You may add the list of hosts to exempt. That means you will access them directly, not via PenguinProxy connections.

 Reverse exceptions 

The feature is opposite to the one mentioned above. You will proxy only those websites which are in the exceptions list via proxy only.

 Same sessions 

The setting is aimed at using the same IP address whenever possible. 

Security and privacy

The next issue a user might wonder is how secure PenguinProxy is: what protocols are supported and what kind of encryption is applied while connecting to the network.

The developer explains that PenguinProxy was created to be both secure and simple for users as well. As it was designed more for anonymous surfing rather than for security, the developer even recommends preferring Tor instead.

We’d rather advise you to combine PenguinProxy with some VPN services that provide more security features (if you care about your online security, not just about anonymity).

Nevertheless, in their FAQ section, it is mentioned that all the requests go out of PenguinProxy servers encrypted as they can be further forwarded via other users. But unfortunately, there’s no information about the encryption grade.

As for OpenVPN and other popular VPN protocols, they are not supported by PenguinProxy, Only HTTP requests are available. 

Support service

Free services rarely offer customer service help in the form of online chats which are quite suitable for getting technical assistance as fast as possible. PenguinProxy offers FAQ sections with the answers to popular questions about the service and its running.

Besides, there you will find the way you may contact them: via e-mail or discord channel. To take use the latter way of support you are to click the hyperlink which is shown on the screenshot below (go to FAQ/ Contact/ How do I contact you?), 

Setup procedures for PenguinProxy

The setup process is not difficult, it will take you a few minutes and clicks to start running the app.

Follow this step-by-step instruction to download PenguinProxy on PC:

  1. Visit the website No registration is required, so you need to click ‘’Download for free’’.

Download Penguin VPN free of charge on its site

  1. Then choose the operating system of your computer: Windows, Linux or Mac. We need Windows. 

Then choose the operating system of your computer: Windows, Linux or Mac. We need Windows.

  1. After that, you will have to install the app. Firstly, you will see the window like that on the screenshot:

After that you will have to install the app. Firstly, you will see the window like that on the screenshot:

Then click ‘’Allow access’’ to proceed with the installation. 

Then click ‘’Allow access’’ to proceed with the installation.

The client is ready to use!

Now you can open the free PenguinProxy software to get started with it. You’ll see short messages for you, read them and click “Get started’’.

to get started

How to run the app?

  1. Configure the settings (see more details about PenguinProxy features in the previous section)

Configure the settings

  1. Choose the location for being connected. Well, since this very moment you'll manage to unblock different sites and services.

Choose the location for being connected.

Speed test results for PenguinProxy:

PenguinProxy (US server) is on (tested with our speed test tool):

PenguinProxy (US server) is on (tested with our speed test tool):

PenguinProxy is off:

PenguinProxy is off:

IP leak test result for PenguinProxy

The service doesn’t leak IPs!

The service doesn’t leak IPs!

Summary for PenguinProxy: Pros and Cons

  • Free of charge
  • Makes you anonymous online
  • IP is not leaked
  • Easy to install and run
  • For anonymity only;
  • No information about encryption methods;
  • No chance to choose locations;
  • Logs are kept;
  • Not enough for being secure online.

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